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Submission + - Wikipedia Is Suing the NSA to Preserve Its Users' Anonymity (

sarahnaomi writes: The nonprofit that runs Wikipedia says it and the American Civil Liberties Union are suing the NSA and the US Department of Justice over mass surveillance, which they say limits Wikipedia users’ ability to remain anonymous on the site.

Besides the ACLU, Wikimedia has signed on eight other civil liberties groups, including Amnesty International USA, Human Rights Watch, and the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, to help fight its case, which will be filed today in Maryland District Court.

In a New York Times op-ed, Wikimedia founder Jimmy Wales wrote that the suit is primarily aimed at protecting the anonymity of volunteer Wikipedia editors, who, he says, edit articles about politically dangerous or contentious issues, such as civil liberties in China and gay rights in Uganda.

Submission + - The Milky Way May be 50 Percent Bigger Than Thought ( 1

astroengine writes: A ring-like filament of stars wrapping around the Milky Way may actually belong to the galaxy itself, rippling above and below the relatively flat galactic plane. If so, that would expand the size of the known galaxy by 50 percent and raise intriguing questions about what caused the waves of stars. Scientists used data collected by the Sloan Digital Sky Survey to reanalyze the brightness and distance of stars at the edge of the galaxy. They found that the fringe of the disk is puckered into ridges and grooves of stars, like corrugated cardboard. “It looks to me like maybe these patterns are following the spiral structure of the Milky Way, so they may be related,” astronomer Heidi Newberg, with Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in New York, told Discovery News.

Submission + - Sugar industry shaped NIH agenda on dental research (

sciencehabit writes: The sugar industry convinced the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH) that studies that might persuade people to cut back on sugary foods should not be part of a national plan to fight childhood tooth decay, a new study of historical documents argues. The authors say the industry’s activities, which occurred more than 40 years ago, are reminiscent of the tobacco companies’ efforts to minimize the risks of smoking.

Submission + - New Windows 10 build could come this week -- as could a 'Ludicrous Speed' ring! (

Mark Wilson writes: When it was announced that Microsoft was making Windows 10 available as a public preview, there were promises of frequent build updates. There have now been a number of builds of Windows 10 Technical Preview, but as it has now been more than a month since the last update, the natives are starting to get restless. We've had to keep our interest piqued with screenshot leaks.

Gabe Aul has taken to the official Windows blog to explain why builds seem to be taking longer to be released. He goes on to reveal that we could see a new build this week or next week. So what's been going on?

Submission + - Apple's High-End Watch Targets China's Wealthy (

jfruh writes: Apple's known for its pricy gadgets, but the cost of its highest-end watch is $17,000, enough to make tech observers gasp. One particular planned target? China's wealthy, for whom it will serve as a flashy status symbol. The iPhone sells quite well in China despite its high price there, so hopes are high for high-end buyers.

Submission + - Why Israel Could Be The Next Cybersecurity World Power (

jfruh writes: Beersheba is a small town in southern Israel, more than an hour's drive away from Tel Aviv and the bulk of the country's population. But the city is a hotbed of cybersecurity startups driven in part by a graduate program at the local university and the country's military and intelligence apparatus's keen interest in the subject.

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