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Comment Impasse (Score 4, Insightful) 239

It's an impasse of sorts in Snowden case: in order to serve justice, US needs to modify Espionage Act to allow "public interest defense". But if it is allowed then Snowden's lawyers will pull all the dirt about NSA dealing and the case will escalate to Supreme Court (Snowden has standing after all) were all this shit might be declared unconstitutional. And US government cannot afford that risk, thus no justice for you, Snowden.

Comment Not necessarily "cheating" (Score 4, Interesting) 203

I know, it might be unpopular, but consider this explanation: what if that mode was designed to be turned on when car detects running in a badly ventilated area like indoors or in a tunnel and such? Just to avoid becoming a health hazard. And nobody realized that such mode would interfere with EPA tests. And VW own testers were simply replicating EPA testing rig to insure that ther testing is the same, while having no clue how engine works. While it is still probable, that someone in VW realized that there is a problem, they kept their mouth shut for various reasons. But generally this explanation does not require any wide conspiracy or anything.

Comment An innocent explanation (if you wish) (Score 1) 618

The caveat is that the car cannot distinguish running indoors vs EPA check. Thus it might be a (very good) safety feature: if computer detects that the car is running indoors or in any other situation where ventilation might be a problem (e.g. your father's garage, bad tunnel traffic, cart in a warehouse) engine is switched into cleanest running mode possible to avoid sending hapless mechanics, who screwed up their ventilation setup, to a hospital.

And that's it. This theory does not require neither malice nor stupidity. It also has an explanatory power - it explains why there were no whistleblowers.

Comment Re:Thoughts (Score 1) 158

Those places (in US) which do not have 4G right now, will not get 5G pretty much by definition. If I understand correctly, 5G is exclusively for areas with very high population density. Basically, thanks to physics, your cells are of the size of a city block. So if you do not have enough customers at that scale - you do not get 5G.

Comment Time to yank NSA's leash (Score 4, Interesting) 112

Considering that NSA definitely had the source code and configuration (otherwise they would not use Cisco stuff themselves) they knew about this shit. And leaving such a huge hole in nation's security while it's NSA's main responsibility is unacceptable. And after that recent data breach fiasco, one has to wonder, why the fuck we keep paying their salaries?!

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