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Comment: Re:You shouldn't need insurance for most things (Score 1) 535

by Lumpy (#48276695) Attached to: Statisticians Study Who Was Helped Most By Obamacare

Doctors price gouge.

20 minute visit with 120 seconds of the doctors time, 18 minutes of sitting in a room with only yourself. $325.00 if you dont have insurance and pay cash. Sorry, that is a complete ripoff, Doctors should be ashamed of themselves for charging that.

The ripoff that is the american health system starts with the Greedy asshole doctors.

Comment: Re:how many small businesses has Obama killed? (Score 5, Informative) 535

by Lumpy (#48276677) Attached to: Statisticians Study Who Was Helped Most By Obamacare

The same number that Romneycare killed. remember, Obamacare is BASED ON good Ol' Mitt Romney, the GOP shining example's own Romney care that he put in place in his home state.

Are republicans so stupid that they can not see it's a Republican system? Because as a Democrat I wanted a system closer to Canadian Healthcare as it works.

Repubs made sure the insurance companies would be happy with it so they could get max profits. And that is what we got...... Romneycare.

Comment: Re: Not a chance (Score 2) 629

by 0100010001010011 (#48257347) Attached to: Why CurrentC Will Beat Out Apple Pay

Those debit 'protections' are when you run it as a debit card with PIN. Almost all debit cards can also be run as credit cards. When they are run as 'signature' credit cards credit card protections apply.

Never use your PIN anywhere but the ATM. Most especially not on any ole card reader you're handed in a restaurant. Most places assume debit and if you hit 'cancel' or 'change payment type' you can always get it to run as a credit card.

Comment: Re:SYSTEM-D SUCKS! (Score 1) 159

by 0100010001010011 (#48257283) Attached to: OpenBSD Drops Support For Loadable Kernel Modules

To expand. If it's a script it has a script handler. If it has a script handler it can be rewritten.

There's no reason they couldn't add a few features from newer scripting languages to enable forking of functions or "own fun". If the kernel (the one running said script with said script handler) supports multiple cores/threads it could easily be the more modularized, etc.

All still from one script.

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