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Comment: Re: 23 down, 77 to go (Score 0, Troll) 849

by tempmpi (#49680557) Attached to: Religious Affiliation Shrinking In the US

There's no reason to be religious in this modern world. People who are religious are idiots and should be treated like second class citizens.

And you are proving that "Religiophobia" can be a religion on its own. You apply exactly the same kind of mechanism that has caused religious wars and other crimes: You want to treat people as second class citizens because you disagree with their world view. You overgeneralize and make a whole population group responsible for the problems caused by some of their members.

Comment: Abolish the random lottery, sort by wage! (Score 4, Insightful) 611

by tempmpi (#49659547) Attached to: To Laid-Off Southern California Edison Workers: Boo-Hoo

The first thing they should do is to abolish the random lottery for H1B visas and grant the visas within the cap to the applicants with the highest salaries. That would help to stop companies that are abusing H1Bs for driving wages down and at the same time would make sure that if a company really really needs the skills of a specific foreigner, they could get a visa for him or her by paying a very high wage.

Comment: Education Tool for Cluster Programming (Score 1) 68

by tempmpi (#49273207) Attached to: GCHQ Builds a Raspberry Pi Super Computer Cluster

The PI uses 4 watts, so a cluster of 64 PIs will use around 256 Watt. A NVidia GTX960 will provide 2,308 GFLOPS at 120 Watt or around 20 GFlops per watt. GTX980 is even better with 28 GFLOPS per Watt. Adapteva Epiphany-IV is supposed to do 100 Gflops at 2 Watt.
Tegra X-1 can do 512 GFlops at likely something between 5-10 Watts.

But even if you would build a Tegra X-1 cluster, for many applications it would still be less power efficient than a smaller number of more powerful machines with a good interconnect:
Even most parallel applications need some communication and exchange of results between the different threads. This will be very slow on the rasberry cluster.

But a rasberry pi cluster should be a good educational tool to teach cluster programming. Processing speed is slow, communication is also slow but the ratio between communication bandwidth and processing speed is likely quite similar to real clusters. So the skills that you learn when mapping small problems to a rasberry pi clusters can also be applied when mapping big problems to real clusters. And at the same time building one of these clusters is around the same price as a single compute node in a real cluster. So you can easily give students access to such a cluster.

You could solve the small problems way more efficiently using a single GPU, but if you want to solve the big problems a single machine is not going to be enough and you will have to deal with the limted communication bandwidth between the nodes.

Comment: ECG and blood pressure monitoring needed! (Score 1) 134

by tempmpi (#49179705) Attached to: Treadmill Performance Predicts Mortality

In these fitness tests they monitor blood pressure and ECG and will stop you if your blood pressure gets too high or the ECG shows that your heart does not get enough oxygen anymore. For that reason persons can easily overestimate both maximum MET and maximum heart rate. People can reach higher running speeds and heart rates but will put their heart in danger by doing so.

Comment: Re:No, it's not even possible (Score 4, Insightful) 181

by tempmpi (#48523715) Attached to: Do you worry about the singularity?

Moore's law is on life support since a few years already. In 14nm process the smallest structures are approximately 60 Si-atoms wide. 11 doublings would need transistors structures that are only 0.03 si-atoms wide. 17 doublings would need structures smaller than 0.00045 si Atoms. It is extremely unlikely that processor improvement will continue at historical levels. It is already much slower than it used to be.

Comment: Does not have to be exclusive to be christian (Score 2) 447

by tempmpi (#48130521) Attached to: Statisticians Uncover What Makes For a Stable Marriage

Too bad basic literacy isn't part of your religion. The original poster specifically called marriage a "Christian tradition."

It certainly is a Christian tradition, but it is clearly not a exclusively Christian tradition. Just like "Honour your father and mother" is clearly a Christian value, it clearly is not a value that is exclusive to Christianity.

Comment: Maxwell instead of Keppler (Score 2) 29

how about 870M being BETTER in almost EVERY single parameter than 970M?

The 970M is based on Maxwell instead of the Kepler architecture of 870M. It is going to be a lot faster than the 870M despite having a lower number of shaders and a lower clock speed.

There are several reasons for this. In Maxwell memory access is more effective: There is a improved framebuffer compression that increases effective bandwidth by around 25%. L2 cache is now 2 MB instead of 768 KB in 870M. The next and likely more important change are more efficient gpu cores. 970M has 10 SMM cores with 128 Shaders each while 870M has 7 SMX cores with 192 Shaders each. Despite 50% less shaders per core each SMM is ~90% as fast as a SMX. NVidia did many microarchitectural enhancements such as improved instruction scheduling and shorter pipelines.

GTX970 is a about as fast as GTX780 Ti despite having 40% less shaders, 50% less memory bandwidth and only 26% higher clock.

Comment: Re:BMI is a lie! (Score 1) 329

by tempmpi (#46966127) Attached to: Gaining On the US: Most Europeans To Be Overweight By 2030

It can falsely flag you as overweight, but if it marks you obese you have a serious problems.

It depends. Overweight seems to be very healthy and results in a quite significant reduction of mortality. Obesity class I (BMI 30-35) seems to still provide a slightly lower mortality than normal weight. "BMI and mortality: results from a national longitudinal study of Canadian adults." So do you also consider normal weight to be a serious problem?

Comment: Re:have a high H1B minwage / let them work anywher (Score 1) 566

by tempmpi (#46947285) Attached to: Let Spouses of H-1B Visa Holders Work In US, Says White House

I've seen plenty of people on /. decrying the fact that H-1B workers are horribly underpaid. Having met quite a lot of them, I've yet to discover one that's actually paid any less than their American (or green-card-holding) counterparts.

Even when employers pay normal wages to H-1B workers, it can still drive down wages by creating more supply. Forcing employers of H-1B works to pay substantially higher wages than normal would indeed by very useful. This would drive up wages, because if employers have to decide between a H-1B with 50% above normal wage or paying an employee from a different company 30% more to make him switch, most would choose to not hire any H-1B.

Comment: Do not rush into conclusions! (Score 5, Interesting) 1037

by tempmpi (#46675221) Attached to: How the Internet Is Taking Away America's Religion

At the moment we are just seeing what is happening when a formally almost monopolistic marketplace is opened up: The former monopolist loses market share and the competition gains market share. But this does not mean the former monopolist is going to disappear, it will just shrink a lot. And while Christianity has decreasing market share in the US and Western Europe, in other place with a former monopoly of state mandated Atheism, Christianity and other religions are gaining market share. E.g.: In China and Russia.

Comment: Re:Wait... wha? (Score 1) 1482

by tempmpi (#46637335) Attached to: OKCupid Warns Off Mozilla Firefox Users Over Gay Rights

I don't see why you should deny someone a legal right based on some accident of biology, whether chromosome or pigment

So mentally ill persons should have access to guns, because it is just some accident of biology that caused their mental illness?

Oh, that argument. So really, even heterosexual couples should have to prove their fertility before marriage. No marriage for post-menopausal women. Would you also annul heterosexual marriages if they fail to produce children within some allocated timeframe?

Would be fine with me. But you are missing an important concept here. It is perfectly normal that laws are made for the average case. It can usually be accepted that a few persons get an unfair advantage or disadvantage from a law that they do not really deserve, what matters is if most people addressed by the law will be treated fairly.
If you say marriage is only for couple who will procreate then you are treating most people fair if you ban gay marriage. You will provide an unfair advantage to unfertile or unwilling heterosexual couples and an unfair disadvantage to homosexual couples who will procreate using donor sperm or a surrogate mother. But you will still treat most people fair as long as most heterosexual couples actually procreate and most homosexual couples do not.

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