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Comment Re:What's next? (Score 1) 316

My question is why would you Want to keep sync what Firefox is doing? They have gone down the path that terminates with a cliff face and they are still accerlating. I for one don't choose that. As for ' it will eventually definitively stop working when Mozilla finally goes with their plan of removing the XUL extension API to replace it with the Chrome extension API'. Nope because the devs at Pale moon decided to open up the code and begin to migrate away from Firefox for this very reason. Thats why they are having people point out what extensions everyone likes so they can be rewritten.
eventually, Pale moon will remain alone and firefox will die. Not the other way around.

Comment Re: Babylon 5 (Score 1) 363

Yep she was dating Doyle and wanted her character to become involved with him. The exec got pissed, At the time she had accepted an pilot and well, she got canned on both. Doyle talks about it occasionally. He even married her then they divorced two years later. His radio show is the sane version of alex jones.

Comment Re: Babylon 5 (Score 1) 363

And you know what? J. Michael Straczynski agrees with you. I met him in a convention in the late nineties (we rode in the smae elevator together.) He blames a lot of the problem on the networl and the actors inabilty to make of their mind.
Claudia Christian left because of money and larger role.
Furlan's issue had already been solved by the time she complained but his people had delayed getting her a script.
Jason Carter was hated by the network, JMS had no intention of firing him, it was out of his hands.
O'Hare hid his illness until he had a break on set. The fact that he was well liked is why he remained a member of the cast. His treatment was paid for.
Andrea Thompson had contract issues and opted for more money.
The doors were a mistake by the set designers which couldnt be fixed until later. People think Kosh was cgi. The suit was real and heavy. The ships and the exterior shots were cgi. The insides were real. People forget that Andreas Katsulas who played G'kar also played as the one-armed villain Sykes in the film The Fugitive (1993), and as the Romulan Commander Tomalak on Star Trek: The Next Generation. He also played Vissian Captain Drennik in the Star Trek: Enterprise episode "Cogenitor." In 1981-82, he appeared on the CBS daytime drama (soap opera), Guiding Light, as Lucien Goff, a mysterious one-eyed man (he wore a patch over one of his eyes) who tried to kill the character of Mike Bauer twice. He was a prolific, consummate actor who loved to talk and was loved by Hollywood (and Phillip Morris).

Comment Re:Babylon 5 (Score 1) 363

Apparently Guiding Light is better TV than House of Cards. Who knew? I think I'll stick with my low-episode-count, actually memorable stories.

I will agree woith that having watched both. However, thats not because of Kevin spacey. Its because of the long stories GL told.

Comment Re:Babylon 5 (Score 1) 363

Using mainly 'playing hours' as argument does not really make any sense. Babylon 5, Battlestar Galactica, Firefly/Serenity are by any standard far better than Star Wars, and at least in Par with Star Treck, if not better. And that has nothing to do with play time, but quality of the stories!

If the stories are so good, then why isn't there more of it?

Because of the delightful concept called copyright and the greed merchants that keep it at life plus 70 yrs effectively guarenteeing that it never enders the public domain. B5 there wont be any more because the actors have mostly died. Moore f**ked up the end of BSG and Firefly has to do with money and its lack there of.

Comment This entire thread is the reason why Windows lives (Score 1) 572

The posts were people are wrangling about whether Sytemd is workable or ran by asshole devs as opposed to asshole sysadmins etc is the one of the problems with Linux at large. The problems with Linux like this, are the reason that Windows as crappy as it has become, as nosy as it have become, and generally onerous, is still in control of 90% of desktop computers. The ONLY place Linux in ANY FLAVOR has reached critical mass is via Android which is Google's custom flavor. I would love to have an alternative to windows and apple. Yet, because you all still haven't got your act together, I am stuck waiting for Google's chrome os. smh

Comment Re:Mountains and Mole Hills... (Score 2) 136

Been going on since advertising was invented. And if you honestly looked at this phone and said "now I can take my phone snorkeling", well, that's a problem at your end.

If there were no mention beyond what was normally expected from a cellphone, I would say yes. However, the pics and the marketing materials expressly suggest that it is possible to "now I can take my phone snorkeling". Sony is still weak from the hack (that was far overdue and well deserved). Their Legal department fears people who take their phone snorkeling and it dies on them because it was inappropriately sealed, and then sue. So they backpedaled.
However, that shows a) they lied on the marketing which is fraud, or b) there engineers are now incompetent.
Alot of use who hate Sony and want to watch it burn to the ground as a warning to the next ten generations that some favors come with too high a price, feel the first option is best.

Comment Re:What's the big deal (Score 1) 134

Ron Berkowitz is the PR guy for Jay-Z (real name Shawn Corey Carter) Tom Cruise is Marty Rathbun who also is his personal auditor for Scientology. As for the guys face not being there, in the day where its easy to do selfies and web cams facebook, instagram, tinder etc. He has achieved a feat. My face is only in a small amount of locations (3) and because my name is shared with another d level famous person (opera) its hard to find the real me. (I dont use my real name online either)

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