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Comment Re:VM Replication (Score 1) 150

A little bit. The author as stated in the article is also the author of the sync tool, Syncoid and does consulting. He doesn't really have a horse in the race for the company he's reviewing and his tools are looking to support Btrfs, so he's not necessarily married too ZFS or the solution the company the review is mostly about. Actually pretty nice article to read.

From some of the benchmarks in the article it didn't seem like rsync had any strength over syncoid, other than his tool requiring ZFS on both ends while rsync being more flexible.

Comment Re:How about... (Score 1) 101

More likely make more promises to give out the worst possible internet to people who weren't making them any money in the first place and put them on 7th tier of customer service. They don't care about their customers that pay out the nose, they really don't care about the ones who get off on the cheap that they use as a betting chip when getting areas to cooperate with their bad business.

Comment Re:Sooo .. (Score 1) 127

Only reason I can think to stick with your stock firmware is that you have to (not available for phone, on a CDMA network where you need to update with a proprietary software item that doesn't work on third party firmwares). I have seven unlock options on my GS3 and prefer to use the "None" option.

Comment Re:Wonderfull example (Score 1) 128

I'm not really concerned if I ever get to wear one of these types of devices, but if I can't get my dog a set of VR goggles because of App£'$ greed I'm going to be pretty pissed off. I've always imagined a dystopian world where my corgi wages battle in a dystopian virtual reality world a la the lawnmower man. If this doesn't happen I'm never buying another iPhone again until they come out with one with bigger than an 8 megapixel camera.

Comment Re: Dog (Score 1) 327

Kids are more expensive than dogs. You can write off service dogs as medical expense including purchase, training, feeding, and vet bills in the US. A friend had the community give over $5,000 of the $10,000 to buy his daughter's diabetic service dog. People are generally more compassionate at least in this area about helping foot the costs of a service animal than an insulin pump or monitor. Old Yeller tugs at the heart strings more than Johnny 5.

Comment Re:Free for the maker community? Damn (Score 2) 307

Everyone is part of the maker community. They are saying 1 in 5 developers are working on an IoT project and the definition of developer has become so loose that you are probably already a developer. If you aren't comfortable with calling yourself a developer, call yourself an engineer. Anyone can be an engineer too. If you are unsure if you quality, see if any of the following apply to you.

  • Do you know how to click a hyperlink?
  • Can you fill out a web form?
  • Do you know how to hit a submit form?
  • Can you check your email?

If you answered yes to these questions you are probably already eligible to be part of the illustrious maker community and may well be eligible to be part of whatever the next Web 3.5 community that comes up. The folks at Microsoft look forward to satisfying your development needs, which will likely involve using your Raspberry Pi 2 as a companion in a drawer to your PS/2 to USB adapter, VGA cables, two button laser mice that may or may not work, and other remnants of IT past.

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