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Comment: Re:Specialization (Score 1) 240

by ruir (#49762373) Attached to: How Windows 10 Performs On a 12-inch MacBook
Microsoft is a damn piece of shit that does scale multitask well, or rather does it very badly under heavy loads. And typically and historically bully manufacturers into providing sub-par versions of drivers to others. It could be very well it gives the impression of being faster if you are only using the UI and nothing else. Nevertheless, the article has not much in the way of scientific testing, or anything that could stand between them and their perceived "truth". News for nerds? What a sad joke.

Comment: Windows before 3.11 was crap (Score 1) 376

by ruir (#49757167) Attached to: 25 Years Today - Windows 3.0
And even though. Before 98 I was very much into DeskView for DOS multitasking and SCO Unix V for doing actual work. Used briefly windows 98 and went on to use Ultrix and after one year started using RH. After another year switched to Debian and has been using it with brief intervals using *BSD products. In 2005 discovered OS/X for the desktop...

Comment: "now" is the wrong question. (Score 1) 298

by ruir (#49734121) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What Tech Skills Do HS Students Need To Know Now?
You do not want them tied to present or past technologies. The industry changes too fast, and by the time you think you *ought* to teach them something, it will mean that when they hit the market, the target has moved somewhere else. You want to give them the tools for them to pick up any emergent technology on their own. Most may be proficient with facebook, or even a little more advanced, however the more pressing problem I have seen over the years, both in my trainees and in workmates, is the lack of foundations to understand how things work or why they have to do a specific task.

Comment: Re:Really? (Score 1) 368

by ruir (#49704481) Attached to: MenuetOS, an Operating System Written Entirely In Assembly, Hits 1.0
Indeed. I had fun writing assembly code that protected the DOs partition and obfuscated the MBR upon boot unless you typed the correct password. Or having fun with mates, intercepting the writing calls to the floppy disk and encoding everything. Here, lets write this floppy disk for you to take some files. Also wrote a virtual floppy disk in RAM. Heck, one of my first assembly programs in the PC was writing an emulation of mouse via keyboard. Gave it to some jackass friends that I do not know why in earth, changed my name to Electronic arts as it was being used to play with Deluxe Paint. My final project coursework was a Spectrum Z80 emulation, and had a companion DOS program that read software on tape via SoundBlaster or the parallel port.

Comment: Re:They are looking to slaughter it (Score 1) 167

by ruir (#49671173) Attached to: How Spotify Can Become Profitable
Apple is too darn expensive. Do not get me wrong, we all at home own iThings. Everyone my sis home earns iThings. Heck, even my 70 year old father owns an iPad and sees his youtube videos in his smartTV. So getting to the point; app buying is comparatively cheap, and I bought more software than I ever had in any PC or Mac I owned in the past. The model is practical and the prices are fair. However, musics and videos, either for rent or worse buying, are definitively not worth the price they are asked. They are at least 2x to 5x times more expensive than they should be. If Apple just was able to change the tier pricing modelling, they could even make piracy not worth the time to their users at large, and I bet they would make far more money than now. Pity the media labels are greedy bastards.

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