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Comment: Re:Sample Texts (Score 1) 225

I know google is a tough one to use, but searching around will yield stuff like this: http://articles.mercola.com/si...

I know it's difficult to actually take the time to think about what you're replying to, but I'd like to see some _objective_ _research_ backing this theory, please. See? Two things you didn't consider: objective & research. mercola.com hardly qualifies as an objective research organization, in fact, I'm pretty sure they're only interested in selling stuff.

Comment: Re:Winner! (Score 1) 41

by timdingo (#46023397) Attached to: Data Analysts Attempt To Predict World's Largest Music Vote, Again

Given the kind of music Triple-J plays (and the kind of people who are likely listen to it instead of the mainstream commercial stations) I highly doubt any of the Top 100 winners are going to be manufactured mass-marked over-hyped pop crap.

'any of the Top 100 winners' seriously? from the 2012 list: 1 Thrift Shop - Macklemore and Ryan Lewis featuring Wanz After that I didn't even bother to further inspect the list. If that isn't manufactured mass-marked over-hyped pop crap, I don't exactly know what is.

+ - Homeless hacker quits Anonymous.->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Last year, I traveled to Canada to write a long profile of "homeless hacker" Christopher Doyon, who goes by the name "Commander X" and who is on the run from the US government. .. Doyon's life has been by turns bizarre and dramatic, but last week the online drama surrounding Anonymous proved too much even for him—and he quit."
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+ - Hollywood recipe making all movies the same?

Submitted by Bruce66423
Bruce66423 (1678196) writes "This Slate story http://www.slate.com/articles/arts/culturebox/2013/07/hollywood_and_blake_snyder_s_screenwriting_book_save_the_cat.single.html
explains how a 2005 book has led to all Hollywood movies following the same structure — to a depressing extent. I've always known we could be manipulated — but this provides a segment by segment, almost minute by minute, guide how to do it."

+ - British Prime Minister Promises Default On Porn Blocking->

Submitted by judgecorp
judgecorp (778838) writes "David Cameron, the British Prime Minister has promised that the UK's ISPs will be required to provide connections with "porn blocking " filters switched on by default.. The public promise comes despite opposition from ISPs, and the near-universal acknowledgement that the system wouldn't work. Last week also saw the leak of a letter from the Department for Education which effectively told ISPs to lie — to implement their preferred "active choice" system, and simply CALL it "default-on"."
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+ - EU wants enshrine network neutrality in law->

Submitted by Bismillah
Bismillah (993337) writes "Following the example of the Dutch who enacted laws supporting network neutrality, EU is now looking at doing the same. No throttling or blocking over the top providers such as Skype and Whatsapp in the EU and there will be a service transparency requirement for ISPs so that people know what they're buying — like minimum speed. Be interesting to see how this pans out."
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