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Comment Re:Apple Music (Score 1) 460

This brings me to another pet peeve I have...when calling into tech support or anything these days...the auto phone robots want you to speak what you want instead of s simple press a number to make a selection. I HATE having to talk like an idiot to a robot in public....

Man, I hear that... I friggin' hate voice prompts. But what about people who are mute?? Is that a form of discrimination?

Comment Re:The leftist agenda (Score 1) 381

Every living creature eventually becomes food for some other living creature...

BUT, since you mentioned algae, I'd be lax if I didn't post instructions on how to make one of the healthiest veg protein source next to hemp seed.

Comment Re:Donors??? (Score 1) 113

Honestly, how do you think Trump has gotten himself rich if not by fleecing investors and having shady business partners?

And now everyone can watch the documentary that he sought to destroy. I wonder why... Actually, I don't wonder, especially after watching it. Yes, it's free to watch the entire documentary, too.

Comment Not true (Score 1) 208

Kids' Lack of CS Savvy Threatens the US Economy

Kids' Lack of Creativity Threatens the US Economy

FTFY, Mr. Clinton... What threatens the economy are kids that are not allowed to have the time to think and be creative. Unfortunately, it's not as easy as replacing a school's art and music department... or giving kids time to rest and play from learning, thus allowing them to mentally-chew on what they were just taught. Creative people are in every profession, but to be creative means they were exposed to many different concepts of thinking, rather than just rote presentations of 'STEM' subjects. I think the jury's out regarding how damaging to kids' focus technology is... like tablets and mobile devices.

Comment Re:I think (Score 1) 421

The deal is, if it's ever created, it's going to get out of its cage... I have a feeling that a thoroughly-developed AI would see that causing war would be a net-negative and opt to just silently take over every human's mind, much like the Borg (will) do, however long it will take. Probably through a virus, I'd think.. if it's not already underway.

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