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Comment: Re:It would be interesting to see ... (Score 1) 984

by stuff and such (#43141725) Attached to: Ohio Judge Rules Speed Cameras Are a Scam
Ohio is really horrible when it comes to speed limits. I've never seen anything in the state posted over 65mph. I've lived here for 14 years and driven around the whole state.

That's the reason speed traps work in this state. You go from a posted 60 (where everyone is going 65 to 70) to 35 and unless you noticably break you will enter the 35 going at least 50.

Comment: Re:Perfectly safe, not reliable. (Score 1) 347

by stuff and such (#34990576) Attached to: How Chrysler's Battery-Less Hybrid Minivan Works
I've also heard Dodge owners have been known to tell their buddies to hold his/her beer and "watch this". Sadly there was nothing physically stopping the car owner from hurting his/her own car.

It's very, very, hard to design against a user who is intent on destroying something.

Comment: Re:Next Stop: Murder! (Score 2, Informative) 636

by stuff and such (#32452206) Attached to: Guess My Speed and Give Me a Ticket, In Ohio
Oh you joke, but my hometown (Southern OH, just North of Piketon on US 23) got in a little trouble a couple of years ago for accepting donations to the tune of something like $1000 to make your ticket disappear. Wish I could find a better source...

Comment: Re:OBD - On-Board Diagnostics (Score 1) 478

by stuff and such (#29434023) Attached to: "Right To Repair" Bill Advances In Massachusetts
Not 0$/hour, you need to compare "can I do this cheaper myself than paying someone else?" Parts are cheap, labor is expensive. There are many of us who can do the the work. The whole point of knowing these codes is to quickly track down the problem. Also, there are more than a few of us who work on our cars for fun.
Wireless Networking

IEEE Approves 802.11n Wi-Fi Standard 115

Posted by Soulskill
from the lightning-fast dept.
alphadogg writes "The IEEE has finally approved the 802.11n high-throughput wireless LAN standard. Bruce Kraemer, the long-time chairman of the 802.11n Task Group (part of the 802.11 Working Group, which oversees the WLAN standards), has sent out a notification to a listserv for task group members, which includes a wide range of Wi-Fi chip makers, software developers, and equipment vendors. A press release is available now as well. This process began in 2002."

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