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Comment She did one thing... (Score 2) 538

The only thing she managed to do during her time was to inspire that crazy shooter guy to shoot up a planned parenthood.

What was she smoking that made her hallucinate a planned parenthood video where a fetus was having its brain harvested? That's right up there with Bachman's "Vaccines cause Autism" statement.

Comment Re:Part of the budget (Score 2) 185

Yes, but you'll never *that* reported on Fox News -- as far as they are concerned, it's the Liberal that Spend, Spend, Spend.

Never mind the Republicans are the ones pushed through that expensive boondoggle called the F-35 -- a multi-role aircraft that doesn't perform any of it's intended roles.

Comment Part of the budget (Score 1) 185

This is a tiny portion of an overall 4.1 Trillion dollar budget submitted to Congress -- a Congress, mind you that would never pass this budget because:
A) Obama is a democrat
B) Obama is black
C) The budget has more spending than previous budgets.

And frankly, even if the Congress was working with the president instead of against him, they are a bunch of arrogant incompetent do-nothings -- I personally thing our political gridlock has more to do with the likes of Louie Gohmert than with actual malice -- they are simply too stupid to pass actual legislation.

Comment How about making the internet work first? (Score 1) 88

I'm reminded of Jeff Goldblum in Jurrasic Park. "Ok, just because you've figured out how to do this, did you stop and ask yourself *why* you're doing this?"

Frankly, I'd be happier if the internet could work as expected, *before* they start adding more crap.

How many times have I clicked on a headline at Google News, only to have the article never load at all (because it's waiting for some ad server to respond, which never does).

How many times have I tried to access something with my phone, only to have the result being an unreadable mess?

How many times have I had to lower the volume at work on my PC, because some stupid autoplay video ad starts screaming across the cubicles?

How many times have I searched for something technical on Google and had to ignore the first 3 pages of results because they are either scam sites, or advertisements for things?

Fix the internet of web pages before we add more broken, borked crap. Heck, as it stands, Netflix can barely stream to my TV, now you want to add more DDOS bots?

Comment Going to become more common. (Score 0) 130

As we inhabit more and more of the planet, as we continue to expand and grow, up from 7billion to 8billion and more, we cover more and more territory, and therefore, we are more likely to be killed by falling debris.

Of course, without a nice big one, we'll not be reduced enough to make a difference. We've eliminated predators, the only things left to kill us is ourselves or a nice big chunk of rock from space.

Comment The same could be said about the USA (Score 1) 286

Politicians seem to not care about the citizens of the USA, and the one presidential candidate that does seem concerned with the poor, the homeless, the middle class, the working people of the country -- that guy is shrugged off as a "socialist" and not worthy of consideration.

The USA, as seen from the outside, only seems to care about billionaires, and NOT about the populace. Before you accuse one country of a particular issue, make sure you check the mirror first. Or perhaps listen to news from outside your comfort zone (shortwave radio is a good start) to find out what the rest of the world thinks of you.

Comment What are the babies going to do in the real world? (Score 0) 668

These hyper-emo, coddled, oversensitive, thin-skinned babies are in for a shock when they enter the workforce and have to deal with the real world.

Are they all planning on living in their parents basements, communicating only via text messages, and hoping the app they wrote becomes a big seller so they don't have to really work for a living?

Seriously; Get off my lawn.

Comment Too bad it doesn't work. (Score 4, Interesting) 315

I was called to a friend's house to fix his PC. He has downloaded and installed the Windows 10 update on his Win 7, HP-1100 series box. The box itself is completely stock because my friend doesn't know much about the inner working of PCs.

Either way, Windows 10 refused to see the CDROM/DVD drive, which, being HP, is I believe is also a lightscribe burner. But I digress.

Hardware manager took a long time to find, but once found, was useless. It's not that it didn't recognize the hardware due to a lack of driver, it's as if the hardware physically did not exist. You couldn't even force Windows to try looking for it because it claimed there were no hardware problems.

So, I go to HP's website to try and find a driver that would force Windows to admit a CD drive existed. HP's site offer to diagnose my PC's problems. I let it. Animated graphic cycles for what seems like a day, and then I get the wonderful message "An error has occurred, please try again later" Bullshit -- this has probably never worked, but HP won't admit that. I try and manually find the driver based on the Box's model.

There are no drivers available for this machine. At least, nothing for Windows 10. How is this possible?

I was unwilling to take apart the machine to find the type of CD drive it is (assuming HP had marked anything), so, with little choice left, I had Win 10 degrade itself back to Win 7.

After 30 minutes of that; we were back to Windows 7 and the CD drive worked as expected.

Windows 10 is a piece of shit, and it's apparently an unsupported piece of shit. Why are there no drivers or any way to force Windows 10 to look for a common piece of hardware? a CD/DVD drive? That's like not recognizing a mouse.

Comment How does one fight youtube anyhow? (Score 1) 204

I uploaded a video to Youtube a decade ago. Now, it's being taken down due to a supposed copyright violation. However, Youtube won't tell me what it is I am infringing, the email claims I have to log into my "channel" to find out what the issue is.

I do not even have a "channel" -- and I can't even remember what name/password combination I used to upload the video, because it was a FREAKING decade ago!

I faxed them for more information and they basically sent back a letter that matches their original email. I have to log into my channel.

One thing I discovered is that it's really easy to file a DMCA claim on Youtube, almost nothing is required. Disputing a claim is almost impossible. Sounds like a system ripe for abuse. I'm waiting for a disreputable law firm to start claiming ownership of every video on Youtube.

Comment Data center... (Score 1) 699

Not so easy to remove the hard drive or re-install the OS from scratch remotely. The problem people are encountering is that they are physically thousands of miles from the hardware.

I mean, for the last 10 years, I have worked on a computer I've never seen. The Mainframe is in Delaware, and I am in New Jersey.

But I can easily imagine a situation where I'm in Manhattan, but the Linux machine is located in a data center in New Mexico, or even worse, Mumbai. Effectively, I have zero access to the hardware, so yes, in such a situation the machine is effectively "bricked".

Comment Re:Its all a fake (Score 1) 118

Actually we're all living inside a giant spaceship, when you get on a plane that air they spray at you from the overhead bin puts you to sleep and they hypnotize you to think you were on vacation. And Eve isn't a real pop-singer, she's just a computer program. Never mind the guy on the transforming motorcycle.

Comment If they know they are 9000... (Score 2) 169

If they know they are 9000, that would suggest they have already identified them.

It's not like the New York City Subway, where a combination of age and bad record keeping in the early years, combined with the fact that it's 3 or 4 different systems that merged into one system has led to most of the engineers not knowing what's down there at all.

You ask how many unused cables are in the NY Subway, and you'll get a shrug. Nobody knows. Hell, my favorite is when they break through a wall and find track and a train that nobody knew about for 60 years.

9000 unused cables? Pfft. That's not that impressive.

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