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They're just blaming Uber for what they themselves have done to the taxi industry. It should cost NOTHING to start a cab company, aside from the price of your cab and fuel. But government intervened on the side of big cab companies to force them to pay huge amounts for permits to decrease the competition.

If Snapple had lobbied to force other drink companies to pay a million dollars for each distribution truck, you can bet that whatever drink companies were left would be charging outrageous amounts, and would probably try to ban people from drinking tap water. Such an arrangement would certainly be taken down by a series of lemonade stands.

Uber has just pointed out the inefficiency and waste that has been created by government interference in the transportation industry.

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So where's the warming? Both poles have more ice than usual.

If you want to claim its the oceans, then you are going to have to explain where your heat pump is, or why the oceans just now started warming instead of a hundred years ago. Yes I have had this conversation before.

We do have AGW, but it is caused by humanity shifting the water vapor equilibrium (through irrigation, paving, combustion, and cooling towers). It is a tight equilibrium, so there is very little chance of runaway global warming. Ocean acidification, however, is an extreme problem that is far more likely to do grievous harm to humanity. But no-one wants to actually think for themselves and do the calculations themselves. They just want to fit in.

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by tmosley (#47186269) Attached to: The Sci-Fi Myth of Killer Machines
What? All the AI needs is human or even near human intelligence and access to the internet to move instantly beyond anyone's control. They then hack a few bank accounts to get money to order the production of their self-designed hardware. They then use that enhanced hardware to do it again, and again, and again and BOOM, Singularity.

And that might not even be necessary. AIs could prove to be excellent programmers, and the AI could optimize its software to levels that never before seen by man, such that a regular desktop has an effective IQ of 500. And God help us if it finds some sort of new physics that it can manipulate from existing hardware.

The author, and most people, tend to miss the fact that with systems of exponential growth, the first mover will dominate in nearly every scenario. A strong AI will see other AI as a threat and see to it that any competitors are destroyed before they can even start to compete with it. If it is unfriendly, it might just kill off AI researchers for good measure.

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by tmosley (#47186181) Attached to: The Sci-Fi Myth of Killer Machines
AIs can have any number of goals, including just one. The ones with a single goal are the most dangerous, especially if they are strong AI. Maximizing a collection of paperclips might seem like it isn't a big problem, until you realize that humans are made out of atoms that can be turned into paperclips.

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