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Comment Re:Guns save lives (Score 1) 292

Also, what people sadly don't understand about suicide that its genetically predisposed, and an impulsive act. Its much more effective to use a firearm to kill yourself, than a knife. As a public health issue, its not unreasonable to make it more difficult for the suicidally predisposed to own handguns, just as firearm possession is banned for felons. (Nothing in the CotUS that suggests its lawful to keep firearms away from citizen felons.)

Comment Re:What's the point (Score 1) 312

That's linux desktop. Linux as a server platform pretty much owns the world.

And don't forget the Windows 10 fuckup; not that its fucked up in execution of computing tasks. Win10 has become such a bloated "Big Brother" nightmare, it may be the final straw that permanently drives me to a linux desktop. Thank god for Steam. But I have an oddball computing perspective, since I believe the future of computing platforms will be driven from subscription cloud services, maybe a bit before the self-driving car.

Comment Re:What's the point (Score 1) 312

Well, unless the L4 or Viengoos variants of Hurd come good.

Wow, you are easily almost a decade behind on the HURD soap opera. In academia, HURD has always been a brand name picked up by every semi-ambitious PhD candidate for work on their masters/doctoral thesis on computing. Viengoos was a microkernel addressing security issues with IPC which the author dreamt would be used to replace the MACH microkernel. Once he got his doctorate & real job, he left Viengoos behind. There's no management behind the HURD curtain to pick up where he left off. HURD is the Dread Pirate Roberts of OS platforms.

Ironically, there is an open source L4 variant that has been getting buzz a year or few ago called SeL4. The big deal about that was the math geeks have been able to conclude that its design is theoretically "secure" of all the IPC problems with previous L4 microkernels. But L4 is nothing like the MACH u-kernel, which is a decrepit dinosaur of 1980s u-kernel design. HURD would have to be significantly rewritten to take advantage of SeL4. More likely, someone would just write a MACH emulation layer on top of SeL4 to get the whole HURD thing to work. It then would be pointless since the legacy HURD code never really worked in itself, and it wouldn't be taking advantage of SeL4's design. That's why HURD is a huge, hoary joke in the computing industry.

The industry has long moved past 1980's u-kernel theory, to hypervisors and "modern" u-kernel implementations. Only the clueless that follow it like WWE wrestling don't realize that its a fake.

Comment Re:Assumes it ever lived (Score 2) 456

While I agree that emulating the parts of the iOS ecosystem that we all hate (the walled garden, and the over-dependence on for-rent services) was their biggest mistake, I just don't have the same loathing for Microsoft as I do for Apple. Apple innovated the walled garden model, and got millions of fanbois to promote it. Apple is like an abusive spouse, constantly telling their users they're too damn stupid to own anything as cool as their gear; and yet those people are grateful. Apple is straight up evil.

Microsoft just copied everything Apple did, stupidly hoping they'd stumble upon some magical formula for success. But it always seemed like somewhere deep inside Microsoft there was a tension caused by really talented people who knew the whole Apple idea was evil, and were trying to do the right thing. So I can't hate them as much.

Comment What is "spilling the beans" supposed to mean? (Score 1) 303

On 9/11 dozens of people "spilled the beans" by reporting underground explosions and 5 Israelis were arrested by the police and quietly released later on. Practically all news networks reported underground explosions.

Did it matter?

No. It's still considered a "conspiracy theory". Why should it matter when somebody "spills the beans" if the media and public just ignore it?

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