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Comment: Can't wait for the NSA bricking app (Score 1) 93

by tekrat (#49750447) Attached to: NSA Planned To Hijack Google App Store To Hack Smartphones

Sooner or later, every digital device we "own" will also be owned by the NSA, and they will have the ability to brick it. Even your car (thanks OnStar) will be bricked. For what purpose? Who knows? But it's clear that we have more to fear from the pricks at the NSA than we do from any hacker, terrorist or criminal, as the NSA is pure evil.

Comment: Congratulations! (Score 1) 296

by tekrat (#49648843) Attached to: A Visual Walk Through Amazon's Impact On One Seattle Neighborhood

You wrote:
"99% of the people complaining about people moving here, are either people who moved here themselves, or are the children of people who moved here. You don't get to move someplace, and then start bitching that people should stop moving here after you move here yourself."

Congratulations; you summed up the entire GOP immigration debate as in "Hi I'm Bill O'Rielly, blowhard for Right Wing Nut Jobs. I'm the son of an Irish immigrant and i just HATE all the Mexicans coming into the country."

Comment: Iraq War (Score 1) 65

by tekrat (#49647761) Attached to: Cybersecurity Company Extorted Its Clients, Says Whistleblower

Funny thing, but the Iraq war worked the same way. George Bush took the word of an informant (who would later turn out to be an Iranian spy); that Iraq had WMD.

No real investigation was done, and we invaded a country and slaughtered many hundreds of thousands, destabilized the entire region and ended up creating ISIS.

So, yeah, this kind of stuff happens all the time.

Comment: Victimless crime??? (Score 2) 190

by tekrat (#49642767) Attached to: No Justice For Victims of Identity Theft

Why is Identity Theft a victimless crime, but not downloading a song or a movie? The RIAA makes a big stink every time someone listens to Brittany Spears illegally, but somehow getting free merchandise in someone else's name , that's "victimless"?

Look at the rights an individual has versus a corporation. Apparently the FBI cares more about preserving the rights of a big company to make profits than it does about the average Joe.

Comment: Nerds don't care about jocks (Score 0) 225

by tekrat (#49640105) Attached to: NFL Releases Deflategate Report

Football, by its very nature, is played by jocks. Jocks who have been scoring with cheerleaders since highschool. Worse yet, these are elite jocks.

They make millions to play, have the hottest wives (and GFs on the side), and are parts of a team/corporate entity that makes billions of dollars tax free.

What, exactly, in this story makes us care even the tiniest amount about "sportsball" ? Will Slashdot also follow the trials and tribulations of WWF? (the wresting goons, not the Wildlife group)

The only thing I want to know about football is when it's going to be universally banned, and the only time I'd watch it is if each gladiator was actually armed, and the purpose it to get the ball to the other side, while killing as many other gladiators as possible.

Comment: Assuming "american" programmers (Score 1) 59

by tekrat (#49622733) Attached to: The BBC Looks At Rollover Bugs, Past and Approaching

Yes, the average age of an American or Russian COBOL programmer will be 80 or over by 2038... However, you're discounting the Filipinos...

Most of those kids are in their late 20's at most, so they'll be around in 2038. Assuming our Mainframe isn't phased out due to budget cuts, I suspect that the code written in 1980 will still be maintained and running well past 2038.

Comment: "virtual" "Reality-TV" (Score 1) 12

by tekrat (#49561111) Attached to: Conde Nast To Announce VR Series

Is it Virtual-Reality TV, or is it Virtual Reality-TV ??? Where that Hyphen goes makes all the difference.

One is a horrible, cheap, dull, painful-to-watch excuse for a TV series, and the other is a not-ready-for-prime-time, slow, dizzy, flutter-filled crap-fest that wants to be the Holodeck.

Essentially, the two should have nothing in common, save for the fact that both make me want to throw-up. Combining the two should theoretically be the worst thing on earth, which means TV producers will love it.