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Comment: Re:At a guess . . . (Score 1) 179

by st0nes (#48671633) Attached to: Study: Light-Emitting Screens Before Bedtime Disrupt Sleep
It Isn't the brightness of the light so much as the colour that's important. Blue light induces wakefulness, red light tells the brain it's time for sleep. If you can adjust the colour spectrum of your tablet, nudge it towards the red end of the spectrum and eliminate the blue and violet end.

Comment: Re:All of us who were around back in 1960 ... (Score 1) 311

by st0nes (#45619907) Attached to: Nelson Mandela Dead At 95
It was the then Victor Verster prison (now Drakenstein) in Paarl; it wasn't the Chief Warder's house; and it was only for a small proportion of his imprisonment--the rest (19 years) was spent on Robben Island, working in conditions that permanently damaged his eyes, and, incidentally, on a diet to which he attributed his longevity. The prison in which he spent a very brief time (weeks) was Pollsmoor.

Comment: Re:Why not, it's just another work tool (Score 1) 364

by st0nes (#39107291) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Companies That Force Employees To Join Social Networks?

I tried that using a real looking name, they just removed my account the next day, Facebook are run by scumbags so I didn't bother re-registering. I'd rather have my privacy thank you.

My dog has had a facebook account for ages and, yes, he lied about his age.

Comment: Re:Yes! (Score 1) 470

by st0nes (#38660374) Attached to: Are Programmers Ruining the Design of eBooks?

Programmers don't really understand good design and usability.

This statement is absurd. Do you think all programmers are identical and have identical skillsets?

without resorting to reading manuals and other crap like that.

Having to do some work? Shocking! CLIs are actually a faster and more productive method of working once they have been mastered.

That's because programmers cannot think logically like most people do.

Oh, good grief! Or are you trying to be funny? And the rest of your post is also worthless drivel.

Comment: Re:Ken Murray's blog (Score 2) 646

by st0nes (#38535716) Attached to: How Doctors Die

Cold turkey, whether cigarettes or caffiene is murderously stupid.

Nonsense. As a smoker for 41 years, I tried almost every conceivable method of quitting: slow withdrawal, NRT, other drugs. Nothing worked. Then I read Allen Carr's book in which he recommends cold turkey as the most effective method of quitting, so I tried that. I had a few days of quite severe discomfort, followed by a week or two of intermittent cravings, but I was able to get through that, and I have now been smoke free for three years. It's a question of mental preparation.
As for coffee addiction, I don't have it. I drink 4 cups of Italian roast every working day because I like the taste and the ritual. On weekends or vacations I don't drink it at all, and have never experienced any discomfort. I suppose it's a matter of individual metabolic idiosyncracy.

Comment: Re:Nukes (Score 1) 118

by st0nes (#38145136) Attached to: South Africa Passes Secrecy Bill, Makes Whistleblowing a Dangerous Act
I don't understand the connection between the Freedom of Information bill and nuclear weapons; either it's a non seqitur or too subtle for me. This bill may have passed through parliament, but it will encounter a rocky road when it comes up against the inevitable constitutional challenges (Moegoeng Moegoeng notwithstanding). South Africa also has a freedom of speech clause which this law attempts to trump. In any case, if the ANC government continue to behave with the arrogance and stupidity they have been displaying of late, they will be out of government at the next election, and a DA-led coalition will lose no time repealing this Act.

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