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Comment Re:Fools think this is horrible. (Score 1) 442

I think this post might be my first ever troll ....

I love that you posted this information. The best part about it, information wants to be free, shared and organised.
I can not wait, everyone wants freedom, and everyone wants privacy, but somehow nobody like the consequences. The generation of 25 to 38 will look back and ask, " what have we gained and what have we lost ". My generation lost climate battle, I'm hoping you guys will win it.

Comment Re: Hail Hydra (Score 1) 133

Don't be Envious ( I had a user id in the 147K range that I lost in 2000 ). Get into the habit of citing sources, makes slashdot more educational for all of us. and yes, I am rather sure that all types of people have flapped to all sorts of things
great example : car sex


Comment Re:You want to cheat on your wife? (Score 2) 228

WOW a shashdotter using a moral line.
No one is asking for you or anyone to support.
Everyone and anyone has the rights to live without being subjected to harm from 3rd parties.

Wife cheats on her husband or husband cheats on the wife, does not really matter.
Might be good reason for it, maybe, no reason for it, but, no need to subject both parties to harm.

and a simple observation ...

don't waste time paying the blackmailers, seems like you'll get demand letters for ever

Comment Re:Old Habits Die Hard (Score 1) 442

You missed something ...
Netflix uses product placement.


Also, a more valid reason why Netflix does not report numbers..
valuation of the show, better numbers always equal more revenue but don't equal more profits,
profits get eaten up by writers and actors at the negotiation tables . Notice that many writers and actors are forming production companies and or are becoming executive producers...

Product placement people are already following the street gossip, checking with Nealson for crappy Netflix data, and pricing out the idea.
netflix already knows its numbers, get's data from Nealson via third parties to check what the industry is guessing and then maximizes revenue

follow the money ...

Comment Re:Somewhat outdated (Score 1) 41

Forbes and Yahoo seem to be the leading attack point for virus entry. I consistently read about, so you might be very lucky

and to cite sources :

Forbes https://www.hackread.com/forbe...

and yahoo's https://blog.malwarebytes.org/...

SideNote: Yahoo's finance page was considered on of the best until recently ( sorry no source to cite ), so I am going to guess that a new attack point will show up in due time

Comment Re:Don't get it (Score 1) 138

well look at it differently ... 400,000,000 general population of males from USA and Europe give or take a little, 1% is 4 million, 1% of that is 40,000 so with 215K, that means that there is a lot of people ( about .0005% ) that like this stuff. So the FBI most likely knows a large percentage of them now in the USA. Problem now is what to do with them all. and what does this tell us about society. How about the poor FBI team that had to deal with the web site, those people are psychologically damaged for life ( I got to think that the other .9995 are not into this ).

as to what the images are, I got no clue, but I got to think it's like that south park episode

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