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Comment Re: More nation-wrecking idiocy (Score 1) 592

The Northern Territory in Australia had no speed limits on some very long remote highways. However a few years ago they were forced by the Australian Government to implement them at 130kmh. The accident rate climbed massively. They have slowly been removing the speed limits and watching the accident rate fall again.

Comment Re:how this different from Netrunner? (Score 1) 42

Furthermore, major architectural issues. Running a full copy of mysql per login per user? Great fun if your ~ dir is on NFS. Even better if they decide to login to 2 machines at once. I loved finding the surprise 7.1TB log file in a hidden directory from mysql crying about being unable to access its files.

Both Gnome and KDE have shown that they are only developing for a single machine desktop. No enterprise or terminal considerations at all. But barely even that. Putting log files into hidden directories? No managing those log files at all?

But to expand on your point - multiple displays gets ugly. Laptops and external displays being added and removed will bring you to tears real quick. Im not sure this is all KDE's problem - this is probably the limitations of X - and hence why wayland and the like now exists.

Comment Re:Manufacturers (Score 4, Interesting) 437

I bought my Nexus4 specifically as it is NOT tied to a carrier.

So did many others, and it doesnt matter. As Telstra Australia users have found, if you have their sim in the phone, Telstra restricts the updates - even though the phone wasnt bought through Telstra. Want the update? Simple drop another carrier's sim in the phone (who isnt restricting it - ie any other Australian carrier), and the update is instantly available. Update - return back to your Telstra sim. (I believe Telstra has started rolling out the update recently however.)

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