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Comment Re:Manufacturers (Score 4, Interesting) 437

I bought my Nexus4 specifically as it is NOT tied to a carrier.

So did many others, and it doesnt matter. As Telstra Australia users have found, if you have their sim in the phone, Telstra restricts the updates - even though the phone wasnt bought through Telstra. Want the update? Simple drop another carrier's sim in the phone (who isnt restricting it - ie any other Australian carrier), and the update is instantly available. Update - return back to your Telstra sim. (I believe Telstra has started rolling out the update recently however.)

Comment Re:Scarebus! (Score 1) 65

Now, granted, that's rotary-wing, and it's another division, but... trust me on this, guys, the electrical system was seriously lacking. Cartridge fuses, for one. Say the hydraulics go out. You have to unscrew the fuse holder, find a replacement on this little holder in the footwell (there's one on either side, a bit lower than the knee), make sure it's the right one, and screw it back in. God help you if it's a real emergency and you don't have time to do all that.

It still makes sense. In an AS350, and hydraulics fails in a single pilot situation (almost all of them except for training given the aircraft), you don't have the time or the available hands to do any diagnosis. You'll be hands full on the controls, landing and diagnosing on the ground. Their engineering decisions were based to match the aircraft and the operations at the time. Its a reasonably old airframe now but still more capable than anything their opposition offer.

Furthermore, its not a real AS350 unless you have the original French engine and the pleasures of having to deal with Turbomeca.

Comment Re:It's difficult but (Score 4, Informative) 222

Some people think reducing CO2 emissions will somehow make the world cleaner, but it won't. If not for AGW, there's no real urgency to reduce CO2 emissions, it's not a pollutant.

Except for Ocean Acidification. We are already starting to hit the turning point where hard shelled marine creatures are unable to form their shells because of acidification. Visible effects are starting to be seen in the Antarctic - pteropods are now starting to become unviable due to the cold water amplifying the effects of acidification. These little snails are a key food source in the ecosystem, if their population collapses, it will wreck untold damage on the marine ecosystem.

So yes, there still is an urgency to reduce CO2 emissions, and yes, it is a pollutant.


Comment Re:Other prisons are the same (Score 1) 142

Please stop being unreasonable. I do not believe the lies that you are telling. Pissed can mean angry, drunk, annoyed etc. You sound more like an Englishman.

I am Australian, because last weekend I had an outdoor grill, where I remembered to bring the insect repellent. Mosquitos are an issue for most parts of Australia in summer.

If you do not understand what I am saying, then I place a nasty curse on you. (Your chickens turn into large Australians birds (like ostriches) and kick down your outside toilet.)

Many people are unenthusiastic about their work.