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Comment: Audio (Score 1) 130

by jmv (#49795357) Attached to: Why Detecting Drones Is a Tough Gig

Audio detection isn't nearly as broken as the article pretends. Sure if all you have is a single mic, then you have no hope. OTOH, with multiple mics, you can *localize* sounds, which means you don't need to recognize the sounds of a drone, just realize that there's some noise coming from something in the air where there shouldn't be anything. With a microphone array, you can actually pinpoint sound sources much weaker than ambient noise. It's certainly not trivial, but within the realm of what's realistic (assuming there aren't simpler solutions).

Comment: Re:It's kinda cute (Score 1) 432

by jmv (#49780141) Attached to: Creationists Manipulating Search Results

I do not know a single politician outside the US who would think that even remotely considering pushing an agenda as harebrained as creationism is anything but political suicide. ...well, except in Canada these days. A couple years ago, our minister of *science* was refusing to answer questions about whether he believed in evolution. More recently, Alberta also had a creationist minister of education.. So unfortunately, some of the madness has escaped North of the US.

Comment: Re:Installation Issue - Try telling Comcast that! (Score 2) 120

Similar here. One day the connection went out and I called tech support. I told them it was probably related to the technician I had just seen in the neighborhood. They couldn't even track that there was a technician around, so they couldn't help at all. Eventually (with tech support on the phone), I just opened the door and yelled "are you the one that took down my connection?" to the technician outside and he shouted back "yes". Cause identified.

Comment: Public domain? (Score 2, Interesting) 309

Does anyone know if *any* work has become public domain in the last few years in US and Canada? From what I see it just sounds like anything that's was copyrighted will now forever be copyrighted as copyright gets extended by X years every X years (with X=20 here).

Comment: Re:Then ID would be required (Score 1) 1089

by jmv (#49301619) Attached to: Obama: Maybe It's Time For Mandatory Voting In US

Having lived in Australia for a few years (though not a citizen), I have to say I wish we had that voting system back in Canada (both compulsory voting and preferential voting). What most surprised me in the elections that were held when I was there was that the day before the vote, the candidates would still be campaigning "normally" rather than just trying to convince people to actually get out and vote like they have to do in Canada (and I assume the US too). I also don't recall hearing "A vote for [3rd party] X is a vote for Y [because it divides the vote]", which is also a good thing. Of course, it didn't prevent you guys from electing Howard, but I guess nothing's perfect :-)

Comment: Re:What do they spend the money on? (Score 1) 161

by jmv (#48438727) Attached to: Mozilla's 2013 Report: Revenue Up 1% To $314M; 90% From Google

Yes, browsers have indeed become so complicated. It's not just Mozilla, Google's putting even more resources on Chrome than what Mozilla can afford. A browser is now essentially an operating system (see FirefoxOS) that can do pretty much everything *and* needs to do it in a way that's secure against untrusted code (JS). On top of that, Mozilla is involved in projects that reach beyond just the web, like the Opus audio codec and the Daala video codec that I'm personally involved in (there's many more of course).

Comment: To be expected (Score 2) 239

by jmv (#48116983) Attached to: Where Intel Processors Fail At Math (Again)

There's nothing I find particularly alarming here and the behaviour is in fact pretty much what I would expect for computing sin(x). Sure, maybe the doc needs updating, but nobody would really expect fsin to do much better than what it does. And in fact, if you wanted to maintain good accuracy even for large values (up to the double-precision range), then you would need a 2048-bit subtraction just for the range reduction! As far as I can tell, the accuracy up to pi/2 is pretty good. If you want good accuracy beyond that, you better do the range reduction yourself. In general, I would also argue that if you have accuracy issues with fsin, then your code is probably broken to begin with.

Comment: Re:In the spotlight (Score 1) 993

by jmv (#48078781) Attached to: Lennart Poettering: Open Source Community "Quite a Sick Place To Be In"

There's a difference between attacking a piece of software and attacking the author. I personally have no opinion on systemd (hell, I don't even know what init system I'm running atm), but I feel like any complaint people have should be directed at whoever *chose* systemd, rather than who wrote it. You can't blame someone for writing software. If you don't like it, don't use it and/or tell distros not to use it.

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