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toby's Journal: Things that might kill you (and me) 2

Journal by toby

A: How could you feel uncomfortable with citizens carrying concealed weapons? What if you were a petite young woman like me, who sometimes feels uncomfortable on the streets at night? A handgun makes me feel safer.

B: Is it not better to live in a society where you can feel safe on the streets at night, unarmed?

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Things that might kill you (and me)

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  • How could you feel uncomfortable with citizens carrying concealed weapons?

    If the citizenry is carrying concealed weapons, the would-be assailants will of course know that as well.

    Which means the criminals who really want to rob or hurt you will have to carry more dangerous weapons in order to prepare for the chance of you being armed. Now the thugs who would have carried bats or pocket knives need glocks or better. Now the same thugs who you could have had a chance of running away from can kill you from half a block (or more) away while you are trying to escape. On top of t

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