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Comment Re:Ironically its because common core sucks (Score 1) 199

Well guess what? The "institutional knowledge" that parents have WAS NOT WORKING. Education was been going downhill, especially in Math. Sorry you have to learn something new, but we need to try something different and move on. I am glad kids are seeking out tutors and Kumon. They probably need it if they aren't learning the basics in school. It isn't a failure of Common Core. It is just some kids are slower learners.

Comment Re:Ironically its because common core sucks (Score 2) 199

Actually probably the issue is that Common Core is exposing that kids aren't learning it, so they need extra help. Nothing wrong with that. Previously you had no idea who was learning and who wasn't. Parents bitch because they don't understand it, and haven't bothered to research it.

Comment Re:Math is a Chore (Score 1) 199

How would he know which technique is the proper one to use on a problem unless you knew all the techniques available? You don't use the same technique on every problem. It is the techniques that are being taught. Depending on the complexity of the problem being solved you may switch between techniques. That is the entire basis of the idea.

Comment Re:Education is getting better (Score 1) 199

I disagree. In fact had the opposite effect: New Math as taught in the late 1970s/early 1980s was unsuccessful in teaching pre-college math. By replacing basic Math education like algebra/geometry with the screwed up "New Math" they ruined math for those of us who actually had to take it in college for engineering. You can't learn Calculus without a solid understanding of Algebra and Geometry. New Math didn't teach what we needed to know to be successful in college math. It also presumably failed those who just needed to learn basic Math, like computing tips.

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