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+ - A teen simplified Bernoulli formula->

Submitted by superwiz
superwiz (655733) writes "Fox news reports this (oddly enough I can't find this story on the AMS website, so it might be a hoax):

I am wondering if he found a formula for Bernoulli denominators. But so far I can find little details beyond the "he simplified the formula" statement."
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+ - Does ABC populate discussions with fake comments?

Submitted by superwiz
superwiz (655733) writes "I just read this story on the ABC news web page and naturally I was tempted to comment on it. After registering as a member of the ABC news (first and last name were required for the registration, mind you), I tried to post a comment and was no longer able to load the website. Each browser that I tried was stuck in set-user-name-cookie/reload infinite cycle. I tried multiple browsers. And yet when I loaded the page without loging-in, there were already comments posted. If I wasn't able to log in and post comments, I would assume that neither could anyone else. So is ABC news putting up fake comments to the story as part of their attempt to control the content that they deliver? Is this astro-turf? Or is it a bona fide technical problem?"

+ - HP makes memory from a once-theoretical circuit

Submitted by superwiz
superwiz (655733) writes "
Thirty-seven years ago, Leon Chua, a professor at the University of California at Berkeley, mathematically theorized that scientific symmetry demands that there should be a fourth fundamental circuit. Engineers were already familiar with resistors (which resist the flow of electricity), capacitors (which store electricity), and inductors (which resist changes to the flow of electrical current), which can be combined to build more complex devices. The fourth circuit, which Chua called a "memristor" for memory resistor, would register how much current had passed."

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