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Comment Re:Hydro = from the sun (Score 1) 125

Direct solar may sound nice and work fine in small scale, but collectors would have to cover great areas to be effective.

So fucking what?

There are of course disadvantages with hydroelectric as well, but the impact from the alternatives is often worse.

Did your careful assessment of the alternatives include solar? Because I'm trying to find something about solar power's impact that is worse than this.

Comment Re:Geothermal (Score 1) 125

This SO MUCH. Drilling a ton of extra holes in the planet's crust and venting our core heat all into the upper atmosphere at a massively increased rate... if you really can't figure out why that's a horrifically bad idea, just take a long look at Mars. We should be capping volcanos, not tapping them.

Comment Re:They aren't really still blaming DPRK, are they (Score 3, Insightful) 51

Let us not forget either, that it was hardly the only high-profile hack on Sony in recent years which showed them to be exhibiting signs of severe negligence with regards to network security basics. In 2011 the PlayStation network was hacked, interrupting service for weeks and compromising the personal details of approximately 77 million accounts.

Hint to "network security" noobs working for high-profile businesses; storing the user's own passwords at the client-side, even encrypted, is a stupid, catastrophically naive approach to alleviating load on your authentication servers. Allowing global administrative access through the same channel once you've done this is doubly so.

Comment (yes, I know it should have all gone in one post) (Score 1) 184

Its also worth noting, the company you say "went out of their way" to port their game to Linux did nothing of the sort. They hired a third party (Feral Interactive) who has also ported several games other than SoM which were not catastrophically fucked-up at launch, and in fact include some of the better AAA ports available for Linux as well, suggesting that the original developers (not Feral) may be more to blame here for the sorry state of the Shadow of Mordor port than anyone is acknowledging here.

Comment Re:What I hoped to get from the comments is... why (Score 1) 184

Incidentally though, in the case of Dying Light, they did actually after-the-fact work hard to improve performance based on user feedback, and had notable, if not complete success. They're both textbook examples of how NOT to port a game to Linux though, unless you own Microsoft stock.

Comment Re:What I hoped to get from the comments is... why (Score 1) 184

If the SoM port wasn't literally the worst example you might have a leg to stand on here, but there are a number of ports that were significantly better done. In this particular case, I'm not bitching about a company that went "out of its way," I'm bitching about a catastrophic fuckup. For another example of a completely fucked up Linux release, see Dying Light. Most the rest haven't actually been nearly so poorly done.

Comment Re: But the real question is.. (Score 3, Insightful) 184

Its nothing to do with the OS, its either drivers *or* the ports, but often a combination of both. AMD's video card drivers are plagued by serious performance issues on Linux (even worse than their Windows offerings) while in most cases the Nvidia Linux drivers are much closer in performance to the Windows ones. Throwing "Shadow of Mordor" in there for this test really skews the whole average performance comparison off badly, to a degree that is not representative of Steam's Linux catalog as a whole, because SoM Linux is in fact an atrociously badly done port with performance issues that largely have absolutely nothing to do with hardware or drivers, but really just a ham-fisted sloppy amateur port attempt.

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