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Comment Not a student of history, I see.... (Score 1) 319

You wrote:
"Robots will exponentially decrease the costs of goods and services until they they cost nothing,"

And we've been told this lie before, with other things. Consider nuclear power. Nuclear was sold to the masses as "Electricity so cheap, there will be no need to meter". In other words, the dream of nuclear power was to make it so cheap, it would be free or close to free.

And that was the 1960's. Are we there yet? Because I've only seen my power bill go up. Nuclear was a nice experiment, but it was both more expensive than predicted, and fraught with unforeseen complications.

Trust me when I say that the robot "revolution" will be no different. There will be unexpected costs and complications, making those goods and services cost just as much, while still displacing workers who required income for those goods and services.

And let's not forget the factor of greed. Unless our society sees some kind of critical shift, the "job creators" (i.e; the 1%) will see this as an opportunity for greater profits, and will NOT pass the decreased costs to the consumer.

It's a utopian fantasy to suggest that we will not need incomes when we're all out of work. Hell, we don't even have universal healthcare in the USA, and we're the richest economy on earth, so there's clearly something wrong here. We already have have 20 million below the poverty line, and that number is growing.

Comment in the US, we have a right to all weapons (Score 1) 698

Or we should, considering how broadly we interpret the 2nd Amendment. If you go by the NRA's assessment, all US citizens have the right to have guns.

However, the 2nd Amendment says "arms"; which can also be interpreted as *any* type of weapon, including explosives.

However; explosives are prohibited because our corporate masters are more concerned about property damage than about the lives of people.

Consider what the TSA is really protecting; not the lives of people on the plane, but the plane itself, which is worth hundreds of millions.

Comment Typical Republican.... (Score 4, Insightful) 494

Can anyone who's a member of the GOP *explain* why the party of "Smaller Government" always wants to expand government when it comes to spying on US citizens and expanding the military?

Why does it always come down to "cut social programs because we're broke", but "no spending limit for bombs/aircraft carriers"?

And while we're at it, can someone explain why "every life is precious" when it comes to abortion, but then have no problem thowing away lives on useless wars, and expanding the death penalty to include petty theft?

Why will they spend every dollar to force an unwed mother to bring her child to birth and then refuse to support it in any way once it's out of her womb?

And why are these questions NEVER ASKED at a "debate"?

Comment As someone who experienced both..... (Score 5, Informative) 345

The early 707s were SCREAMERS. They had a high-pitched whine that made you hold your ears when they flew over. And that was just landings, I can't even imagine take-offs. As a kid, I lived in a place called Rosedale, just a few miles from JFK airport in Queens NYC.

The Concorde however, was a lower rumble. On landing, they weren't terribly noisy, although you heard them further out and the sound was so distinctive you knew it was coming at least 5 minutes ahead of it being visible. And what a sight! They came in at a high angle of attack, very nose-high, and with the beak of the plane drooped, and the landing gear extended, the plane looked like some kind of bird of prey about to swoop down and grab a mouse off a field.

It does need to be noted that Concorde flew mostly while turbofans were the norm, so most planes were quieter than it. The 707 flew when most other planes were still prop-driven, and it was only in the first few years of Concorde operation that 707s still flew (they were being phased out); but even by that time, they had made some changes to the engines to make the 707s less screechy.

That said, every plane had a distinctive engine sound, and if you lived in my area long enough, you could learn to identify which plane was flying over you simply from the sound. It got to the point where I never even had to look up, and I could name every aircraft coming over the house.

Comment Fines should be like banks (Score 4, Interesting) 144

When a big Bank breaks the law, they are fined a tiny percentage of the money they made breaking the law. If a Bank makes $500 million illegally, their fine comes out to something like $20 million.

If corporations are people, it should work the other way as well. Therefore, if someone downloads a movie they would have otherwise paid $14 to see in a theater, the fine should be about 2 bucks.

The only reason fines are so huge for file sharers is because every company thinks that whatever crap it is that they "own" (i.e. "intellectual property") is always worth millions or billions, but it's not. Hell, CEOs probably take a dump in the executive crapper and think it's worth billions.

I recently had a fire, and lost plenty of property, both real and intellectual. Do you think the insurance company compensated me for millions or billions?

Why are things held to one standard for large corporations, while ignoring people? Why are rights several curtailed for actual people? Why is property move valuable than life?

Comment RestoMod (Score 2) 373

RestoMods are where you take an older car and upgrade it to more modern standards. Thus, you get the best of both worlds; superior handling and acceleration, some added safety features, and a car that looks vintage, styled to stand out from the crowd of oval-shaped vehicles.

There's even an upgraded pan for the VW Beetle that provides disc brakes, better handling and smoother ride; as well as a large assortment of engines that can provide anything from mild performance to tire squealing, drag-strip style that'll smoke most other cars.

And yes, almost all RestoMods eschew too much electronics, which make the cars as unhackable as they were when they were original 60's and 70's cars.

Comment Could save more water even cheaper (Score 0) 234

They could save more water even cheaper if they ENFORCED the law and arrested RICH PEOPLE continuing to water their lawns despite the drought.

The rich entitled pricks continue to waste water by the millions of gallons because "they pay taxes", and therefore, deserve water more than poor people who want to drink it.

But do you think any millionaire/billionaire will ever serve even a single day in jail? PSHAW. There's a different "justice" system for the ruling class.

Comment How come we've never "liberated" SA? (Score 4, Insightful) 168

19 of the hijackers on 9/11 were Saudi. Osama Bin Laden was Saudi. We claimed to have "liberated" Iraq because Saddam's people were oppressed (after the WMD argument fell apart); so, why have we never "exported freedom" to Saudi Arabia?

Exactly what stranglehold do they they have on us (other than having gobs of oil)? And not like that's never stopped us before... I assume they must have Child-Porn pictures with Bush and Cheney. I can't quite understand the thinking of Dubya, assuming he was thinking at all....

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