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Comment Re:Thoughts (Score 1) 158

Those places (in US) which do not have 4G right now, will not get 5G pretty much by definition. If I understand correctly, 5G is exclusively for areas with very high population density. Basically, thanks to physics, your cells are of the size of a city block. So if you do not have enough customers at that scale - you do not get 5G.

Comment Time to yank NSA's leash (Score 4, Interesting) 112

Considering that NSA definitely had the source code and configuration (otherwise they would not use Cisco stuff themselves) they knew about this shit. And leaving such a huge hole in nation's security while it's NSA's main responsibility is unacceptable. And after that recent data breach fiasco, one has to wonder, why the fuck we keep paying their salaries?!

Comment If they can match quality... (Score 1) 219

For what it's worth: I've got good old T41. It's running 1.6MHz Pentium M on 2Gb RAM. I've installed SSD and Lubuntu 14.04 (with forcepae). Works great! Funny thing - I've already got rid of much more up to date notebooks, but this one is such a pleasure to use, it's still sits on the side of my desk, powered 24/7 for quick lookups, experiments and what not.

Comment Re:Btrfs? (Score 1) 182

Couple of things: first, disk never gets near full because of root reservation. Second - there is implicit trim when you overwrite a block with new data (think about it). So my point still stands. Additionally it is confirmed experimentally - at some point I used a trashy usb stick as the only drive on a 24/7 microserver (with a lot of writes) for over a year with no problems. And you are wrong about reserved blocks - they are not only for bad blocks. Read some reports on Intel enterprise drives.

Comment Think of Chinese Americans! (Score 1) 173

Folks, you are missing a major point: if the hack was originated from China, then the grunt of consequences will be on cleared Chinese Americans. You see, most of them still have family members back home thus they're incredibly exposed to manipulation. And U.S. is well aware of that. So government might start dropping those clearances - people's jobs will be in jeopardy.

Comment In a hockey stick situation like this... (Score 1) 126

... AMD has a chance for survival. I think.
Basically every few additional percentage points in performance cost untold billions in investment. Thus it is possible to tailgate market leader by producing something only a little bit slower by spending half the money. As long as performance/watt, performance/rack are not outrageously bad (so data centers will not shun you) AND Intel does not engage in monopolistic tactics (big question mark here) it's possible to make a decent living.

Comment Re:which one? (Score 1) 167

Simple - wolves are useful even in untamed form for defense: put one on a chain (well, rope) to growl at everybody approaching. Then allow captive ones to breed because capture is labor intensive. Then ask your kids who are playing with pups which one to keep (cute, friendly and cuddly of course) . ...and BAM! You've got a dog!

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