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Comment: Re:No not so much (Score 1) 381

by terrox (#39803195) Attached to: Bitcoin Mining Startup Gets $500k In Venture Capital
Basically wrong, you could check the total maximum amount of coins on wikipedia - a total of 2.1 × 1015 or 2.1 quadrillion units. I think that is around 10 000 coins for every human on the planet at 2030, which is plenty due to the fact we survived up until now with far less units-per-person of money in our lives.

Comment: Re:Sucker born every minute. (Score 1) 381

by terrox (#39803147) Attached to: Bitcoin Mining Startup Gets $500k In Venture Capital
You pay for the "service costs" yourself when you use bitcoins, using your own computer. You don't need to convert bitcoins into "real money" if you can pay your bills in bitcoins (if that ever happens) - that is the goal, every large investment is one step closer.

If you lived in a country which is in decline and you wanted to invest in a reliable currency, bitcoin might become a viable choice once it becomes unbreakably stable (which it will due to design, unless some country assassinates all the major bitcoin users and dumps all their bitcoins into a blackhole to inflate values).

Comment: Re:Is google's image format ICC capable? (Score 2) 249

by terrox (#38103352) Attached to: Google Upgrades WebP To Challenge PNG Image Format
Just because you've applied a 500kb colour profile to your image and your image program can understand it, does not mean a web browser needs to support such pointless user desires. The internet does not want to waste 50-500kb per image on colour profiles just so the image can print out a tiny bit more evenly on expensive high end printers. If it ever happens you can be happy living in a world where agenda driven lobby groups can make life more annoying for everyone just to make a few bucks. Should Chrome support 48bit, masked, live effects layered PSD too? but they look better on my computer...

Comment: Re:Watch out (Score 1) 116

by terrox (#37884096) Attached to: Google Street View Moves Indoors
"photographs will 'capture nothing different to what a customer would see" - which is what they'd say about visitors to your home and it is obviously way too far. The Google stance is dangerous direction, "why not" doesn't apply to everything in life and I can think of tons of reasons why not. More like, "we're creepy and we will push you until you break, then back off, then push again once you're not looking".

Comment: no (Score 0) 455

by terrox (#37708546) Attached to: Ubuntu 11.10 ('Oneiric Ocelot') Released
Ubuntu still using the arcane titles chosen by the coders for it's applications? Fail. e.g. Totem should be called "Video Player". Ubuntu is never going to be as good as it can be until all of the un-intuitive app names are changed to normal ones (an Alias is fine, keep it's original name in the About menu). Then it doesn't matter what apps are swapped in the back end, people don't care as long as "Video Player" is still there and it works. How long has this gone on for? yeah really.

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