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Comment How to do it right. (Score 2) 127

The Dungeons and Dragons cartoon from the 1980's was actually pretty damn good considering how bad everything else at the time was.

There's an episode I can't quite recall, except to say that they go up against a bad guy that Venger called "Master", and this thing was essentially a walking, talking nuclear explosion -- even Dungeon Master couldn't handle this thing.

That's how you have to do it; make it epic, break the rules and be imaginative. Unfortunately, even the most neophyte DM probably has more imagination than all of Hollywood combined.

Comment I'm confused.... (Score 1) 210

If San Fran is in such dire straits; can someone explain to me how the entire area has the highest property values in the country? You can't even consider moving into that area of the country unless you've got a job that pays $800k or more. The rents are so high, they make New York City look cheap. A small 2-bedroom house is a million bucks.

But there's an army of homeless pissing everywhere?

  New York was apparently smart enough to move all the undesirables further away, so now the outer edges of queens and the bronx are the hell-holes, while Manhattan and Brooklyn are hipster paradises.

Comment Re:North Korea may not be the worst country (Score 1) 100

I've heard of this country that tortures people and then denies it, imprisons others without ever charging them of a crime, has a byzantine legal system where only the wealthy come out unscathed (hell, you can rape and murder if you are rich enough, and get away with it).

This country also has classes of people based on skin color, sexual orientation and other factors, yet is ruled by a party or parties that claim they represent all their people; in reality they represent none. Corruption is rampant, politicians routinely earn gifts of millions; but because these corrupt people have classified it as "legal", you can't even call it corruption there.

Trust me, you want to stay away from that place.

Comment Re:1.2 Billion (Score 1, Interesting) 85

Unless you're black... Then the cops just shoot you dead for stealing $20... or even less.

This planet makes no logical sense. We elevate sports people to godhood while scientists and teachers are vilified. We make TV celebrities out of people with sex tapes, but can't show the sex tape on TV. Everything is topsey-turvey, forwards is backwards, up is down. Steal a billion and you're promoted, steal a loaf of bread and you're a thug. When corporations don't pay taxes, that's just good business, but when people don't pay taxes they are welfare cheats. I do not understand this world.

Comment Re:Same old same (Score 1) 581

Remember Fark? Remember Digg?

Yeah, I never went to those sites either....
(Yawn) Wake me up when we get to Web 3.0

Remember Myspace? Remember Geocities?
Remember when Yahoo was a just a bunch of links?
Remember Netscape and Mosaic?
Remember Telnet and Gopher?
Remember Kermit?
Remember... nevermind.

Comment Just un-retire Concorde (Score 2) 238

I used to live in Rosedale Queens, which was the landing approach path for JFK airport. Concorde came in at regular hours I believe it landed at 8am and then a second one at 8:15 precisely (they were never in holding pattens due to fuel issues --i.e., the tanks were touching empty when they landed).

Loved looking at those things when they came in. And you got plenty of warning too, those engines sounded very different, and about 10 minutes prior you got a low rumble telling you they were coming.

So; have Millenials completely forgotten Concorde? Who wrote this crappy summary, that claims no civilian aircraft has gone Mach 1.8? (Concorde hit Mach 2 pretty regularly); And then explains that Mach 1.8 is 1.8 times the speed of sound? Really? I never knew this!!!

Next we'll be hearing about a revolutionary transportation system using rails and is powered by steam. And steam is made by boiling water! Imagine that!

Comment I used to live near the airport (Score 1) 431

Kennedy Airport, New York.... I lived in a small town on the edge of Queens -- named Rosedale. We used to do all kinds of shit back when I was a kid that would now be called "terrorism"; and back then we just called it messing around and having fun.

For example: Every July 4th, we'd try and use fireworks to shoot down approaching aircraft trying to land. And every year, we upped the level of what was possible. We made Hydrogen balloons, we created "two stage" bottle rockets with timed fuses, etc.

I had noticed that my Estes "Sandhawk" model Rocket, which used the infamous "D" engine, would go up and then come back down in pieces, so, fed up with rebuilding it, I stuffed it full of fireworks and foil strips.

That got noticed, as you might have guessed, but we cleared out by the time the cops arrived, although some other friends were not as lucky trying to fly a kite into a jet engine out near Brookville Park.

Heck, we used to walk out to the fence just in front of runway and try and hit the planes with rocks. I'll bet that gets you into Gitmo these days.

Comment 'OWES' is the operative word. (Score 4, Insightful) 215

Corporations like Time Warner truly believe they are above the law. They will not pay this woman. Ever. In fact, my bet is that they will SPEND $500,000 or more, to avoid paying $299,000 -- and here's why -- Time Warner's lawyers will advise the company to appeal, appeal, appeal, because if they pay, it will open the door to more lawsuits.

Instead, if they take a hard stance, and essentially, run the plaintiff into the poorhouse on legal fees, they will come out the winner in a war of attrition.

And then also, they will lobby for more Tort reform in Washington DC, so that consumers/citizens *never* have legal recourse against abuses by the ruling class.

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