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Comment Air gap my ass. (Score 2) 62

The reason for connecting vital infrastructure systems to the Internet is very simple. Many of those systems are distributed. So you have a choice: build your own network or use existing one (Internet). In most cases building your own network is a no go for many obvious reasons. Like, for example, money, uptime, etc.

Comment Congressional investigation? (Score 1) 112

Assuming that NSA did that, can this even be legal? I mean, to sabotage an entire line of products of an American company by an American government agency? It's like if FDA went and injected all MacDonald's happy meals with cadmium.

One thing is to pay them, as they did with RSA, and another is to actually break their code. Or maybe Juniper was paid, but subscription has lapsed?

Comment Impasse (Score 4, Insightful) 239

It's an impasse of sorts in Snowden case: in order to serve justice, US needs to modify Espionage Act to allow "public interest defense". But if it is allowed then Snowden's lawyers will pull all the dirt about NSA dealing and the case will escalate to Supreme Court (Snowden has standing after all) were all this shit might be declared unconstitutional. And US government cannot afford that risk, thus no justice for you, Snowden.

Comment Not necessarily "cheating" (Score 4, Interesting) 203

I know, it might be unpopular, but consider this explanation: what if that mode was designed to be turned on when car detects running in a badly ventilated area like indoors or in a tunnel and such? Just to avoid becoming a health hazard. And nobody realized that such mode would interfere with EPA tests. And VW own testers were simply replicating EPA testing rig to insure that ther testing is the same, while having no clue how engine works. While it is still probable, that someone in VW realized that there is a problem, they kept their mouth shut for various reasons. But generally this explanation does not require any wide conspiracy or anything.

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