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+ - UK Climate Change Computer Named Top Polluter-> 2 2

1sockchuck writes: "In a vivid example of the "headline risk" posed by IT energy usage, the UK Meteorological Office has been cited as one of the country's worst polluters — primarily because of its use of a powerful IBM supercomputer used to predict climate change. Met Office spokesmen have sought to argue the merits of the science conducted by the supercomputer (numbers 73 and 74 in the Top 500 list), but media have seized on the seeming disconnect between the agency's goals and the energy overhead of its supercomputing operations. The story has been widely featured by the BBC, The Guardian, Telegraph, Daily Mail and The Sun."
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Comment: Re:Would like final analysis (Score 5, Informative) 388 388

I'll be sure to when I get to the data center next week and am able to get my hands on the angry switch in question. I do love how it just sat there quietly for two weeks w/o doing anything and then decided randomly to just start blasting out 20 Gbit.. sigh.. hardware..

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