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Comment: Re:What?!? (Score 3, Interesting) 379

And that is fully legal.


I seriously doubt their soliciting for getting people to fly with them includes notification of that "if you think we're rude then we will not fly you and just take your money".

I mean, think about it. He paid for a service to be transported and they cancelled that contract based on that he tweeted the one person being rude. Why do you think that would be a legal way of doing things? taking money and not delivering their end of the contract? you also think it's legal for them to just sell tickets and then not fly at all?

Now do you think it would be legal for best buy to come to your house and take your tv away because you stated publicly that the salesman was an ass who tried to rudely pressure you into buying extended warranty? fuck no.

and why do you think they back pedaled? because what they did was "normal"? fuck no it wasn't. the criticized person was just using the powers he had for ANOTHER PURPOSE(purpose of keeping the plane safe) to make him delete the tweet that could negatively affect her career.

so next up - when you complain that comcast is a bunch of fuckers online you think it's also legal for them to cancel your internet.... with that kind of attitudes no wonder americans are corporate bitches getting bled dry into debt.

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Their boarding system is Awesome, assuming that you fly alone and know their process. Basically Southwest wants business travelers like me, who rarely fly together with anyone else and fly frequently enough to learn and remember their system.

Knowing to check in 24 hours in advance gets me a low number boarding ticket, and now that I am "A-list" I get to board at the end of A group even if I check in late.

Southwest is pretty much designed around frequent business travelers so it sucks for families and people who don't fly much.

Comment: Southwest Boarding Policies (Score 5, Informative) 382

For those who don't know, boarding order is critical on Southwest. You don't get a seat assignment, its first-come-first-serve, like riding a bus, once you get on the plane.

You get a boarding pass with A 1 thru 60, B 1 thru 60, or C 1 thru 60 and everyone boards in that order. The A people get great seats and C people get crap (center seats, back of the plane, no seats together for people traveling together, etc).

Frequent fliers get to skip ahead board between A and B groups (assuming they didn't have and A anyway) which still has lots of good seats free. Families traveling with children 4 or under also get to board before the B group (so they can get seats together).

This guy probably had high number B or C tickets and wanted to use his "A-list" frequent flier status to board early and get 3 seats together with his kids. But his kids didn't have "A-list" status and where too old to qualify for family boarding so they would have wait for their high boarding number to get on the plane.

Comment: And there there is Charter Com6munications (Score 1) 119

by QuantumRiff (#47524745) Attached to: Comcast Carrying 1Tbit/s of IPv6 Internet Traffic

Charter's Ipv6 website hasn been saying its coming "soon" since about 2011. Last time I called the NOC, and our regional sales people (I'm a fiber customer of theirs) nobody could give me any time frame, area, or any other information about when they plan to start testing it for customers.

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by trawg (#47522973) Attached to: Dropbox Head Responds To Snowden Claims About Privacy

You realise dropbox is free, right? Why should they do something expensive like offer encryption on a service that is (a) free, and (b) for sharing files. Sharing's hard if your stuff is encrypted, and sharing is the source of most of Dropbox's value.

I'm a paying Dropbox customer.

I would love a feature that lets me client-side encrypt my files before they go to their server; one where the keys never left my machine - being aware that if I lose them, I lose all my data.

I would want the client software to be open source though and suspect that might not be in their interests.

Ultimately though I think they've made a conscious choice to not offer a feature like this not because they don't want to or because NSA, but because they see it as a support nightmare.

I tried a few of the alternatives that do client side encryption - Wuala and SpiderOak. I found them completely painful compared to the simplicity and elegance of Dropbox.

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by gl4ss (#47521171) Attached to: 'Optical Fiber' Made Out of Thin Air

70km LOS would require 200 foot towers at each end, it's probably going to be cheaper to run cable.

that's not too high to be honest. it would not be cheaper to dig the trench for the fiber, cross the reivers and whatever and most areas in the west already have artificial buildings higher than that, not to mention all the mountains etc.

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by gl4ss (#47521149) Attached to: The Secret Government Rulebook For Labeling You a Terrorist

spies, terrorists. it's all the same really.

it used to be that foreigners blowing up bombs in USA were spies, now they would be terrorists. except if they're part of the cartel, then that's just "crime"(and almost a hundred years ago blowing bombs in NYC was not enough to get USA choose sides in a war, haha).

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by gl4ss (#47520999) Attached to: Microsoft's CEO Says He Wants to Unify Windows

well, just go metro windows.

oh you want it be usable too...

the problem with their last unification was that it actually sharding more than unifying except for the fonts used. so instead of win32 style apis for windows mobile, desktop, server etc they ended up with different api's for phone, different apis for arm "desktop like" devices, different apis for trad. windows games to use, a bunch of api's for desktop "apps" that nobody uses with xna and silverlight "discontinued" but still somehow being integral pieces! but at least they all use the same font!

Comment: Re:Worst Response of all Time (Score 0) 149

by gl4ss (#47520531) Attached to: Dropbox Head Responds To Snowden Claims About Privacy

they could do that client side.

but wouldn't be such easy experience for everyone.

but if they provided tools to use the storage while doing the encryption on client side and have it still be visible as a drive/folder to the OS...

there might be a good market for that too. problem is that israel and usa could just coerce them to add backdoors even then.

Comment: Re:And what about Economic Terrorism? (Score 1) 234

by trawg (#47520013) Attached to: The Secret Government Rulebook For Labeling You a Terrorist

The 1% are just playing the game that US politicians were happy to sell to them. I can't fault them for their scummy behaviour. I can't hate them for taking advantage of a system that is broken.

Your elected officials are supposed to be standing up for the citizens, not selling out their office - and their country - to the lobbyists that basically seem to control the fate.

The really sad part is everyone feels stuck in this two party system, this horrible false dichotomy that has been carefully manoeuvred by interest groups to accomplish basically nothing - except preserving the status quo. Well, and sending it on this downward spiral into a scary police state.

I wish I could contribute to Lessig's Mayday campaign, because it is one of the few genuine attempts at reform, but I'm not a citizen or permanent resident (though I currently live in the US). I volunteered some time to help their technical team and wish I could do more.

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by strikethree (#47519479) Attached to: The Daily Harassment of Women In the Game Industry

But we aren't talking about those issues right here in this post. We're talking about women right now, so let's stick to the topic.

I was not going to participate in the discussion because most every viewpoint was already covered... but then you had to go and say what I quoted above. *sigh*

She is claiming that men are attacking her. So right there, we have an issue about men. The woman is talking exclusively about men.

Is it surprising that people are talking about men? Especially when her words accuse ALL men?

Personally, I see some of the discussion about women and some of the discussion about men, which makes sense since ultimately, it is a discussion about how women and men interact.

Note how I avoided discussion the merits, or lack thereof, of her entire thesis? There is one thing I would really really like to say though:

There appears to be a group of alpha males and wannabe alpha males (trolls) who attack everything. Female, male, whatever. They try to find the weakest point of that person and tear them down. She seems to be a victim of that and is trying to express it in terms of sexual assault.

It is not surprising that she would do so; after all, she can only speak of things from her experiences. What she does not realize is that it happens to everybody. Being a woman, the attacks are more sexualized in nature but even men get assaulted in that manner. Hell, most of the Slashdot regulars have been assaulted like that. There is a reason for all of the basement jokes. It is safer down there.

Back to the main point, the reason you see so much discussion about mens' issues is that she has made it one by claiming that men in general act that way. It is simply not true and most Slashdot readers are tired of being assaulted by this claim. We do not want women to be assaulted any more than we want ourselves to be assaulted... and yet here we are, the male regulars of Slashdot are being assaulted. Again.

Take your womens' issues and stick them up your ass. This is a dominance issue. It has nothing to do with gender other than most of the alpha type folks are male. Even then, not all alphas play dominance games like that. And to top all of THAT off, the majority of males are not even alphas or wannabe alphas.

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