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Comment: Re:No SD card, non-removable battery (Score 1) 201

by Timothy Hartman (#48154001) Attached to: Google Announces Motorola-Made Nexus 6 and HTC-Made Nexus 9
Get a Blu Dash 5.5 or something like that then. There are a ton of choices. Blue, ZTE, Huwei, and others all make things with plenty of choices. I'm not going to suggest someone buy some farkle brand in order to simply disprove that there aren't modern phones with replaceable batteries.

I don't consider Apple, Samsung, HTC, or LG to be any less evil than the next one. Couple in whatever your carrier is, there is little to no chance there isn't a scumbag or two in the experience.

Comment: Graphics Card News (Score 4, Interesting) 29

Graphics card news has been virtually the same since 1999 with the exception of not seeing games that meet future gen card specs on launch. The incentive to run your current gen games at faster than eyeballs speed on a laptop has to have lost its charm when people who purchase high end laptops would prefer portability of ultra books and anyone who demands the performance and travels can ship their desktops to the competitions they are in to need them.

The launches of the laptops that actually support these just felt flat to me from what I saw. Honestly who wants that big a hunk of appliance on their lap at this age? The audience for laptops as big as early 2000 era laptops has to be getting slim. With laptop sales being so flat and performance gamers being what they are it doesn't make any sense for the people who have bought $600 cards every six months to want to be behind again on a $3000 lappy.

Maybe I'm just getting crotchety and I have a 670M.

Comment: Re:Swift is MIA in TFA (Score 2) 69

by Timothy Hartman (#48022089) Attached to: Building Apps In Swift With Storyboards
This is the first Dice article I've seen linked and it did not disappoint when it came to disappointing. I think anyone who has looked at Mac OS X from even the most casual development end or UI customizing end already knows at least a little Interface Builder. I was using it in the first four releases of OS X to fix poorly designed interfaces just because as a graphic artist things like that drive you crazy and it is just as easy to edit the nibs than to explain to the devs.

You are absolutely right. This has nothing to do with programming and very little to do with Interface Builder.

Apple's own docs are way better a starting point than this cringeworthy shameless Dice promotion with third rate screen shots. They could have at least had someone with a bit of experience make the screens so it didn't look like it was done by someone who hasn't ever used the application.

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