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Comment: Re:Can I run a Hackintosh distro? (Score 1) 337

by MachineShedFred (#47647221) Attached to: Microsoft Surface Drowning?

OneNote is crippled on every platform except Windows. It only talks to Microsoft cloud crap, rather than the Exchange environment you already own and that the Windows version talks to. It's very aggravating.

This is mostly because the Mac Business Unit at Microsoft doesn't talk with the other teams at Microsoft, and has been putting out crippled versions of Outlook for years. It's a glorified front end for Exchange Web Services, and it sucks completely. I'd rather run the Windows Outlook in a Citrix session than use the Mac version.

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by MisterSquid (#47611851) Attached to: Senior RIKEN Scientist Involved In Stem Cell Scandal Commits Suicide

Also, Greenland has quite possibly the coolest flag in the world, next to Nepal. Also, Iceland is rather icy, especially in the middle. Like greenland.

According to that Wikipedia list (as of now), Greenland has the highest suicide rate while Nepal has the lowest.

Coincidence? I think NOT.

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by MisterSquid (#47595531) Attached to: Windows XP Falls Below 25% Market Share, Windows 8 Drops Slightly

I think the opposite (or "opposite") of "skeuomorphic" would be "abstract" or "non-representational" because non-skeuomorphic would not seek to mimic something that physically exists.

At least one Quora user suggests "abstraction" as the antonym of "skeuomorphism" ("abstractionism" would be the better equivalent, as "abstraction" is a noun form and is more rightly compared to "skeuomorph").

In that same Quora thread, another user outlines three domains of design, "Semiotic", "Semantic", and "Pragmatic". From what I know of poststructural linguistics, I would say "semantic" is a good near fit for the why and what of "abstraction" but neither "semiotic" nor (especially) "pragmatic" have obvious equivalents in UI design and aesthetics.

Looks like a whole new field of UI design is being forged as a result of changes to empirical UI forms! AWESOME.

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by MachineShedFred (#47583237) Attached to: China Confirms New Generation of ICBM

They weren't missiles, they were 1940's style uranium gun-type bombs. And they were more worried about the rest of the world coming in and forcibly changing their political structure, which was the reason they spun up the project to begin with.

It's also why it became completely unnecessary when they finally came to their senses.

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And Adobe gets there by maintaining an effective monopoly over the entire creative industry. See: their forced migration to their subscription versions of Creative Suite for all volume license customers in June.

Do you really think that enterprise businesses want "cloud" subscription versions ticking away at operational expense, rather than the perpetual license versions they used to be able to spend capital expense dollars on?

Adobe finally realized that they have the balls of the world's media and advertising business in a bench vise, and that they really like money.

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Let me see if I can follow the bouncing ball on this one.

1. Some guy writes an app that he had an idea for in his spare time, and it sells well.
2. He then quits his day job and hires a bunch of people, taking on VC and private funding based on a business plan of "I had one good idea, so clearly I'm going to have unlimited good ideas, and there will never be any competition in any idea that I have"
3. When his business plan proves to not be accurate or sustainable, he ends up in financial difficulty.

And this is the fault of Apple / Google ? If anything, it's the fault of the VC guys for giving out money to people that have done no planning whatsoever.

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