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Comment: Re:What are you downloading? (Score 4, Informative) 353

by Narcocide (#47769845) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What To Do About Repeated Internet Overbilling?

Its a limit really easy to hit if you do 3 or more of the following things:

1) run Steam on multiple systems and own lots of games that are all currently installed, and keep them constantly updated
2) run Linux distros such as Debian Unstable (sid) on multiple systems and don't use a apt-cacher type proxy, but keep them constantly updated
3) frequently use Netflix streaming
4) frequently use DirecTV OnDemand services
5) own any relatively recent gaming console (ps3, ps4, wii-u, xbox360, xboxone) and own a lot of games and keep it constantly updated
6) listen to streaming music all day long
7) have more than one recent Blizzard game installed (Diablo III, Starcraft II, World of Warcraft) and keep them constantly updated, especially around expansion release times
8) have a home office

Comment: Re:In other news... (Score 1) 216

He's assuming the energy required to create the building and equipment that made up the factory that made the solar panel is included in the solar panel's cost, and that they only sold one solar panel before going out of business. In a practical sense, he may be more right than wrong, but its definitely a contrived argument.

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by Narcocide (#47752199) Attached to: Choose Your Side On the Linux Divide

I choose the side of NOT systemd. I was not terribly impressed with upstart either. While we're at it, some may find it tangential at best, but I am also fundamentally opposed to pulseaudio. Linux has a lot of problems barring its universal adoption for both the desktop and the server market, but all of these things share the dubious quality of possibly theoretically solving a few niche annoyances (that can mostly also be labeled "user error" or "suboptimal default configuration") by sacrificing decades of tried-and-true field-tested methodologies, all the while introducing a whole slew of their own.

I hear a few sane distros are holding their ground in this regard. Slackware, Gentoo, maybe? Can anyone improve upon this list for me? I think its time the distros who sympathize actively with the "old guard" methodologies step forward and get more public about it. Many of us will be desperate to find a lifeboat, soon. I really was shocked to find out Debian was amongst the ones that "drank the koolaid."

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by Narcocide (#47708855) Attached to: YouTube Music Subscription Details Leak

Its also worth noting, now that I understand where your actual concern lies, the ARM chip in the controller isn't actually used to decode video. The whole point of the custom 5ghz wireless connection from the main console is in fact so that it can stream full-framerate decoded video TO the screen on the controller, in case the console itself is not connected to an actual TV display directly (or if it is simply off - as it is designed to be optional for most purposes) though when you use the stock web browser to surf to typical flash websites, its common to see really badly written javascript-based browser detection erroneously misidentify you as a mobile platform based on browser/flash version. The YouTube app I suspect specifically exists to combat this issue. Some stuff *does* run almost entirely within the controller (the silly TVii app thing comes to mind) and it runs notably enough slower that its obvious its doing so. TVii however, does not carry video.

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