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Comment Re:What about a Faraday cage (Score 1) 138

Cross contamination issues normally make a manager feel good and want to reward out spoken people.
the fix most likely cost very little, but from the liability standpoint, it was most likely huge ( see those recalls lately ).

This might have been a special case, but as a small business owner ( realtor and I have a small staff ), I like when people
talk to me and explain what is wrong or right, and when I can fix the problem, I can pass a solid reward to my people.

People in general want to work for others that listen to the good ideas and discuss the bad ideas with common sense

Comment Re:ICEd (Score 1) 554

That's a great question, so I thought about it for a while.
my answer is maybe, depends on the intent of the action.

if you are keying a car, yes, maybe a day or 2 in jail. You don't have the right to damage another persons property

in the above situation, the parking lot owner or manager, should have a publicly posted policy about the negative side effects of using the wrong spot. IE: Towing

you bump your door and scratch the other guys car by accident, then no.

See a long time ago, someone keyed my car, and I caught them. Why, because they were jealous of my little piece of shit car ( it did make that sound putt putt putt every morning till it got warm, a hole in the floor board so when it rained I got a bit wet LOL ) that worked amazingly well and never gave me an issue and I took great pride it trying to keep it clean. the keying of my car caused me to become amazingly angry at them, and went out of my way for a long time to see that they had no advantages ever. Never offered them help, asked my neighbors not to help them, never offered to shovel the driveway or if I was on a grocery run, knock on their door and ask if they needed anything. They moved 2 years later.

so yes, 1 day of jail would have been the right amount of punishment for getting caught keying.

Comment Re:Everybody has to believe in something (Score 1) 578

While I agree with what you are saying. find that this guys action were done with improper customer timing. IF ( and it's a big if ) the current user base Paid for the software, then he should not ban them ( the bought it ), But he should stick to his core beliefs and ban those which he feels are doing him harm.

Now I want to get tricky, I am rather sure that if he tried this in the USA, he would be in the courts already. I don't think we are legally capable of stopping a purchase within the USA ( unless of course it has some encryption or state secret attached to it or the USA said we can not trade with them ) .

Comment Re:Reasons I'm not a judge. (Score 1) 331

Wow, valid points.
I'm 48 so I think i might have mellowed a bit more
Now 10 years of prison is a bit harsh,
3 month of some sort of prison life ( in the USA, jail is local, prison is where it's real bad ), secure but tough love
3 month of jail, again secure but tough love
1.5 years in some sort of outdoor, farming / labor jail type place. Where education with work ethic is taught
3 years of community service with some sort discovered skill set that he discovers in himself and shares with the community should appropriate.
and to physically meet each victim and apologize.

I don't know if my beliefs in changing someone is valid, but given the opportunity to change a youths' life for the better might be the highest risk/reward I can think of.

Comment Re: Hillary Clinton says: (Score 2) 271

That is the best response I have seen in a long time.
let me say why:
( all of this is my view and communicates properly to my style of trying to understand, also I suck at grammar so good writing is impressing to me )

a) re-asserted the right of innocent until proven guilty, not only to the HC but the party she had to defend. ( something which is very important to me )
b) proved a point of; she had a job, she was required to do it, then did it ( don't know the outcome but she did it).
c) added humor ( my perception ) with style, told the person to research the facts before stating something dumb and learn more before you vote.

Thank you, and I hope you have helped others whom get the chance to read, to become smarter

Comment Re:GMOs have so many different problems (Score 1) 188

While I will respect what you are saying. I believe you are speaking outside the scope of the thread.
the metric in question is : if I spend money doing R&D, and make a discovery, can I protect it and have a return on my investment.

In reference to what you are speaking : patent judgement is to secure the idea, nothing about the revenue model is discusses. While I can not cite the old source, I believe many ideas in the early 1820's to 1860's that were patented, expired to public domain, only to become useable in the 1880 onwards when manufacturing was capable of producing the item's. I wish I had an example of this but I don't recall it right now

Comment What I think most people are not seeing .... (Score 1) 333

I love to study history, and I think we are in for some historic changes in the next 40 years.
the biggest change to happen is Efficiency happening to the normal people whom are not rich.

UBER is a great example, taxis are needed, but the business model that had worked is no longer
really valid for the future, so a new and efficient mode is happening. over time UBER like structures
have to/should happen and when they do, the new model will be well regulated.

Happened when ships went from sail to steam, but the longest routes were still sail, into the late
1800 early 1900, last of the sails designs were called windjammers.

again it's happening now in the shipping business... huge vessels, stuff I could never dream of
are now on the water, all in the name of efficiency.

I would not be surprised if ubers next business model would be to sell taxi fleet management
to cities.

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