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Comment: Re: Our saving grace, perhaps? (Score 1) 19 19

Yes and no. Malware such as CryptoWall goes after the user data specifically. It can run for days or months without detection. By the time you figure out something ain't right, the first task is to figure out how deep that rabbit hole to hell goes. You can't simply roll back to a previous snapshot without losing all subsequent productivity. You will have to perform some reconciliation with data due to undetected daily data destruction. It's not a fun day to deal with that!

Comment: Re:Antivirus is useless. (Score 1) 19 19

It's polymorphic, so yeah, AVs won't find it. It's executes random, in random memory, does it damage to files and drops a few HELP_DECRYPT.HTML files in whatever directory got hit. Then it terminates itself.

It does this to prevent reverse engineering and detection by AVs. Also, it won't run in VM environments so as a snapshot can be created to reverse engineer it too, so I've read. I haven't confirmed that part however.

I believe the payload is hosted in random Google Doc sites.

Comment: Re:BECAUSE IDIOTS PAY IT! (Score 1) 19 19

It will only go after AD if the Domain User account is a member of Domain Admins, Schema, etc. Even IT Administrators should have their own User account, and leave the one for Domain Admin as a utilitarian account. Because, if you're a member of those high level privileges and run the virus, it will run with whatever your account has access to!

Here's a previous article on the subject. Be sure to block and My_Resume.svg from e-mail in the meantime.

Comment: Re:Inspire kids to be the next Woz, not Jobs (Score 1) 199 199

The irony is that it could be seen as "karma" that Jobs basically committed "suicide by woo", refusing to treat his cancer with any recognized scientific technique for most of a year and instead trying pretty much every technique in the book popular among the sort of person who typically believes in karma.

So perhaps all of the woo stuff actually works, but it plays in with the laws of karma ;)

Comment: Re:Back Door (Score 2) 56 56

"I am a Marxist-Leninist, and I will be a Marxist-Leninist until the last days of my life" - Fidel Castro (Dec 2, 1961)

I propose the immediate launching of a nuclear strike on the United States. The Cuban people are prepared to sacrifice themselves for the cause of the destruction of imperialism and the victory of world revolution. - Fidel Castro (Oct, 23, 1992, as quoted in NY Times)

Forbes estimates Castro has a net worth between 550 million and 900 million dollars.

So yeah, keep wearing that Che Guevara T-Shirt there buddy.

Comment: Re:Back Door (Score 3, Funny) 56 56

I'm guessing equipment purchased on the used market. Cuba's still pretty poor right now. Thanks to Castro and his little shit-fit revolution, he drove that nation into the ground via COMMUNISM! And no, Cuba's survival didn't depend on trading with America; or the lack of in this case. The financial wounds were self-inflicted by Cuba for Cuba. It truly is a sad story and need not have happened.

Comment: Re:alogrithms aren't racist (Score 1) 324 324

But the people writing the algorithm and choosing the input data *can* be racist. And even in the absence of malice, you can create racist outcomes.

This just in:

Fwipp, who doesnt know shit about machine learning, has decided that deep convolution networks can be cleverly programmed to be racist. Fwipp knows that he doesnt know shit about machine learning, but feels that his expertise in finding racist versions of both bubble sort and hello world qualifies him as an expert here.

Comment: Re:Self centered morons (Score 1) 342 342

Fail now, fail later. The hard-line Islamic movement was already well underway. The momentum for revolution was going to happen regardless. The only difference is that we, America, had our hand in it. Above and beyond that, Iran would have turned into a theocracy hell-bent opposing the idea of Israel's existence regardless.

So I ask you, what difference does it make? Islam will be Islam.

Overload -- core meltdown sequence initiated.