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Submission + - Smart Toys now Pedobear approved! (

Locke2005 writes: Turns out Fisher Price "Smart Toys" aren't really very secure, and could easily release details over the internet about the child they were given to... who could have predicted that?

Comment Re:Well, they didn't lie... (Score 4, Informative) 159

So grammar nazi, you think you know ?. Well, you have no idea.



adjective: flammable

        easily set on fire.

        "the use of highly flammable materials"

As for Flamma, its latin and is a verb there. Go ask them.

Why Do Flammable and Inflammable Mean the Same Thing?

There is a fairly clear reason for why both these words carry the same meaning: the prefix in- does not always function as a negative prefix.
Sometimes (and this is one of those times) it serves as an intensifier. It’s fairly obvious how this could lead to problems.

Surprisingly, both flammable and inflammable coexisted peacefully in English for hundreds of years before anyone decided to do something about it. Inflammable is the older of the two, with recorded use as far back as 1574. Flammable begins to appear in 1655, when Margaret Cavendish described oil as being “hot burning and flammable” in her Philosophical and Physical Opinions. One of the reasons there was little confusion about these words is that flammable was used much less often than inflammable.

But in the 1920s the self appointed, eagle-eyed language nazis of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) realized that many people were viewing the in- in inflammable as a negative prefix, and were at risk of consequently incinerating themselves at a much higher rate than was desirable. The NFPA advocated to have flammable used exclusively for warning labels (such as are found on mattresses, oil cans, and other things that will catch on fire if you put a match to them), and managed to slightly nudge our language toward a more sensible path. Though in the recent past flammable is used more often than inflammable, this pair still incites controversy—and clueless fools would want to look ignorant.

Comment Re:no thanks (Score 1) 458

The problem is that the smart people know how to do too m any things that force them to break things they don't want broken (things that make them money but hurt us) so they limit that.
The reason why you aren't allowed to change your email on YouTube is simple. You aren't supposed to change your email.
You ARE supposed to accept that you have one default Google email for everything Google related and another for everything else.
They would prefer you to have one (theirs) but they haven't got to that point.
As for M$, 2020 is several years away. 7 is like XP and mobile is controlled by Google. The biggest lie is you need to upgrade your processor. You don't. You don't need to upgrade anything. Go get a 64 bit version of 7 and thats it. You dont need to move anymore OS period.

Submission + - Federal Circuit Overturns Prohibition on "Disparraging" Trademarks (

flopsquad writes: On December 22, the Federal Circuit released a decision overturning, on First Amendment grounds, the part of US trademark law that prohibits registration of "disparraging" marks.

This case concerned the USTPO's refusal to register a mark for the Asian-American band "The Slants". However, the decision will no doubt have wider implications for brands such as the embattled Washington Redskins, whose mark was ordered canceled earlier this year.

Submission + - UK imam's US business visa 'revoked without explanation' before flight (

An anonymous reader writes: A British imam whose business visa was revoked without explanation as he tried to board a flight to America has accused the US State Department of enacting the policies of Donald Trump “before he has received a single vote”.

Ajmal Masroor, 44, is the second British Muslim over the past week to report that he had been recently barred from flying to the US, saying he was stopped by US embassy staff from boarding a Virgin flight from Heathrow to New York last week despite having travelled to the US multiple times already this year.

Submission + - Physicists figure out how to retrieve information from a black hole (

sciencehabit writes: Black holes earn their name because their gravity is so strong not even light can escape from them. Oddly, though, physicists have come up with a bit of theoretical sleight of hand to retrieve a speck of information that's been dropped into a black hole. The calculation touches on one of the biggest mysteries in physics: how all of the information trapped in a black hole leaks out as the black hole "evaporates." Many theorists think that must happen, but they don't know how.

Comment Re:It's wrong because... (Score 1) 294

The actual data as you say, isn't really there. NOAA faked their stats to appeal to the people who want to be in Climate change (ie rapid tempature shifts and global sea rise etc) while other who talk to climatologists who are opposed to Climate change because of the data set is only accurate back 50 yrs and the ice cores are most inconclusive (ice cores go back thousands and are the only thing that is accuare and old enough) So if you actually read the dry boring notes and papers you discover that science progresses jerkily, with false starts and misdirections in a long, uneven path to the truth. We haven't even made more than 50 footfalls on that path. Yet media and govt still wants surprising or anomalous findings, in other words, wrong ones. Oh course you bought in.

Submission + - Apollo 17, why we stopped going to the moon, and could we go back? ( 1

MarkWhittington writes: The 43rd anniversary of the mission of Apollo 17, the last time men walked on the moon, has elicited a strange kind of nostalgia, and no little melancholia in some parts of the media. These qualities are captured in a story in IO9 that purports to tell us why no one has been back to the moon in over four decades and why we might soon return at last. Deadline Hollywood informs us that “The Last Man on the Moon,” a documentary on Apollo moonwalker Gene Cernan, is set for a release to both theaters and video on demand in February, having been shown at film festivals for the past year or so,

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