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Comment Re:Why not "Cooking for All"? (Score 1) 246

Money is a scarce resource, and it strikes me as idiotic in the extreme to think that we should spend money on the brainless notion that "everyone" should be a programmer.

I couldn't think of a better way to turn away more prospective minds from programming by shoving it down their throat as a requirement... It's like making it a serving of lima beans. You better believe I'm going to half-chew and not enjoy it.

Programming/CS should be an elective. Let's not forget that its base is in a sound understanding of mathematics... which should be enforced more... not programming for the sake of programming, alone.

What, you didn't know that it's becoming commonplace in China to birth your child onto a keyboard to really start them early??

Comment Re:We'll see (Score 0) 115

The price of gas isn't directly reflective of the price of oil, as it takes time to sell the gas refined from oil that costed more per barrel. Once those stocks are sold, the cheaper oil ends up making the gas cheaper. The other problem is there's less refineries than there were 20 years ago, IIRC, so that we have this cheap of a gas price is kind of amazing to me. The Navy's next destroyer... Beef Supreme.

Comment The answer is a question (Score 1) 729

Why do Americans want so much?

Buddha, Jesus, et al. ilk all knew that material possessions, beyond the necessaries, were nothing but a drag on the human spirit.

I've the belief that many /.ers think the same... that mental strength trumps the physical and is ultimately more important to cultivate --'The pen is mightier than the sword' and all that jazz...

Comment Re:Income inequality has *RISEN* under Obama?!?!? (Score 1) 729

Income inequality has risen since at least Reagan, don't act like it's something new.

It really started with the Gold Reserve Act in 1934 (outlawing private gold possession). The Federal Reserve (and its ensuing policy) and Income Tax didn't help (and are two of the ten planks of the Communist Manifesto), but it started with Nixon lowering the top-earners' taxes --Definitely noted that Reagan lowered them much more than Nixon did, too.

Comment Re: RF? (Score 1) 935

So instead let's just not have safety devices because they might fail.

It's called a gun lock... every responsible owner has one for each gun or rifle they have. Gun lockers/safes are good options, too. Most gun owners that get their gun used on them have zero experience using firearms. Tech can always be circumvented so it's not gonna work on guns anymore than the administration so desperately wants.

Comment Que the jokes (Score 3, Funny) 196

I still get a chuckle about the time when Windows crashed and took down a battleship. If cars crashed like peoples' desktops, it'd look like a crash-up derby on the city streets...

The joke used to be, "The day Microsoft starts making a product that doesn't suck is the day they start making vacuum cleaners."

To be fair, Macintosh used to be an acronym for Most Applications Crash If Not The Operating System Hangs.

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