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+ - TweetTwain- Virtual Social Media Manager->

Submitted by suchitra.sunil
suchitra.sunil (1905548) writes "TweetTwain is a desktop tool for social networking websites Twitter and Facebook.
TweetTwain: Manages multiple accounts and business pages
                                        Result oriented marketing
                                        Geo targeted search and marketing
                                        Brand monitoring, Auto tweet and Auto reply."

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Codec2 — an Open Source, Low-Bandwidth Voice Codec 179

Posted by Soulskill
from the sound-of-efficiency dept.
Bruce Perens writes "Codec2 is an Open Source digital voice codec for low-bandwidth applications, in its first Alpha release. Currently it can encode 3.75 seconds of clear speech in 1050 bytes, and there are opportunities to code in additional compression that will further reduce its bandwidth. The main developer is David Rowe, who also worked on Speex. Originally designed for Amateur Radio, both via sound-card software modems on HF radio and as an alternative to the proprietary voice codec presently used in D-STAR, the codec is probably also useful for telephony at a fraction of current bandwidths. The algorithm is based on papers from the 1980s, and is intended to be unencumbered by valid unexpired patent claims. The license is LGPL2. The project is seeking developers for testing in applications, algorithmic improvement, conversion to fixed-point, and coding to be more suitable for embedded systems."

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