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Comment: Re:the people can't be trusted with this (Score 1) 111

No, obnoxious is being so damned anxious to insult someone that you totally miss the context of the original statement, rendering your crass remark nonsensical, and then getting your friends to mod them down and replying anonymously because you still after all that feel you need to get the last word in all the time.

Comment: Re:the people can't be trusted with this (Score 0) 111

Read it again, english-as-a-second-language troll. I said "buy your pizza" not "buy you pizza" where "your" implies you're the pizza vendor. In other words, the potential for inevitable abuses by advertisers presents an unacceptable consumer risk were this technology to be perfected and then legalized for such unregulated uses.

Ma Bell is a mean mother!