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Comment Everybody does analytics (Score 1) 260

If you have two apps which are exactly the same to start with and only one does analytics, it would crush the competitor in a year or two after all significant crashes are fixed and user interaction is optimized by studying flow between screens. People grumble about tracking but do not reflect that in their purchasing/web browsing decisions to the extent of choosing an inferior but more anonymous product.

Comment Don't understand the big rush (Score 1) 134

They could let the service be for the time being and keep an eye on both positive and negative effects, then negotiate concessions (or, as the last resort, shut down) if disadvantages become severe.

When US Internet was expensive/poorly accessible outside education, most people got online though walled garden services like Compuserve and AOL. Yet ISPs quickly won out as soon as people could afford an unrestricted connection. I don't see why the same can not happen in India over time.

Comment Re:Religion by any other name (Score 1) 668

We don't always have to screw one group of people over to remedy injustice to another group. Society can tolerate some inefficiency in order to protect everyone's right to separate self expression.

Certainly it should be illegal for a restaurant to refuse service to a same sex couple who walk in holding hands. But here was are forcing someone to actively participate in a ceremony that goes against their sincere beliefs. I think we can carve out a small exception for specific circumstances (ceremony that is widely considered to be religious in nature, family business, non-urgent need, wide availability of alternatives).

Comment Take the company private (Score 2) 217

There are millions of people who, for whatever reason, are happy to use Yahoo services and there is no reason why the company can not keep them running well and earning salary for employees. The problem is logically impossible expectation of infinite growth placed on public companies. Sooner or later this drives every successful company into collapse after losing their pyramid scheme and investors flock to the latest overhyped startup to try to recoup their losses with more gambling.

Comment Religion by any other name (Score 2) 668

Prosecuting outsiders to bond members of your own tribe seems to be an inescapable human need. Liberal activists who boo comics and ensure that anyone who dares to have a different personal opinion of, say, homosexuality loses their job are just bible thumpers and Saudi Arabia morality police going by another name. They have to continuously crank up the extremes of zero tolerance for anyone who deviates from their ideas about women, minorities, native americans and so on to bond with each other and maintain self image of superior human beings who have full right to bully and discriminate against savages.

For the record, I fully believe that LGBT and all other minorities including polygamists have a right to equal, productive lives, and so should a baker who doesn't want to make a cake for their wedding. It's just that activist groups who claim to support either side are actually just on a power trip to prop up their own self esteem and find a legitimate excuse to bully others.

Comment Re:Why cheat? (Score 1) 224

Please, could someone PLEASE explain the logic behind participating in multiplayer games?

The rules of these games are made up anyway and winning is not an indication of any admirable real world trait or skill. So some people get a kick out of making yet another game out of beating the game without getting caught, seeing people hide behind walls they can see through and then fragging them and taunting them in chat.

Comment Software (Score 1) 220

Majority of devices fail with perfectly functioning hardware, because software is no longer updated, with the last available release usually being horribly slow and bloated. Installing a custom ROM often does wonders for usability. We should first demand that that bootloaders are unlockable and at least the interface expected and provided by driver binaries is well documented. Fully open and user serviceable hardware would be great, but even modest steps will keep lots of stuff out of landfill.

Comment A decade too late (Score 1) 167

Why would I want to plug in a whatever box and watch a middle of whatever program it's showing at the time, interrupted by ads every 15 minutes? When technology is there to select exactly what I want to see and when. Even for live news/sports I may want to pause or rewind to see what I missed. Just give me well working apps and ability to subscribe to the ones that appeal to me.

Comment Sane people want safer, more reliable products (Score 1) 464

My car has plenty of smarts, including a drive by wire system and *gasp* an electronic key that ensures that only I can operate it. This does introduce some new failure mode, but *overall* I am safer and more likely to get where I am going because of all this technology.

If done right, a smart gun can be actually more reliable and accurate while simultaneously reducing accidents. For example, it can have a screen that shows me where a bullet will hit and how many remain in the magazine. It can have redundant ways of unlocking, including a physical key if the battery runs out.

As for government disabling guns, they can already send a SWAT team in bulletproof vests and shred you to pieces. The only difference is that you and innocent bystanders around you are more likely to survive. Plus, we are talking smart, not internet connected.

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