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Comment Re:No.... (Score 1) 317

Yeah... I did some research after posting the question, and apparently the intent is to shift liability to the cardholder. However, maximum liability for fraudulent use of chip and PIN is still capped, at various levels depending on how quickly you report that your PIN has been compromised, as long as it is apparent that you were not acting with intent to commit fraud or being willfully negligent with regards to deliberately sharing your PIN.

Comment Re:the first 2 seasons are good, then they got in (Score 1) 332

It wasn't her employers that asked Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting to cut her hair... that was *HER* choice. She wanted to do it, not her employers. The writers decided to give an in-story reason for it, but it wasn't their idea... not sure where you got the notion that it was.

As for her being the only hot woman on the show, both Mellissa Rauch and Mayim Bialik are pretty damn easy on the eyes when you see them out of character.

Comment Re:I judge you based on the TV you like (Score 1) 332

The guy who first said it was nerd blackface was using racist oriented language to produce an emotional reaction, rather than relying on the strength of his arguments that the show was a bad one to convince people, he used deliberately emotionally charged words to strongly polarize the reaction to its use, and because the reaction to blackface is negative in popular culture today, the use of the term would be more likely to produce empathy to the writer's perspective than it would be to polarize one's against it.

I fullly agree with the guy who wrote this.

Comment Re:None of the people I know that Like this Show.. (Score 2) 332

My point is that the characters *ARE* fairly "normal" when compared with such a group, and since many of the characters are supposed to be geeks and/or nerds anyways, it's my observation that the characters are not that unrepresentative of the subculture that they are supposed to be portraying. In my opinion, people who say they don't know any nerds like the characters on that show probably haven't ever attended events where nerds of *ALL* types tend to gather. The characters may come across as being grossly exaggerated for comedic effect to some people, but in general, I'd say they are pretty spot on with regards to the kinds of people that are actually out there. Maybe they aren't *exactly* "normal", even for the demographic that they represent, but as I said above, if they did a show about more "typical" nerds, how the characters would handle whatever situations might ensue on the show would probably not be interesting enough to most people to form a successful comedy series, as BBT has done.

I watch BBT, and I laugh... not just at the characters, but also at myself, because I know as well as my wife does that many of the things that some of the characters do are not unlike how I respond to situations as well.

Comment Re:None of the people I know that Like this Show.. (Score 4, Interesting) 332

The show is OK, but isn't really for geeks and none of the characters are much like any geek I've ever known.

Go to a con sometime.... you will encounter every geek stereotype you can imagine. While one might legitimately argue that the characters on BBT are exaggerations of what the the average geek is probably like, if what I encounter whenever I go to a con is any indication at all, I would say they are probably not more than a standard deviation or so away from the norm, and I find that it is not remotely an unbelievable cross-section of nerd-dom. Truth be told, it's unlikely many people would consider a sitcom about more typical nerds to be very funny anyways (and while a lot of people don't think BBT is very funny, one only has to look at the ratings to realize that there exists no small number of people that think otherwise).

But honestly, many of the people I encounter at cons make the characters on BBT seem tame in comparison, I have more than encountered my share of Sheldons, Leonards, Howards, and Raj's.

Comment Re:This is why we can't have nice things (Score 1) 348

The concept behind the H1-B program sounds reasonable. Bring in highly skilled experts from overseas that we can't find here.

There's nothing whatsoever reasonable about the idea that with a population this large and (some of) the best universities in the world, that we somehow can't find -- or make -- plenty of "highly skilled experts" right here.

In other words, I agree with your conclusion, but your premise gave the government way more credit than it deserves.

Comment Re:My experience with Infosys (Score 2) 348

It may also have hindered them to get the Infosys contract in many ways; it's hard to justify to upper management that you need more money for a contract when you paid so little in the past for the same contract from a different vendor.

That's the thing, they didn't pay for the "same contract," they paid for shit that failed to deliver. Of course, I can see how it could be hard to admit to upper management that your dumb ass got swindled...

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