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Comment: Re:And? (Score 1) 96

by tmosley (#49548943) Attached to: How Uber Surge Pricing Really Works
Yes, all of those things should be legal. Prostitution because the alternative is "white" slavery, drugs because the alternative is massive nation destroying violence and people who harmed no-one spending their lives in jail (ie more slavery), and child pornography because the alternative is increased rates of child rape, as has been shown in Japan and even in the West where such pornography was perfectly legal until the 70's, and was produced professionally under strict supervision for the benefit of the actors, who had a good time and were paid exorbitant sums.

Comment: Re:Much Ado About Nothing (Score 1) 195

by tmosley (#49548925) Attached to: Concerns of an Artificial Intelligence Pioneer
Then you should worry. They are primate level on some if not many tasks already. Thing is, they don't have to be the SIZE of a human brain to match humans, as most of our brains are used for serendipitous crap like breathing and sexual arousal levels. An insect brain is plenty to process images at primate level, if devoted entirely to that task.

Comment: Re:recent breakthrough. (Score 3, Insightful) 195

by tmosley (#49522895) Attached to: Concerns of an Artificial Intelligence Pioneer
Yes, there was a major breakthrough in 2006 that has powered the "deep learning" revolution that has given us things like instant voice recognition on your smartphone and machines that beat humans at Jeopardy. Basically, someone got neural nets to work, and work right, and potentially together. I imagine that each time I hear about some new task that an AI has been trained to do, that we have produced another tiny part of the brain that will one day become "THE" AI.

This is why now is the time for discussion of AI ethics (really, nine years ago was the right time, or even earlier).

Comment: Re:Much Ado About Nothing (Score 0) 195

by tmosley (#49522831) Attached to: Concerns of an Artificial Intelligence Pioneer
That's like waiting for your face to get wet before worrying about the tsunami.

AIs working off of neural nets approximately equal to the size of insect brains have shown themselves capable of primate level object recognition, and are able to give millions of people optimized driving directions simultaneously. An AI that can form a "basic thought" is already a god. Or a demon.

Comment: Re:"Surge Pricing" (Score 1) 96

by tmosley (#49507359) Attached to: How Uber Surge Pricing Really Works
Why did Mr. Burns want all that water? If he was going to resell it at an even higher price, then Apu should have just raised his price higher, and/or Barney would have gotten out his Plow King and shuttled water from another town. I suspect, however, that Mr. Burns needed the water because there was a problem at the plant, and he needed water for the cooling systems, which helps EVERYONE by preventing a meltdown.

IE rich people don't get rich or stay rich by monopolizing resources for no reason.

Comment: Re:I'm shocked, I tell you! (Score 0) 173

"The American Way" was something tangential, namely that a man should be allowed to go about his business with no interference from the federal government, very little from the state government, and only a little from the local government. Further, he should be entitled to enjoy the fruits of his labors in full. Go watch an episode of The Andy Griffith Show and realize, in silent horror, that that really is what America used to be like, hilariously incompetent deputies aside.

The American Way has changed. No longer a dream, it's a nightmare.

Comment: Something Better is Already on the Market (Score 1) 68

by tmosley (#49456679) Attached to: Plaque-busting Nanoparticles Could Help Fight Tooth Decay
Too bad the guys who own SeLECT Defense are such terrible salesmen. Everyone in the US, at the very least, should have their teeth sealed with this. I put it on four or five years ago, and ever since then I've only had to brush once every few days, to get rid of attached food particles. Stopped my tooth decay dead in its tracks, and it was a real problem before I put it on.

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