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Comment: Re:Opera Supports BIG Pages better with less RAM (Score 1) 229

by DarthChris (#20291589) Attached to: A Talk With Opera CEO

This is going way offtopic, but I can't help but ask why you've got a system that generates a HTML document of that size. HTML isn't designed for that sort of thing, you should either be splitting it into multiple pages (can be done using some basic arithmetic) or, better still, using a dedicated reports system from a decent database (i.e. not Access). If you're going to print it out at all you'd need to do something like this anyway.


+ - AllOfMP3 payments cut off

Submitted by
cerberusss writes: "As of February 2007, the popular Russian music download site AllOfMP3 seems to be cut off from user payments. Whereas previously it was possible to buy gift certificates at XRost and then using these at AllOfMP3, the XRost payment provider displays the following message upon logging in:

As part of our ongoing effort to improve the payment platform, we will be performing a scheduled server maintenance. The payment option at our site will be restored in 48 hours.
However, the 48 hours have passed since long and it's not known when payments will be possible again. Did the RIAA finally get what they wanted?"

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