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Comment: Re:not that troubling (Score 1) 179

by theMerovingian (#23176032) Attached to: FBI Renews Push for ISP Data Retention Laws

Please, they'll bypass the 4th amendment any time they want to get access to the data.

As a criminal defendant, your best hope is that the government did in fact violate the Fourth Amendment while procuring evidence against you. All evidence, acquired directly or indirectly as the result of an illegal search, must be excluded as the fruit of the poisonous tree. Wong Sun v. U.S.
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+ - Zonk, please review Tabula Rasa

Submitted by theMerovingian
theMerovingian writes: Zonk, thanks for your game reviews! I almost bought a PS3 to play Lair until I saw your article. Please take a look at Tabula Rasa and let us know what you think.

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