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Comment Re:The greatest W95 legacy is spread of medicority (Score 1) 335

So how often do you work on someone else's computer compared to your own computer? Which use case do you want to optimize? Especially now that there are all the cool cloud services that could temporarily let you use Norton Commander on your bosses computer.

Can your tools included with Windows bulk rename files by having a convenient two folder display where you can just click on files to move them to the other side rather than having to drag mouse back and forth for each one of them? Imagine what could be achieved in these 20 years if there was a market for commercial file managers.

Comment The greatest W95 legacy is spread of medicority (Score 3, Interesting) 335

Before Windows 95, PCs had a vibrant marketplace of GUI shells, file managers, e-mail applications and web browsers. Netscape introduced Java applets and Javascript, updated frequently and was free with honor system payments. UNIX-based system had a wide choice of free and commercial Windows managers with features like virtual desktops that Microsoft only added in Windows 10.

What Microsoft taught users is to be lazy and not look beyond built in software with mediocre feature set. They have ultimately hurt themselves as mainstream applications became so dumbed down that you can just run the same thing on 4 inch phone and not miss much. Have they cultivated a healthy 3rd party ecosystem, people might be still interested in more powerful desktop/laptop experience in addition to phones and tablets.

Comment I wish Netflix stayed true to its loyal customers (Score 2) 288

They first marginalized the DVD rental service and now are doing the same with movie streaming. While I watched some of Netflix originals, HBO Now has even more and better original series. The value of Netflix subscription for me is access to movies and shows from major studios. Guess I should look into Amazon Prime instead. Not interested in paying for Hulu and still watching ads.

Comment Is anyone against navigation, music and climate? (Score 1) 417

Those are the main functions of car interface and optimum functionality requires independent or phone-linked cellular connection. Everything else is just due to the fact that someone else might like extra features and it's difficult to customize them for each individual car. Ideally those things will be installable/uninstallable like mobile apps.

Comment Devil in details (Score 1) 394

Today's linux distributions have all the functionality that most people need, but many small annoyances that add up to lack of polish and loss of productivity. For example, when plugging in multiple external monitors, system tends to forget the order you arranged them into last time, something that never happens under OSX. I can only imagine how bad things get in more esoteric areas that important to minority of users/developers, like accessibility and color calibration. Most users who just need the work done and don't care about ideology would prefer a better debugged OS, especially now that Microsoft fixed the Windows 8 fiasco.

Comment Because one process should be enough for everyone (Score 1) 350

Try running everything in TFA simultaneously and then see if you think 8GB or even 16GB is enough. In Java development workflow, it's common to have half a dozen VMs around, each needing 1-2GB for optimum performance. It's very helpful to have your sources, compiled classes and dependency jars in filesystem hash to avoid reading them from SSD on every build. Now edit a few high resolution images and open browser with dozens of tabs to read various documentation and tell me how much memory you would rather have.

Comment How about 3.2? (Score 1) 46

Every time I set out to learn OpenGL, I just get put off by how fucked up it is. Not necessarily just being low level, but the sheer disrespect of host programming language, standardization and modern design practices. It's OK to use float[] instead of ByteBuffer. Textures can be objects instead of integers. Modern GPUs can handle one modern standard compressed texture format with alpha. Maybe one day I will find a decent wrapper that takes away unnecessary grant work. Until then I will just look for more satisfying and less tedious problems to solve.

Comment Cloud compute instances (Score 1) 233

If Photoshop skills are only a small part of the class, Amazon/Microsoft/Google cloud compute instances with Adobe creative suite and remote desktop could be the easiest/cheapest way to go. You just need a pool of licenses to accommodate simultaneous logins and all the instances can be torn down except when that specific part of the class is in session.

Comment Letters of Marque (Score 1) 238

While these brave women are in Russia, we have a good constitutional tool to encourage citizens to fight our enemies. Drying up ISIS recruitment money and eliminating their online presence would deal a measurable blow to organization that prides itself in media savvy. And it would be done for free by young people who would never consider joining Army or NSA.

Comment Re:Wong place to spend money (Score 1) 391

If there is any packet loss, retransmissions are needed. No problem for a single, audio-only link where the receiver can buffer data. If you also have video or multiple audio links, simply dropping the packet is probably a better option that breaking video/audio synchronization. For non-interactive content one could design a protocol with very precise clock synchronization, where each device will play a given frame of buffered data simultaneously. Have never heard of anything like this implemented in consumer electronics though.

Comment I for one welcome 3-nitrooxypropanol laced beef! (Score 1) 299

I have been lately very concerned that, even between all the pesticides, hormones and antibiotics, I am not getting enough foreign chemicals in my burgers. Maybe this one will finally do the trick and help me mutate into green and 2-headed superior species!

Comment Russia is known for building roads to nowhere (Score 1) 465

Just Google "Baikalâ"Amur Mainline". The project would make sense if Russia and USA were on visa-free travel level good terms, with vibrant urban or industrial centers on both sides of Bering Strait. Think of something like Channel tunnel. But, even in the best political climate, why connect remote areas requiring days of additional road travel to deliver people or goods? Air or sea shipping is the best option until huge changes in demographics of both countries and mutual political ties.

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