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Comment: Different for proprietary and open source (Score 1) 77

by iamacat (#49377167) Attached to: Why You Should Choose Boring Technology

When it comes to offerings from Oracle or Microsoft, you in fact want to go with an older, more proven solution that is still supported for long time. But with open source, this will get you burned because all the developers got bored and went to work on something else. With newer projects, there will be bugs but also people fixing them, often quickly and for free. As far as comparison between the two, it comes to scale. If you are lucky enough to create a popular consumer product, at some point costs of proprietary vendor support will become prohibitive compared to in-house development. Also, you may find yourself in direct competition with your supplier and not want to give them all this money even if they are willing to support you. For internal business apps, the equation is often the opposite and you would rather pay for someone than do software development which is not your core competency.

Comment: Will never again donate to LGBT causes... (Score 3, Insightful) 859

...after what happened to Mozilla CEO. I wholeheartedly support same sex marriage and plural marriage. I especially support alternative lifestyles entered by choice rather than because you were "born this way", because this country is about freedom of choice. I personally enjoy my choices and would hate to deny this to others. If an adult gay man wants to try conversion therapy to marry a woman he is not attracted to, it's no more our business than a woman who marries a rich guy she is not attracted to.

What I can not support is this notion that the only way you can be free is if nobody else is free. Brendan Eich was bullied out of his job just because he, as a private citizen, made a legal donation to a political campaign that most CA residents supported at the time. This is as reprehensible is a female CEO getting sacked because she had an abortion, and yet not a single gay rights organization came out against this. So despite donating money to oppose Prop 8, I will never again financially support these causes. I just can not be sure than my contributions will be used to promote equality rather than discrimination.

So I see how folks in Indiana would feel they need the law to make sure all personal beliefs are equally respected, not only most politically correct ones of the day. If I run a family IT shop and a bunch of Republicans show up wanting help with their campaign website, I don't want to serve them. How can I deny the same freedoms to a florist next door who doesn't want to participate in a same sex wedding?

Comment: Re:Open Source By Itself is Not Enough (Score 2) 61

by iamacat (#49370479) Attached to: India Mandates Use of Open Source Software In Government

Huh? FoundationDB was closed source. The company published some supporting open source projects on github. Those are surely mirrored and will be reuploaded by others. If a truly open source database like cassandra was taken down by primary contributor, others would just take over.

Comment: Desperate, not exclusive (Score 4, Insightful) 179

Exclusive is a salesperson spending an hour just with you, patiently helping you to choose just the right style. Like... Macy's, when buying a watch of comparable price! Apple can not sell jewelry for nuts, they should have partnered with stores that have experience with making customers feel exclusive.

Comment: Defeats the purpose of bootcamp (Score 1) 209

by iamacat (#49365403) Attached to: For Boot Camp Users, New Macs Require Windows 8 Or Newer

If you bought a Mac laptop, you are primarily interested in OSX, but may want to run a few of your old Windows applications and games which are not ported to Mac, or that you don't want to re-purchase. To that end, XP is the current sweet spot. After a good disk cleanup, you can manage the OS and a few apps in a 10GB partition. Windows 7 is a strain with 40GB before installing anything of significance. This is a big hit on SSD laptops with 128 or 256GB of storage. Plus, these old apps/games do not run well with current OS and DirectX versions anyway. One would think Apple will be targeting users who must run windows for a couple of apps before ones that are actually enthusiastic about the prospect and want latest versions and huge bootcamp partitions.

Comment: Solving real problems without excessive complexity (Score 1) 294

by iamacat (#49358161) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What Makes Some Code Particularly Good?

If the code has a useful function and exposes it with an interface that is no more complex than absolutely necessary, it doesn't matter how ugly it is inside. It will be used and, in time, there will be resources to clean it up. UNIX system calls, libraries and command line tools are a good example. There is not much in common between original code and various modern implementations, but code written on top of these over decades still works and both developers and users are able to leverage their experience.

Also, even the best written code will have bugs. With simple interface, it's at least feasible to write good tests and find some.

Comment: Nobody got time for that (Score 1) 261

by iamacat (#49350537) Attached to: Generate Memorizable Passphrases That Even the NSA Can't Guess

You are not going to type a sentence every time your screen locks after 10 minutes of inactivity. The solution is really 2 factor authentication with a decent conventional 8 character password. Maybe even 3 factor - something you are (fingerprint), something you have (bluetooth-enabled phone in the pocket) and something you know (simple pin).

Comment: Re:First work on a decent TV box (Score 1) 87

by iamacat (#49297207) Attached to: Apple Reportedly Working On an Online TV Service

Oh well, maybe its good for streaming video from a dozen sources preapproved by Apple. You Plex hack is out of reach of an average consumer and requires an always on machine as a server. Don't you want other things that came out since then? If you had to keep only one box, would you choose Apple TV?

Comment: First work on a decent TV box (Score 2) 87

by iamacat (#49280971) Attached to: Apple Reportedly Working On an Online TV Service

Current one is 5 years old. No stick form factor, no 4K or 3D, no Siri, no Facetime, no HDMI-CEC, no apps/games, AirPlay drains mobile device battery life. To really generate excitement Apple would need to release something ahead of the times to makes us forget they churned out the same lame box for last 5 years.

Comment: Switching is not integration (Score 1) 240

by iamacat (#49264035) Attached to: Windows 10 Enables Switching Between Desktop and Tablet Modes

I understand the logic of having apps run in full screen for small tablets by default. But this does not justify having two kinds of apps, none of which run in both modes. Either it's a classic desktop app without multitouch/orientation switch support, or a metro app that can not open multiple windows (can it even be tiled with other apps these days?).

What Microsoft should have done in Windows 8 is provide a framework for creating tablet-friendly apps which are ALSO usable desktop apps without any handicaps. In fact, they should have required 1st class experience on both tablet and desktop to be included in Windows Store.

Comment: Choice is good, but I will pass personally (Score 1) 328

by iamacat (#49246683) Attached to: New Crop of LED Filament Bulbs Look Almost Exactly Like Incandescents

That's like a LED TV inside a bulky CRT box. The enclosure is not necessary and adds to price and environmental impact unnecessarily. Also an extra hazard if it's glass. I would rather have modern minimalistic look and creative shapes enabled by technology. Is it really necessary for bulbs to be changeable now that they last for lifetime of the fixture? And why not have one central transformer for the whole chandelier (if not low voltage outlets in the room)? Got to be more efficient.

Comment: This time things are different (Score 1) 389

If Apple watch was released before Pebble, it would rule the market. But this time there is ample competition from Pebble, Android Wear and Tizen, with many watches competitive in style for under $1K models and superior in features. You have choices that range from weeklong battery life to independent phone service. Apple has undeniable marketing muscle but, without groundbreaking unique features, people who get interested in smartwatches will also check out other offerings. Swiss watchmakers will massively benefit if they license one of open technologies and provide continuity of style.

Comment: Would be still doable if you were 60 (Score 1) 205

by iamacat (#49238179) Attached to: Ask Slashdot - Breaking Into Penetration Testing At 30

If you are passionate about the subject, it shouldn't take more than half a year to come up to speed. You will not be doing original research, just using existing tools. Your scripting background should come handy here. Furthermore, satisfying legal regulations may be more about ensuring patches are installed and best practices are followed. Again, not too far from system administrations. Relax and go for it.

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