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Comment: Jobs is admired because greed (Score 3, Interesting) 225 225

Let's face it; the reason Jobs is so admired is because we live in a "gimme gimme" world. The 1% love him because he actually did "build it" out of nothing (on the backs of thousands of other employees) -- which was their mantra while Mitt Romney was trying to prove that the 1% were the "job creators". The reality of course is that most of the very wealthy inherited their money; but that's the subject of another discussion.

What Jobs did was bully the people below him into creating great work. He knew they could do better if they just put in that 100-hour week and ended up divorced and alcoholics. Only by destroying those below you can achieve greatness by taking credit for all their hard work.

The 1% love Jobs because that's what they want to do; abuse everyone below them and in so doing, whip them into making something they'll be admired for.

But they are forgetting that Steve actually did have some out-of-the-box thinking; he wasn't a total idiot, and he could sell ice-boxes to eskimos. He actually had some skill and talent and a fuckload of charisma, and that's also why people were willing to kill themselves for him.

But the average borg-drone MBA only sees Steve being a dick, and assumes that's how he's supposed to treat his employees, and that's why America is so fucked up.

Apple made nice things, but America can't have nice things. Unless of course, you're already fabulously wealthy.

Comment: Can't perform any of the roles it was designed for (Score 1) 802 802

It was supposed to be the one plane that would do *everything* (or that's how it was sold).

It's supposed to replace the A-10, although it does close troop support poorly, and it's supposed to replace the F-16, although it cannot dogfight, and it's supposed to replace the Harrier, although it's VTOL/STOL capabilities are questionable at best.

The sad part is that America will be less safe with this aircraft, as it can't do anything well, except suck dollars through the turbine. A trillion dollar waste, but hey, keep cutting medicare and social programs, GOP!

Comment: Everything TIRED is WIRED again. (Score 1) 194 194

Remember WIRED Magazine? They used to run a sidebar that I loved to hate, which was the Tired/Wired list. And; as I predicted long ago, everything that *was* in their "Wired" column has ended up as "Tired" and Vice-Versa.

The re-emergence of TV versus online media, the re-emergence of New York City versus Prague, the re-emergence of going to work versus tele-commuting.

Wired magazine has been wrong about nearly everything, and this article merely cements the fact that the writers and editors never knew what the hell they were talking about. The fact that for over a decade they printed onto paper speaks volumes. (pun intended).

Comment: Since you know the NSA is listening (Score 4, Funny) 193 193

Use lots and lots of keywords.

When the scammer calls, no matter what the person says at the other end of the line, you say "What did you say? You want to blow up an airliner and kill the president? You're a member of Al-Qeda and ISIS?"

I guarantee that call will go dead and they won't ever call you again.

Comment: You're missing the bigger point (Score 4, Interesting) 161 161

Identity theft will now include your face. I for one, intend to wear my motorcycle helmet 24/7 and call myself "The Stig".

It should be noted that when facebook started their facial recognition stuff, I uploaded dozens of photos of Mark Zuckerberg to my profile, and identified them as me. Facebook still has no idea what I look like.

Comment: We don't have a launch system (Score 2) 272 272

We have nothing that will take a nuke far out enough to use it against a NEO. I am assuming that this is one of those scenarios where we discover the object too late to do anything but attempt blowing it up. Therefore it's what, between the earth and the moon?

All our launch systems are LEO, and then use gravity assist slingshots to get themselves into the outer solar system. We have NOTHING that can go directly to the target. Therefore we are essentially screwed, because by the time we got the nuke to the target (read as days of orbits), it's already 15 minutes away from impact, in which case, the nuke isn't going to do much except shut down the electrical grid from the EMP, before we are wiped out.

Comment: 30 years and no Guru Meditation? (Score 2) 456 456

My Amiga would crash if I looked at it funny (then again, I had all kinds of things rigged up to it) -- although I remember doing the most amazing crap *ever* on a computer with that old Amiga 1000... Seriously, that was a wonderful, wonderful piece of hardware, and there's never been anything like it, even to this day. Dynamic ramdisk? We still don't have that in any other operating system.

Comment: Put up a street light... (Score 1) 637 637

Governments tend to ignore problems until somebody get killed, like when they put up a red-light or stop sign, only after some little old lady gets killed.

Similarly, we will do something about climate change only AFTER New York City is under 3 feet of water in the streets. Remember Sandy? When it looks like that 24/7 in New York, then, and only then, will action be taken.

Comment: Drug-Resistant Virii, Lysol-resistant bacteria (Score 3, Interesting) 479 479

So, I believe all you have to do is ask an "intelligent design" person why God is creating Drug-resistant Virii, or creating bacteria that doesn't die when you hit it with lysol.

Just ask anyone who works in a hospital. Hospitals are LOSING a battle against infections, because the bugs are getting smarter and tougher versus our ability to kill them.

So; why is God doing that? He's going out of his way to do that, since obviously, it would be heresy to suggest that the bacteria is evolving, right??

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