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Comment Typical... (Score 1) 522

All these Silicon Valley *geniuses*, flush with millions of dollars of venture capital... And nobody saw this coming?

I remember speaking to engineer after engineer about putting solar cells all over the roof and trunk and hood of every electric car -- and they all ignored my ideas, saying that the panels couldn't generate enough -- but that's not the point -- the point is that a car spends MOST of its life parked, and while it's parked it could be generating some power.

That's like the time I'm at the NY Auto show and my GF and I notice all these SUVs come with glass roofs, and my GF complains to the salesman that these cars are too tall, it's hard to get the snow off the roof. So I suggest to the sales guy that they run the wires through the roof like they do with the rear windows to heat up the glass and melt the snow. Dude whips out his iPad and starts typing furiously. I suspect the auto industry owes me a check.

Anyhow, point is: Sometimes the obvious escapes people.

Comment Most "SUV" vehicles are 2 wheel drive (Score 1) 323

The vast majority of "SUV" vehicles on the road do not even have 4-wheel drive capability. Sure, that's available as an option, but most people get the base-model to save a few bucks. As a result, you're more likely to see a 2-wheel drive "SUV" than a true off-roader. And yes, your subaru is probably better in a whole range of ways.

Comment Only for rich douchebags... (Score -1, Troll) 323

And when this vehicle was first announced, like 3 years ago, they claimed it was going to be in the $50,000 range, it was supposed to be the car that opened Tesla to the average joe (somewhat). They were supposed to be bringing the price down with each model, in an attempt to create a mass-market vehicle that was fully electric.

Instead; they have created a high-end toy for douchebags. And each successive model gets more expensive. This "X" makes the "S" look cheap. I'd say that they are the Apple Computer of cars, but, as we all know, Apple is building a car, and I'm sure that will be easily a half-million, and yet douchebags will stand on line to get it.

Comment We've paid more than that... (Score 2) 618

I work for a company that has paid out some 30 Billion Dollars worth of fines to the US government. Where does that money go? I think it goes directly into the pockets of well-placed individuals, because we never hear about where that money goes.

When you pay a parking ticket, where do you think that money goes?

Comment And if VW were an American Company... (Score 3, Insightful) 569

All they have to do is buy a Senator or Presidential Candidate to rail against "job crushing regulations within the industry", and immediately propose removal of all regulations for cars.

Hell, cars can come out of the factory without even seatbelts. Or wheels. Because it would stimulate the economy.

Either that, or they would work hard to get the law changed so that what VW did was perfectly legal. After all, that's how the financial industry works. Credit Default Swaps? Still entirely legal.

Comment Darwin Awards. (Score 2) 160

Is this what we used to call DARWIN AWARD WINNERS!

Even before the Web, Usenet distributed texts yearly of the Darwin Awards, wonderful stories of people who took themselves out of the gene pool.

Selfies killing people?
Sound like a public service was performed.

Comment You're all missing the OBVIOUS (Score 1) 535

Where does the iPhone get made?

The iPhone may be designed by Apple, but it is manufactured by Foxconn, in CHINA.

So, the obvious solution is to design the car here in the USA, by Apple, but manufacture it in China, using an existing car factory -- Geely, BMD, or some other Chinese car maker. This allows Apple their usual 50% markup, since the manufacture will be cheap, and make use of existing infrastructure.

Comment Climbing Everest was a bad idea too. (Score 1) 684

And it's still a very, very hazardous trip. However, in the name of tourism, it's been pedestrian-ized to the point that even a average mountain climber can reach the summit, if the weather is good.

Of course, that doesn't mean people don't die, your chances of dying on Everest still remain quite high (usually on the descent). But that doesn't seem to stop anyone from going.

And hanging around at the summit is a good approximation of Mars -- there's almost no O2, it's incredibly cold, and without some kind of life-support, you're likely to die quickly.

But the point is: people do it. lots and lots of people do it, dangers be damned. Mars is no different.

Comment I wonder what you'd think of my Mainframe? (Score 1) 158

End of Life? Dude, I'm running Cobol code that probably dates back to before you were born!

If it does the job that's one thing. If it's all patched and up to date security-wise, you are OK. If however, the systems are constantly running at 100%, and you've got latency and throughput issues, then that's a different story.

If nothing's getting backed up because the systems are under huge strain, then in that case you are welcome to start upgrading. In fact, you might be able to keep the same hardware and simply "upgrade" to Linux slowly, which is less resource-intensive than Windows.

And the way to do it is to build a new box that "mirrors" an existing one; once you've tested it to death, and you're confident nothing has been missed, you retire the original box, then use that box for the next build that mirrors another box and so on.

Comment Teddy Ruxpin (Score 1) 235

Doesn't anyone remember that incredibly creepy bear that talked to you via a cassette of canned bullshit? We kept joking that all you had to do was replace the tape with "Kill your parents"; and we'd create a generation of psychos.

Now it's as easy as hacking barbie's server, and replacing the friendly AI with malevolent messages. "You're fat, kill yourself" "You'll never be as smart or as cool as me"

And presto! A generation even more screwed up than Millenials.

Comment So.... (Score 1) 115

The ISS will de-orbit by the time Orion flies.

We'll be hitching ride with the Russians for the next 20 years (trust me on that, the timeframe will be pushed back even further). Of course that assumes we're not at war with the Russians by that point.

Meanwhile; corporate, privately-funded access to space will be ahead of NASA... While it may take 30 more years, space-X or virgin galactic will have a re-usable SSTO craft by that time.

Comment He should have said it's a "Glock" (Score 1) 956

Texas, where you can open carry.

If he had said it's a GLOCK, not a CLOCK, that would have been ok, because GUNS are OK, but not an electronic device to tell time.

Oh, a device with bullets meant to kill people? That's fine, good kid, patriot, 'Murica!


Oh my ghod! a device with a light up display! Terrorist! Heathen! Run for the hills, the Terrists have come to rape us, like Trump sez!

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