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Comment: Gravity Predition Come True (Score 2) 100

by tekrat (#47879803) Attached to: China Targets 2022 For Space Station Completion

The Movie "Gravity" had Sandra Bullock aiming for a Chinese Space Station which she ultimately uses to get home. Fuuny thing is; when the movie was made, I scoffed at the Chinese Space Station for being "sci-fi"; but it looks like they got me, and there will indeed be such a station (but no Space Shuttle, sorry George Clooney!).

So, Gravity was right!

Comment: We paid for that crap, where's my REFUND? (Score 1) 448

by tekrat (#47828937) Attached to: Could Tech Have Stopped ISIS From Using Our Own Heavy Weapons Against Us?

Every nut and bolt of American Military Hardware was paid for with MY TAX MONEY. And now we are blowing it up because our own military is too freaking lazy to collect their own shit when they leave a country.

So, we are spending money to blow up our own money.

The Pentagon/Military Industrial Complex is a self-running money-spending machine that cannot be stopped. They add nothing of value to our country and only destroy money and lives. The more we spend, the more we fuck up the planet. Theoretically; infinite money == destruction of the world.

ISIS isn't the enemy. We are. We have met the enemy and it is us. Even if ISIS disappeared tomorrow, we'd invent another enemy to replace them. Because without an enemy, the MIC can't function. It's a monster that needs to be fed, and we're happy to feed it because America Fuck Yeah!

Anyhow, trillions of tax dollars down the tube. And yet the GOP wants to complain about the cost of Obamacare. Fucking shysters. Where's my needless war refund?

Comment: Any advice for actual geeks? (Score 2) 226

by tekrat (#47828615) Attached to: Ask David Saltzberg About Being <em>The Big Bang Theory's</em> Science Advisor

I have watched the show off an on, I somehow missed the first three seasons entirely -- but as a rather "normal" geek (I have a social life beyond playing D&D and videogames, I even work on cars and ride a motorcycle) -- I have to ask if you can offer any advice about scoring a smoking hot chick on the level of Penny -- I fail to see what it is Leonard offers in the relationship that appeals to Penny, other than complete monogamy.

She is simply so out of his league in terms of looks that ironically, that's the portion of the show I find the most hilarious. The real world simply doesn't work that way and I challenge you to find an example to prove me wrong (excluding billionaires, of course, we all know a fat wallet makes you more attractive).

Comment: dumb as fuck celebrities (Score 0) 311

by tekrat (#47817487) Attached to: Apple Denies Systems Breach In Photo Leak

Your life is already under a microscope. You can't go to the supermarket without a crew from TMZ following you and paparazzi are camped out on your lawn.... just how freaking stupid do you have to be to post nude pics of yourself to the cloud?

I'm going to start a consulting agency to the stars, called "Common Sense", and get paid to distribute my common sense to people who obviously have none of their own.

Here's a free tip: If you don't want nude pics of yourself spread to the web, don't take nude pics of yourself!

Comment: Why does it take so long? (Score 2, Interesting) 211

by tekrat (#47794993) Attached to: Battle of the Heavy Lift Rockets

I mean seriously, look at the SLS, it's almost entirely composed of re-used space shuttle parts. It has the main engines on the bottom of the tank re-purposed from the shuttle. it has solid rocket boosters which already exist from the shuttle -- it entirely looks like it could be cobbled together in a few month's time because it uses almost entirely existing components.

So what exactly requires so many years to make it al work when it's all basically existing tech from the shuttle? I hate to say this, but this ain't rocket science.

Comment: A bit less than 10 years ago (Score 2, Interesting) 848

by tekrat (#47776831) Attached to: Russian Military Forces Have Now Invaded Ukraine

We were busy having our asses kicked by a couple of towel-heads in a foxhole. The multi-trillion dollar juggernaut of the US Military was having it's head handed to them by some IEDs and a few snipers. We couldn't fight a guerilla war with all that cold-war training, and it was already stressing our military.

Furthermore, you're missing the entire point of 10 years ago. There was no PROFIT in nuclear striking Russia. Dick Cheney wasn't interested in attacking anyone he couldn't steal money from on both sides, that's why North Korea was ignored, and Iraq was invaded.

Striking Russia wouldn't do anything except isolate the US from the rest of the world, as we'd be responsible for a Billion deaths, and we'd be spending all our time even now defending ourselves from every other country on Earth, and we'd be starving and bankrupt because China would have cut us off.

Comment: MOD THIS UP (Score 0) 98

This is the ACTUAL summary of the article. At the very least, this is the summary that *should* be posted to the Slashdot, that translates the shit-speak the media writes into technical jargon that Slashdot readers should expect from "news for nerds".

Otherwise Slashdot is a mere shill for other crap media with their crap reporting with zero journalistic integrity. Facts be damned, protect the status quo.

Comment: Link has no map? (Score 2, Interesting) 158

by tekrat (#47757073) Attached to: A Horrifying Interactive Map of Global Internet Censorship

It links to an article that wants you to click a lot more before you ever get to any map. What the hell ever happened to accessing information on the web, as opposed to clicking just on a bunch of ads?

Imagine a world where global advertising has eliminated all information, never mind censorship. That world has already happened.

Comment: Because password policy is BORKED. (Score 1) 117

by tekrat (#47714737) Attached to: 51% of Computer Users Share Passwords

This is an example of a good password at my company "m7Rx2NqU" -- that's an unrecognizable jumble of characters that only a computer could love, but never a human.

I'd prefer to use "correcthorsebatterystaple" (ala XKCD), but my company's password policies do not let me use a pass phrase, but a jumble of numbers, letters and uppercase.

Comment: F-35 Joint Strike Fighter (Score 5, Interesting) 194

by tekrat (#47677339) Attached to: The Billion-Dollar Website

Really, we want to complain about a website that cost a Billion? This is the United States Government, full of waste, fraud, no-bid contracts, and shit spread out out over every state so that ever senator and congressman has his slice of the taxpayer slush fund.

Witness the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, an aircraft nobody needs, trying to fill too many roles, and was supposed to save our armed services money by having one plane replace many planes.

Except it's billions over budget, still doesn't work (and might never work), and is expected to cost more than a Trillion dollars before all is said and done.

Meanwhile the aircraft is being usurped by drones, which are cheaper, easier to deploy, and may fill all the roles we'd ever need this crazy ass jet for. And we're trying so hard to make it stealthy, meanwhile as pointed out in a slashot article a few weeks back, long wave radar will find the plane just fine.

And yet the Pentagon continues to shovel more money into the project because -- guess what, there's no "plan B". This is the people we depend upon to strategize for us in times of war, and they have absolutley no fall-back plan. Brilliant.

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