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Journal Journal: Open Water Swim

Looking for an Open Water Swim to compete in? Try the The Brighton Jetty Classic Open Water Swim. In Feb 2006, at Brighton Beach, Adelaide South Australia.

The inaugural Brighton Jetty Classic Swim is an exciting. new, annual, STATE, sporting, swim event. What's deemed to become a major annual event on the South Australian sporting calendar that will incorporate community groups, particularly those involved in water sports, and will include significant media coverage by 5AA and Channel 7.

The event is planned with a community focus, celebrating sporting community clubs and promoting values of public participation. In otherwords 'A DAY AT THE BEACH' for everyone.

Leading up to the event a proposed come & try open water swim to be held every Saturday in November, December & January at 3pm at Brighton Beach with the benefits of becoming fit & active to participate in the Jetty 400 on the 5th February 2006 (To be published on website in October).

Organizations involved to date include Brighton Surf Club, Surf Life Saving SA, The Surf Boat Rowers of SA, The SA Health Education Centre, Swim SA, Swimming Clubs, Triathlon Clubs, Dragon Boat Pink Ladies "Breast Cancer Awareness" Demonstration Team, Rotary, St John Ambulance Aust. SA Inc. and The City of Holdfast Bay.

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Journal Journal: Slashdot......

Is it just me or has slashdot been lacking in content lately in regard to comments. Every post seems to be flooded with comments of people simply trying to be funny. All the informative posts are very very few and far between.

All Finagle Laws may be bypassed by learning the simple art of doing without thinking.