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Comment: This Slashvertisement brought to you by the Koch (Score 1, Troll) 306

by tekrat (#46815627) Attached to: In the US, Rich Now Work Longer Hours Than the Poor

This Slashvertisement brought to you by the Koch Brothers. Remember to watch Fox News tonight and be reminded again that the poor live a life of luxury and leisure on your dime! Yeah, the poor are the reason you have to work 75 hours a week. Because the government takes all your money and gives it to the poor, so they can live high on the hog.

Meanwhile, please ignore the fact that the 1 percent are robbing not only you, but the government, and the rest of the world. While you're arguing with your co-workers over foodstamps, the filthy rich are stealing billions every day and pocketing it, and the best part is, they have bought the government so what they are doing is legal -- by the letter of the law anyhow.

Comment: Re:Why is slashdot reporting FUD? (Score 1) 270

Yes, but the 2003 blackout did not happen while OBAMA was president. So, by Fox News standards, this is a completely different situation, because if a blackout occurs while OBAMA is president, the government will come, take away our guns, force socialism down our throats, and muslims will run wild in the streets, looting and killing and raping, because the president is black! Oh the horror! Buy Gold Now! Join the NRA! Give money to Grover Norquist!

Comment: "Assuming you're not a felon..." (Score 1) 1613

by tekrat (#46768193) Attached to: Retired SCOTUS Justice Wants To 'Fix' the Second Amendment

But *you* are. And so is practically every American. Unknowingly, you have committed crimes, and you have been found guilty. Why else would the NSA be spying on you? You are a criminal sir, in the eyes of the government.

If you're going to make the distinction, then NO american can have a gun, because we are all guilty according to various state and federal laws.

Comment: Re:Fly your plane into the IRS bldg? (Score 1) 631

by tekrat (#46758495) Attached to: IRS Can Now Seize Your Tax Refund To Pay a Relative's Debt

That *did* happen to me. I owed the IRS $40,000 on taxes where I hadn't even made $40k in my life thus far. It was for taxes when I was working as a freelancer right out of college and was making less than $16,000 per year, and living out of my parents house.

I could not get it settled with them until I refinanced my mortgage 10 years later and added what I owed on my mortgage to what I owed the IRS and essentially folded that debt into the mortgage. While it worked out for me in the end because I was able to sell my condo at the height of the real-estate boom, it still smarts that I owed the IRS more than I ever made during that period.

Comment: Fly your plane into the IRS bldg? (Score 1) 631

by tekrat (#46756083) Attached to: IRS Can Now Seize Your Tax Refund To Pay a Relative's Debt

And then we wondered a few years back why that dude flew his airplane right into the IRS building after having an argument with them over taxes.

Seriously, if a lot more people were willing to do that, we might have some change for the better in this country -- except that the usual response is to clamp down even harder on the people.

Same old same old, the banksters get away with stealing billions on a daily basis, Occupy Wall Street did zero to change things, even the outrage after the financial crisis did zero to change things -- wall street is back to the same old tricks with no oversight that caused the last collapse, and we are swiftly headed for another.

Meanwhile our rights are stripped away bit by bit, and we're too sheeple to care. But hey, as long as Kim Kardashian gets in a tabloid this week, we're fine with whatever happens. Americans get what they deserve.

Comment: Just think, you could have had universal healthcar (Score 1, Interesting) 723

by tekrat (#46717527) Attached to: Can the ObamaCare Enrollment Numbers Be Believed?

Just think, you could have had universal healthcare, single payer, provided by the government, like Canada and every other industrialized nation on earth, but the moment that was proposed by Obama, the GOP had a cow, the Tea Party starting bringing guns to Town Hall meetings and Fox News screamed bloody murder that Obama was denying insurance companies their god-given right to make a profit at the expense of the American people, and the democrats caved in and let the heritage foundation proposed Romney-Care become the model for Obamacare. Wow that was a long sentence.

So you can thank Republicans for the current state of Obamacare, a plan they championed as a replacement for the original proposal, and then right after it passed into law, attempted to repeal it 51 times.

Comment: Re:Fox News Style Outrage (Score 1) 673

by tekrat (#46713681) Attached to: Google: Teach Girls Coding, Get $2,500; Teach Boys, Get $0

Wow... have we fallen that far? I thought that when I wrote "Where in the Bible does it say that Girls should code?", I thought it was *obvious* it was satire, but I guess thanks to Colbert, there are people who really do believe he's a right wing-nut.

Either that or the conversation has become so extreme that writing anything, even *UFO aliens did it*, is considered legitimate debate from a CNN contributor. Wow. Seriously Wow.

Comment: Fox News Style Outrage (Score -1, Troll) 673

by tekrat (#46713287) Attached to: Google: Teach Girls Coding, Get $2,500; Teach Boys, Get $0

What is this "War on Boys" started by Google? Between President Obama (who has not yet proven he's even an *american*), pushing for equal pay for women and now this sort of blatent sexism that ostracizes males from even getting a decent education, our country is going downhill.

Where in the Bible does it say that girls must code? Our country was founded by Christian Males, and males are now under attack by the socialist liberal forces now prevalent in government!

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