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Comment Re:Startup management subsystem (Score 2) 290 290

I'd rather have a system that does it better without having to resort to scripts all over the place to make up for deficiencies in the system.

You seem to be making the tacit assumption that everything works perfectly. If I am debugging a system then I would much prefer to deal with scripts (usually all in one place or otherwise easily found) than have to try to debug C and C++ code and XML schema. See Theodore Ts'o comments that were linked to above.

It reminds of me dealing with Microsoft systems (many years ago from the NT days, maybe they have changed since then). *IF* everything works pefectly then it is fine but as soon as you are in the mode of tracking down problems then it becomes a nightmare. This is why I made the switch from Windows-NT to Linux when I was doing sysadmin at a university. If I wanted to use a system that was like that then I would use Windows. This tacit assumption that the system was designed perfectly so there is no need for any intervention is one of the reason people don't want to give up init scripts on their Linux systems and replace them with systemd.

Comment Link to whitepaper is broken (Score 4, Informative) 89 89

In his second to last answer Kim Dotcom says:

I want to win this fight for all of us. To anyone who is interested in this case I recommend that you read this documentto [sic] understand the corruption behind the mercenary law enforcement action that led to the destruction of Megaupload.

That link just brings me back to this Slashdot page. I believe the correct URL for the whitepaper is http://kim.com/whitepaper.pdf

Comment Re:"...the same as trespassing." (Score 1) 1175 1175

I dont know about Kentucky, however in Texas you can shoot people for Criminal Trespass. You can use deadly force to protect your self and your property.

IANAL, however the fact that the drone was waved off and left then came back would indicate to me that the operator was aware that it was not welcome. I would construe the act of returning as a Criminal Trespass. I personally would have used a shotgun with bird shot to shoot it down. The bird shot reduces the danger to others when it comes down.

Then again, I have a shoulder launched surface to air rocket. Using that may work better, scare the crap out of the operator and is legal to shoot in town because it does not qualify as a "Gun" and with no explosive charge in the rocket it does not qualify as a destructive device.

Comment Re:The /. title is bullshit (Score 1) 509 509

Yes, I agree it is highly suspicious that the predictions are down in the noise level in any test conditions that can be reasonably obtainable in an existing laboratory. That is one of the reasons I am so highly skeptical of there being any actual effect. One thing is certain, if there is an effect then it is so small it is very difficult to measure when the device is powered with a 700 watt magnetron. Basically, they produced enough lift to levitate a snowflake. Also, please remember that the first results from China were orders of magnitude greater than what was measured here so we also know that those first results were completely bogus.

The /. title is still BS. Results that warrant further investigation (which is a boiler-plate phrase used in a vast number of research papers) is very different from results that confirm an effect. It is usually very bad from to not include such a phrase because by omitting it you make it more difficult to get further research funding.

Comment The /. title is bullshit (Score 5, Informative) 509 509

Here is the first page of the actual paper, including the abstract which says:

Our test campaign can not confirm or refute the claims of the EMDrive but intends to independently assess possible side-effects in the measurement methods used so far.

So the /. title says pretty much the exact opposite of what the actual paper says.

I am still extremely skeptical that there is any actual effect. They powered their device with a 700 watt magnatron and measured plus or minus 20 micro-newtons of thrust. To put this in perspective, one Newton is roughly the weight of an apple near the surface of the Earth. If the thrust scales linearally with input power then you would need 50,000 x 700 Watts = 35 Megawatts to levitate a single apple. Of course the inventor claims that the thrust to power ratio is highly non-linear so at these higher power levels you would get a lot more thrust. I have not seen any sensible theoretical model that explains why this would be so.

If you are using hundreds of watts to produce a handful of micro-newtons then it is extremely likely there is no actual effect and what is being measured is just some form of noise. This is especially true when the so-called effect violates a primary law of physics.

Comment Re:Pfft! (Score 4, Informative) 49 49

Roll it to 17 years, with no renewal.
Toss the automatic copyright and go back to requiring registration to get the copyright.
Require all software applying for copyright protection include all source code!
When copyright runs out on software, it is the source code and the compiled work that gets released to the Public Domain.
Take anything over 25 years old and make it public domain.
Require any court cases dealing with violation of copyright to have the plaintiff pay all legal fees should the case be found for the diffident.

Comment Re:Negotiating salaries is for the birds. (Score 1) 429 429

If you were to ask me up front I would reply with "It depends on a lot of things. What range are you looking to pay?"

For me it depends on the kind of work, how exhausted the team looks during the interview, how far the drive is, How much room I see for growth, how interested I am in the company as a whole, the perks and packages offered, etc. As long as we are in the right ball park. It can be worked out and on some occasions Ill take a lot less pay for something I really want as a perk.

Comment Re:Negotiating salaries is for the birds. (Score 4, Interesting) 429 429

It is always a pain when they don't list the salary range.

I have gone over to being very up front and straight forward. If they want me to interview I ask "What salary range are you looking to pay?" If they give me some BS about how it is dependent on experience or "At this time it is open." I normally reply with "Sorry, I know how business works. A salary rage was selected before the listing was made. I am only asking what that range is so I can decide if it is worth my time to pursue the position. If it is to low then I am waisting my time and yours by even accepting an interview."

I would like to say they were all consistent but they were all over the map. The one that comes to mind is one that had 150 Linux servers running an online service. They had been hacked and were looking for someone to come in and clean it up, secure the systems, and make sure they were not re-hacked. They specifically listed 10 years experience and ton of must knows. When I got them to tell me how much they were looking to pay, they wanted someone who would work for $12.00 an hr on a 1099. I about fell over and had to let them know that they put the period in the wrong place, minimum would have been $120.00 an hr on a 1099.

Comment Many will say that this is bad advice but (Score 3, Insightful) 54 54

Back in 2000 the company I worked for "Accidentally" put everyones info (HR Database) on the public FTP site. Including Bank account info, all the security questions, ss#, salaries, etc.

At that time I looked into "Protecting" myself from identity theft and realized there was an easy solution.

1) Run my credit into the ground. Someone stealing an identity does not want to clean up your credit. They want an easy target.
2) Pay off all my debts. Believe it or not, paying off your debts without creating new ones lowers your credit score.
3) Live off what I make! No credit cards, no loans, no credit.

Now, 15 years later, I have 4 cars, a boat, 12.5 acres in the country, and a house. I got the home loan before I did all of this and it is the only debt I have left. The rest was saved for and I paid cash for them.

It is amazing how much cash you have when you are not loosing 12%, 15%, or 25%, to interest on loan payments.

Comment A couple of years ago (Score 1) 618 618

I was called by one of the local computer repair shops. Seems someone brought in an old SCO box to get fixed and they had never seen anything like it so they called me to take a look at it. When I asked what it was doing over the phone I was told "It looks like the drive is bad but when we opened it there were two ribbon cables connected to the drive and we have never seen anything like that."

When I got there it was a 386 running SCO with RLL drives. They were amazed when I poked C800:5 to get to the controller menu.

Drive was dead, backups were non-existent. I polity suggested that the owner upgrade and put it on display with the date bought and the date it died.

Comment Re:Why are we even discussing this again? (Score 2) 213 213

I have interviewed 100's of RHCE's who could not tell me how to set the minimum password length, how to change the permissions on a file, and none of them could tell me how to set run levels at boot.

I was surprised that they even passes the RHCE without knowing it.

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