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Comment: Re:In spite of this and other similar phenomena... (Score 1) 140

by flaming error (#48335513) Attached to: Robot Makes People Feel Like a Ghost Is Nearby

"I do not have enough time... to actually verify what scientist have told me, ... So I therefor am going on faith"

I guess you can call that faith, but it's entirely different than religious faith because you *could* verify (or falsify) what the scientists are saying. And even if you don't do it yourself, others will, and will build on this work.

Neither your mother nor you nor anyone else could do that for religious beliefs. Religion is set up and religious faith is defined to make that impossible.

So your "faith" in math and science has little to do with your mother's "faith" in her religion.

Comment: Re:WTF, the antarctic gets FO before me? (Score 2, Informative) 92

by flaming error (#48200797) Attached to: Fiber Optics In Antarctica Will Monitor Ice Sheet Melting

This is +4 informative? Seriously?

For those who can't be bothered to read the summary, this is not about FO communications. Some guys are using the properties of fiber optics and light to figure out the temperature along a length of cable they dropped down a bore shaft to the ocean.

Comment: Re:Water is wet (Score 1) 284

by flaming error (#47263689) Attached to: Bill Gates To Stanford Grads: Don't (Only) Focus On Profit

"If your salary is paid from the taxes of those of us who do work for money, maybe don't bite the hand that feeds you?"

He didn't bite you. He wasn't rude. He didn't call you stupid.

If his post stung, or caused you to feel stupid, perhaps deep down you feel there's another way of life that might suit you better. This is a wonderful opportunity for you to re-assess priorities and perhaps try another path. Seriously.

Comment: Re:So says the richest man in the world... (Score 4, Insightful) 284

by flaming error (#47250721) Attached to: Bill Gates To Stanford Grads: Don't (Only) Focus On Profit

Or maybe he started out with a ruthless bloodlust for destroying all competitors and slowly grew up. And retired and tried to do something useful.

And figured out that his MSFT business approach was counter-productive as far as bettering the world goes.

Hey, it could happen. Maybe.

If you can't understand it, it is intuitively obvious.