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Comment: Re:indoor farming makes sense if you live outside. (Score 1) 252 252

What are you worried about? They waste their own money doing something stupid? They find out that you need an apartment with a good skylight or balcony to really pull this off well? They find out corn isn't actually a super-efficient all-purpose source of food and ethanol its advertised as by big agricultire? Or maybe deep down inside, the part about this that really bugs you that you can't admit to yourself is the nagging fear that "city folk" might learn to grow their own food and then the one last thing justifying generations of isolation and bigotry promoted by "country folk" will simply evaporate along with all of Monsanto's revenue?

Comment: Re: Photos still stuck in... (Score 1) 177 177

Its a big park and facial recognition tech has come a very long way. Also, in California, FastPass as well as various police agencies have been (possibly illegally) logging license plate numbers and processing them with licence plate recognition tech for some time now. Chances are even if you DID pay for everything in cash they still know who you are within a few minutes of entering their property, unless you drove your own car and parked it in their lot, in which case they know as soon as you approach the gate.

Comment: Most hands-off? Trust me, you don't want that. (Score 1) 424 424

I think that as good as it sounds on paper, bringing back the days of super-literal, highly gameable Netscape-style search behavior probably isn't what you really want. I think that the search engine you're really looking for is probably just Google's from 10 years ago, or Google's now, but while logged-in so you can disable some of the more annoying new features; Like the one where it tries to auto-predict every search text to match the most popular celebrity wardrobe malfunction incident in current news headlines.

Comment: Re:Nope. (Score 1) 117 117

While I'll give you that is technically true in some sense for individual releases of most distros, its actually not true for all of them because not all of them work on a cycle of individual separate releases.

This is irrelevant anyway though because the important point here is that you don't have to pay to upgrade when its Linux. Also, unlike Microsoft, Linux distros typically don't have partnerships with commercial hardware vendors who have vested interests in purposefully obsoleting hardware. While sometimes support for older/rarer hardware gets removed from Linux accidentally or for lack of testing resources, its largely true that you can still with little or no tweaking run even a current fresh release of most Linux distros on hardware from even earlier than the year 2000. I know this to be true because I frequently do it for fun. I'm sick. Help me please.

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