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Comment Re:Customer vs Product (Score 1) 65

I think they're engaging in Dice-like thinking, that they want the site to work and to be a certain way (that involves lots of buzzwords), and they're finding it terribly inconvenient that the users, who are also the content providers who attract each other to the site, want something entirely else

Comment But seriously.... (Score 3) 1310 about on the stories that are not yet "official" but are available to logged in users (grey title bar instead of green), let them comment, if they wish, and then if the story makes it to the official front page, just move it there, comments and all, instead of re-posting it and losing those comments in the process.

Comment Re:Get rid of the fucking adverts completely (Score 1) 194

When cable first came along it was mostly just the over the air channels (and all the ads they carried), but supposedly with fewer reception problems.

Stuff like HBO, Showtime, et cetera, came along, that were optional for extra money, and those channels were the ones bragging about no commercials.

Of course that was several decades ago, and a lot has changed since then.

Comment Re:Stupid reasoning. (Score 1) 1094

> Is it really that hard to grasp that concept?

And then with more people with more money, businesses respond by raising prices until $15 no longer has the buying power it used to.

Why'd you stop your analysis half way?

Because these businesses have no competition that will underprice them by a bit and take all their customers?

You can tinker a little with the law of supply and demand, like this would, but you can't repeal it altogether.

To be fair, eventually that $15 won't have the same buying power, just as the $1.60 per hour 1968 Federal Minimum Wage no longer has the buying power it did back then (4 to 5 gallons of gas or packs of cigarettes, or 16 soft drinks or candy bars, or 10 comic books, or 2 paperback books, or a fast food meal for 2, or movie tickets for 2, etc.)

But that's eventually, not instantaneously, and in the meantime, it can do some good and stimulate local economies.

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