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Comment: Re:Archive? (Score 1) 219

by sshir (#48589451) Attached to: Seagate Bulks Up With New 8 Terabyte 'Archive' Hard Drive
My guess, is that due to the way they write data onto platter, this drive is pretty much useless for random writes (even more so than a regular hard drive). It's good only for huge sequential writes i.e. just bulk storage. Knowing this, they, allegedly, added some long term reliability features and slapped "archival" moniker.

Comment: Re:It's The Parts Count (Score 1) 293

We're not talking about evolutionary change but revolutionary. Drop in parts number is so drastic that it allows for more competitors to sprung up (hence Tesla). The risk for established players is in going from oligopoly and into a commoditized market. And that hurts. Badly.

Comment: Bang-bang control in action. (Score 4, Insightful) 485

by sshir (#48301575) Attached to: Silicon Valley Swings To Republicans
for non-techie types

Basically, if democrats refuse to listen to us - this is what they'll get.

I'm as liberal as people get, but that NSA thing pissed me off so bad that I consider voting Republican.

For those, who say that Republicans will not act on NSA either, I say this: Listen, elections is what in game theory considered a repeat game. In such situations it's often advantageous to enforce beneficial cooperation by employing fear of retaliation. And we're not bluffing this time...

"No Country for Old Men" tactics if you wish.

Comment: Re:I'm a big Elon Fan but... (Score 1) 583

by sshir (#48240875) Attached to: Elon Musk Warns Against Unleashing Artificial Intelligence "Demon"
Where is that "Strong AI" notion is coming from?

You do not need an AI capable to operate in the real/physical world to wreak havoc in it. All you need is some super smart out of control worm capable of penetrating a highly automated military defense system (e.g. "dead hand")

Comment: Re:Which Filesystem? (Score 2) 316

by sshir (#47764935) Attached to: Seagate Ships First 8 Terabyte Hard Drive
I would recommend explicit checksumming in data backup scenario. Main advantage is that this way your data is "multi-modal" (in shipping industry lingo). I.e. you can move your data between different computers, different filesystems and all the checksums move along. So when it's time to move your data to a newer disk you just copy it and you're not tied up with the choice of file system you made before. Scrubbing is easy too.

Plus you will not lose any files without noticing the fact - even when file is deleted it's still in your md5 file.

And you don't even need any scripts to handle your data - all decent filemanagers (e.g. "Total Commander" / "Double Commander" etc.) can do md5/sha/whatever on selected files on the click of a button.

Comment: Re:minutes to midnight (Score 1, Informative) 252

That's bullshit. There were no bread lines in 80's (lines, indeed, were everywhere, but not for basic stuff). And Gulag for dissidents was practically over too (for casual rumblings anyway). Sure, it was a shitty place to live, but not for reasons you stated. Stop trivializing.

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