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Comment: Re:About CVS Only! Not SVN! (Score 1) 195

by orzetto (#48193895) Attached to: Help ESR Stamp Out CVS and SVN In Our Lifetime

[...] because those files are binary and very large

No VCS is meant to do this, neither Git, SVN and certainly not CVS. Those files don't belong in a VCS because you cannot make a diff between them. Small binary files (e.g. icons in a website) are a small nuisance, but there is no point in storing large binary blobs in a VCS regularly. What you need is a backup system, not a version-control system.

(2) permanently delete those files that I know I will no longer need

SVN allows to do this with svndumpfilter (and I was unaware CVS had any way to do this). And no it should not be made any easier, no one should be allowed to monkey around with the repository history with any less than admin rights. If you find yourself regularly removing files from a VCS, it means you have been adding too many useless files. Again, you want backup for this, not VCS.

Comment: Re:The Windows Phone failed. (Score 0, Flamebait) 165

by Lumpy (#48186725) Attached to: Microsoft Gearing Up To Release a Smartwatch of Its Own

IT will be, it will probably be as horrific as the LG, Motorola and Samsung crap.

If the Watch can not do 2-3 days on a charge , it is a complete and utter fail.
If the watch does not have an open API so apps can easily be written for it, it is a complete and utter fail.
And honestly, from what we have seen from Microsoft for mobile devices over the past 3 years, it will be a complete and utter fail.

Comment: MatLab is not really a good programming language (Score 5, Interesting) 197

by orzetto (#48175477) Attached to: The One App You Need On Your Resume If You Want a Job At Google

MatLab is an old, crufty, feature-creeped script engine that I try to hold myself away from as much as I can. As a researcher and academic (got up to post-doc), Matlab is indeed ubiquitous in academia, but it's mostly due to entrenched positions. I see fewer and fewer people using Matlab these days, and that's a good thing.

Matlab is by all means not a fourth-generation programming language: it is procedural just like Fortran, which it supplanted in academia, but it does not have type-checking as C, it does not have OO support as C++, it does not do away with semicolons as end-of-line markers like Python; true, it has some advance features like OO and some functional programming, but (almost) nobody uses them, and most Matlab code is a horrible cruft made by self-not-so-well-taught academics. There is nothing in Matlab you cannot do better in Python with scipy, numpy, matplotlib and pandas. Or with declarative PLs like Modelica.

Matlab is also known for outrageous prices, leveraging on the fact their customer base are universities with big pockets and small administrative brains, and large corporations: they split their code base in many small chunks, and for each you need to pay more and more: as the saying goes, In Matlab you cannot do shit unless you buy a licence for the Toilet Paper toolbox.

Long story short: Matlab is the Perl of academia.

Comment: Re:Let me get this right (Score 1) 832

by Lumpy (#48160571) Attached to: Bill Gates: Piketty's Attack on Income Inequality Is Right

Flat tax simplifies it greatly.

10% with zero deductions or credits. You dont even need to file taxes unless you are self employed and you should have been doing it quarterly like you have to now.

April 15th becomes nothing but another day in april as nobody has to file anything except for the rich that also pay 10% on all dividend income, all stock income, etc....

Comment: Re:Printer drivers (Score 1) 175

by Lumpy (#48148011) Attached to: Apple Releases CUPS 2.0

Printing RMA sheets for returning materials to vendors. and the shipping labels that go on the boxes. Printing invoices to be sent to the customers. Printing paychecks. Yes some people still like getting a paycheck.

I also print out on a large format printer blueptints on the large design jet. Damn contractors refuse to get 21" ipads to view the drawings.

Comment: Why Navy? (Score 1) 79

by Lumpy (#48143181) Attached to: Navy Tests Unpowered Exoskeleton

Army could use this easier... Dual wielding 50cal machine guns and ammo cans mounted on back turn a single guy into a weapons platform that throws 600 rounds a minute at the enemy and can do it all day long.

Although I'd rather see one 50 cal machine gun and then a belt fed 20mm canon with Explosive rounds, or a pair of 40mm fully automatic grenade launchers... One man shock and awe is what is needed on today's battlefield.

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