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Comment: Re:If you *lourve* your job ... (Score 1) 135

by tenco (#47592857) Attached to: If You're Always Working, You're Never Working Well

Hierarchy has been the primary source of inefficiency everywhere I've ever worked. But how to design an organization that can coordinate itself without hierarchy, especially given that it's made of humans used to playing games of master and servant rather than cooperating for common goals?

Create a common goal, for starters. The rest will fall into place.

Comment: Re:only "discrete" Fourier/Integral transforms (Score 1) 158

by tenco (#44115697) Attached to: Proof Mooted For Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle

This has nothing to do with discrete transforms. "Simple" example: \int_{-\inf}^{+\inf} \delta(x) f(x) dx = f(0)

where \delta(x) is the Dirac delta distribution and f(x) a smooth function (e.g.: exp(-itx)/sqrt(2\pi) ).

This uncertainty is also the cause why every laser has a finite spectral width: even a perfect sinoidal electromagnetic wave must have a length in the time regime which is finite - else the wave would hold an infinite amount of energy.

Comment: Re:I've done this with Dosbox too but... (Score 1) 415

by tenco (#42718257) Attached to: Why a Linux User Is Using Windows 3.1

I'm just saying, pay attention to when you have to do it and you'll see some room for potential invention.

Why don't you start to pay attention yourself? The guy cooked up a solution that he can run on every device he owns, wondering how far he could take the principle of his solution. Then you advertise buying a separate hardware gadget as an improvement on that? WTH, man?

Comment: Re:You forgot the new upstream option (Score 1) 162

by tenco (#42633947) Attached to: SolusOS Forks Gnome 3 Fallback Mode

The point is, this mode uses Gnome-Shell. I can't use Gnome-Shell on my Netbook, because i use external monitors with it in extend desktop mode and the intel driver for my hardware doesn't support 3d acceleration with these "large" virtual resolutions. So making Gnome-Shell look like Gnome 2 doesn't help at all.

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