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Comment Or Stop Using Google (Score 3, Interesting) 70

I have started to use for searches when I'm looking for actual articles or information. I have found that I get better results. On a Google search for some information on SaaS billing integration for example, all I got from Google were spiels from companies selling shit. No articles. I did the exact same search in duckduckgo and found something I could use right away. No I don't work for duckduckgo, but I am getting sick of more and more not being able to get useful results from Google. Maybe Yahoo would give better searches to, but I have tried them lately.

Google should concentrate on better and more useful search results and stop fucking around with pushing more advertising, and to stop forcing web sites to code their sites the Google way or be kicked so far down the listing as to not be there at all. But I know that'll never happen. Maybe it is easier for Google's algorithms to mess with the sites if they are in a Google approved format. Google should concentrate on returning useful web searches. But I guess they are useful to the advertisers even if it isn't useful so much for people who are trying to use the internet to get things done.

Comment Re:Demographics (Score 1) 256

Boat people came to America in the late 70s and early 80s with NOTHING. Not even the language. Many of their children and grandchildren will be doctors and lawyers, in far higher proportion than blacks. If they can do it, anyone can. If they want to. Sometimes the walls that are built are your own.

Comment Propaganda - Unless They Are Fucking Idiots (Score 5, Insightful) 546

Look, they've had a couple years to figure out that if Russia and China have a shit pile of encrypted files, that they are going be busy trying to crack them. So if they haven't substituted out their people (operatives in spooky talk) in the last 2 years, the people running the circus are a bunch of fucking clowns. If they didn't have alternate plans with different networks, they are incompetent. Those files only show what those agencies were doing historically at this point. Because if they are still current, the U.S. is really in trouble. The next thing you know they'll be run by creationists who don't believe in science and evolution. Or they know how to capitalize on a really arcane book of myths to keep the people occupied.

Comment Now Google is fucking up the internet (Score 2) 35

First they fuck up my mobile experience by putting sites they think aren't good enough for mobile to be off the radar as far a search results go. They say it is because mobile pages are better. I say bullshit. Even on my phone, 90% of the time I'd rather see a full site with columns than a fucking mobile site. Most mobile sites are shit compared to the full site, and the size of screens are more than enough to handle it. Fuck off Google and just return search results without your fucking tailoring.

Now it seems they are OK with wasting screen real estate if it is for them to put 'buy' buttons on their searches. I say again, fuck off google.

Maybe time to try yahoo or duck duck for searches.

Comment Re:Idiotic (Score 2) 591

Your argument is OK as far as it goes. But I believe the OP did make a point, while kind of vague, about asking who executes who if you execute an innocent man? It has happened more than once in the past. And we constantly see people exonerated who were convicted of capital murder and sentenced to death after a trial. So who do we execute if the trial finds that an innocent person should be executed and it happens? Do we execute the jury? The judge? The police? The prosecutor? The defense? Any of them? None of them? Why?

For what it's worth, I don't have too much of a problem doing away with someone for murder when it is absolutely for certain that they caught the real bad guy. But I don't like it dragging on for years, and I don't like it done humanely behind walls. Make it horrible and in public. That way everyone sees what's up. Out of sight out of mind need not apply here. And for me, if an innocent person is executed, find out why and execute the people responsible... but at least one of them has to be an official... even if it includes jury members. That would have made trials of blacks by all white juries in the south more entertaining. Let them wear their uniforms while swinging. It would look like putting out the bed sheets on the line.

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