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Comment: I had gotten the impression... (Score 1) 2

by unitron (#47915893) Attached to: Conservative mindfuck

...that most of the right wing had secret hard-ons for Putin.

Speaking of whom...remember when Bush the younger talked about looking into Putin's eyes and seeing his soul?

Imagine my surprise to find myself in agreement with, of all people, Pat Buchanan, who said "Know what I see when I look into Putin's eyes? KGB!"

Comment: Earthlink over TWC cable here (Score 1) 133

by unitron (#47764575) Attached to: Time Warner Cable Experiences Nationwide Internet Outage

Couldn't even ping, so I suspect it was more than just a problem turning URLs into numerical addresses.

It was so weird to have problems and still have all the lights on the modem lit up (except standby).

Unfortunately there's no novelty factor in having problems with it in general.

+ - Comcast Drops Spurious Fees When Customer Reveals Recording

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "In yet another example of the quality of Comcast's customer service, a story surfaced today of a Comcast customer who was over-charged for a service that was never provided. At first, the consumer seemed to be on the losing end of a customer service conversation, with Comcast insisting that the charges were fair. But then, the consumer whipped out a recording of a previous conversation that he had with another Comcast representative in which not only was the consumer promised that he wouldn't be charged for services not rendered, but the reason why was explained. Suddenly Comcast conceded, and the fees were dropped. But most telling of all, the Comcast rep implied that she only dropped them because he had taped his previous interaction with Comcast customer service."

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