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Comment Re: Figures (Score 1) 368

If you leave insecure connections open for XP clients, you are leaving insecure connections open for anyone as it's likely trivial for the client to say "Yeah, i'm using XP honest, gimme the insecure shit so I can hack away"

Even if you do find a way to leave the insecure protocols in place, it won't do much help as when TLS certificates expire from now onwards, you need to replace them with SHA-2 certificates (The main certificate vendors will no longer create SHA-1 certs for you going forwards). Good luck using an SHA-2 certificate with the XP SP2 SSL libraries :)

Hopefully all the XPs out there are on SP3 and this won't be an issue, but who knows. We are finding plenty of clients still using SP2 and we are just having to cut them off.

This stuff needs to be turned off, sucks to be an XP user. (I loved XP too, but all good things must come to an end).

Comment Re: Figures (Score 2) 368


You can't have an app that uses secure SSL/TLS protocols on XP SP2 or older. It likely won't be long until the same applies to SP3 (i.e. if they disable TLS1.0 - a good idea).

I suppose they could write their own TLS stack into the iTunes product for XP, but that just seems overkill. If an app relies on the system-wide security libraries then you are out of luck supporting this (officially unsupported) OS.

I have no clue if this is the problem at hand but it's a good candidate.

Comment Re:Work in the right direction (Score 1) 39

Sounds like we have gone through similar. I too am working on a project and had to take a 'detour' while I learned about GIS. Also ending up with PostGIS, osm2pgsql and huge scads of time looking around the OSM data trying to work out route data & relations.

It's been a taxing ride, but I think I have what I need from the GIS side of things now and can get back to the main part of the app. GIS is a tricky subject field and learning which areas you need to learn is a daunting task in itself when you are a complete newb.

Comment Re:Is she sure she told them the correct address? (Score 3, Funny) 224

I too have this gmail phenomenon. There are some instances where I have received e-mails from multiple sources, all to the same 'other me' (A little more ambiguous in my case as it's first initial then surname).

Some people just assume they have this e-mail.

And in true spirit of 'there's an XKCD of this', this one was always pretty relevant for me lol... http://xkcd.com/1279/

Comment Re:agnostic atheist (Score 1) 755

That's because I don't believe if a god(s) exist or not.

Firstly, that sentence doesn't parse. You can't "not believe if something exists or not", it's like saying "I don't believe if the light is on or off" - you can only KNOW (or not know) if the light is on or off. You can believe it is on, or not believe it is on, or believe it is off, but you cannot believe that it's both on or off (ignoring Schroedingers experiments for now :) )

I think what you mean is - "That's because I don't know if a god(s) exists or not" - In this case, it is a statement of knowledge, not belief - i.e. Agnosticism.

Or maybe you mean "That's because I don't have an opinion on whether or not a god exists or not" (Not meaning to put words in your mouth, just trying to understand what you mean). If this is what you mean, then would I be correct in assuming that you have no belief that a god exists? If so then you are not a theist. If so, then you are by definition an atheist.

You may counter with "Yes, I have no belief that a god exists, but I also have no belief that a god does not exist", but this would still leave you as an atheist due to the first part of your sentence "I have no belief that a god exists". If there was a word for 'belief that a god does not exist' (maybe there is one, I do not know) then you would be an a-that as well.

Poppycock. You can believe in one or more deities and still pray to none.

Yes, and you'd be a theist. However, without contradicting oneself, can you pray to a god without believing that one exists?

I mean, sure, you could say the words of prayer, but if you don't believe there is a god, you aren't *really* praying.

Comment Re:Dude, wait... (Score 2) 681

Surely by starting the tweet as he did - "On this day long ago, a child was born" - it automatically dismisses any chance of it being about Jesus because, as discussed further up, every true Christian knows that the 25th is a celebration of Jesus' birth and not an anniversary.

If people wish to claim that the opening was an obvious misdirection, then they need to accept that Jesus was in fact born on that day. However, it seems to be the generally accepted stance that he was not...

Comment Re:Sly (Score 1) 396

Weird, what versions of those browsers? I have IE9 here and it's pre-installed.

I have been using it, hassle free (with the CA cert pre-installed on Chrome,FF & IE) since 2011 now...

Something must have been afoot with your testing - I'm not blaming you - I just can't see how it wouldn't have worked a year ago based on my experience with default browsers...

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