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Comment: Re:Well, if they wanted to make it more realistic. (Score 1) 133

They would only be ripped apart if the black hole doesn't rotate. If you are making one to save the earth naturally you would want it to rotate, so the ring singularity would create a second event horizon that would allow transit and block spagettification. My wish is a better explanation of exotic matter with negative energy density.

Comment: Re:It was a movie--duh (Score 1) 133

Seriously dude, the technology wasn't there. And Mythbusters solved that problem. If you are truly so ignorant to believe that the US moon landing is fake explain why we have been able to bounce lasers off specific spots on the moon since the late 60s.

Comment: Re:It was a movie--duh (Score 1) 133

A large percentage of the non-geek public don't understand much of anything anymore. That's why Jupiter ascendant bombed. The movie was basically about a woman who was an illegal Russian immigrant snuck in as a child who turns out has the same genetic signature of the dead leader of this vast galactic corporation who seeds planets with human life so they can harvest them after 100000 yrs for genetic materials to make an immortality elixir only the uber rich can afford. The woman is rescued by a merc for hire who falls for her and she assumes her position as leader then returns to her job of washing toliets on the Earth which she owns among numerous other planets. The premise is people are sheep. It doesn't help that people are currently acting this way. We are headed to another dark age if we keep going this way.

Comment: Re:Profit! (Score 1) 44

by thunderclap (#49091623) Attached to: Darkleaks: an Online Black Market For Selling Secrets

Hm, is anyone interested in the colour of the panties of my GF?

Or mine, for that matter?

That depends? Is your GF a person of note who is known to the general public and people would have an interest in see this? (like Taylor swift and Jennifer lawrence) Then yes. If not then no. Alot of people were interested in the fappening, not so much the snappening.

Comment: Re:Here's a great idea... (Score 1) 481

by thunderclap (#48990541) Attached to: DOT Warns of Dystopian Future For Transportation
The better question is why not? Why aren't they free? They aren't because you assume toll roads work. They don't. All toll roads do is allow more money to funnel somewhere. While Roads aren't free to build or maintain, their cost should be buried in what we already pay out. Any time there is an additional burden, it causes less usage.

Comment: Re:Kind of.. (Score 1) 481

by thunderclap (#48990493) Attached to: DOT Warns of Dystopian Future For Transportation

Self-driving cars are mass transit. At some point, once you're no longer driving your car, it will occur to you that you don't really care if you own the car. That's when things will get interesting.

That is where you are wrong. Self driving cars are for this generation. What you are talking about won't happen for at least 50 yrs. Car is still a status symbol. That has to change. If you aren't operating it, its no different than a bus. However there will still be alot of people who own non self driving ones. Remember what happened to analog TVs. That is what will happen to current cars once enough self driving ones are out. That will take 50 yrs. By that point Car will simply equal private bus just like piper cub = private plane. It wn't be interesting because people will simply continue what they are doing. Nothing about congestion and delay will change. What will change is auto accidents, parking and holiday travel.

Comment: Re:Kind of.. (Score 1) 481

by thunderclap (#48990419) Attached to: DOT Warns of Dystopian Future For Transportation
You honestly want to know why Virtually zero US cities have a functional mass transit system? Its not just because it hurt someone's net worth. No, its because people still connect it to homelessness and poverty. Unless you are in a place like NYC where you almost have to use mass transit, its looked down on.

Comment: Re:Here's a great idea... (Score 1) 481

by thunderclap (#48990331) Attached to: DOT Warns of Dystopian Future For Transportation
I think we need a 'sitting' tax. Anyone whose job involves sitting for more than 3 hrs gets taxed 10% of their gross income. Anyone whose job involves an secretary who sits more than an 1 hr also gets taxed an additional 10%. And anyone who job involves walking into a white or grey building built prior to 1900 in Washington DC or has the work Lobb in it gets a 25% tax. What do you all think? (I know computer repair and programming can be done standing)

Comment: Re:God Creates Dinosaur (Score 1) 130

by thunderclap (#48882083) Attached to: New Advance Confines GMOs To the Lab Instead of Living In the Wild

God Kills Dinosaur
GoD Creates Man
Man Kills God
Man Creates Dinosaur
Dinosaur Kills Man

Dinosaur ascends to oneness with the universe.
Universe creates man
Man ascends to become God.
Universe ends God escapes and creates new unending universe
God creates immoral man.
Man fucks up by eating forbidden fruit
God saves man from stupidity but requires him to declare alligence
Most men refuse.
Those that refuse are killed in apocalypse of their own making.
Those that swore allegiance escaped.
Man rebuilds earth and eliminates the idiocy that caused the apocalypse.
Man and God live forever. Dinosaurs remain a dream of the fallen universe.

Byte your tongue.