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Comment: what about the reverse (Score 1) 351

by splatterboy (#46702723) Attached to: Isolated Tribes Die Shortly After We Meet Them
How many rainforest diseases have we taken back to civilization? Syphilis? What about when man encounters extraterrestrial life - we have sci-fi stories about how they die because of our germs and diseases but what about the pathogens they bring to us? Will there be a mass die-off of human life on the same scale? If the government is scared of something, Im sure this would be high on the list, TFA being an example

Comment: Ballmer's pyrrhic victory (Score 1) 278

by splatterboy (#44910177) Attached to: Ballmer Admits Microsoft Whiffed Big-Time On Smartphones
Seems like MS was stack ranked by the mobile computing market and was put at the bottom of the pile. Ballmer is a classic American management type - a salesman in charge of things he didn't understand. And now he exits with a heartfelt confession of failure that will supposedly make him more human - more likeable. No.

Comment: low cost phones don't matter (Score 1) 199

by splatterboy (#37584308) Attached to: Nokia Preps Linux OS For Low-End Smartphones
Not when the US carriers charge what they do. A cheaper iphone isn't going to help boost verizon subscriptions up to corporate expectations... cheaper rates will. Im as tired of hearing "cheaper phones will make..." as I was of hearing "ipod killer" 5 years ago and "ipad killer" today. When the carriers lower the rates - and not until then - I'll buy one.

Comment: Re:How sad is this (Score 1) 269

by splatterboy (#37327872) Attached to: NASA Reveals New Images of Apollo Landing Sites
I just love "the market and privatization will win the day" goons like you. Private companies have done such a great job keeping the earth clean and safe, not to mention their sterling record of labor relations, worker safety... But they will do great things, if you cut their taxes, let them bend a few laws, bail them out when they fuck up... The Gov't always has to do the dirty work - the infrastructure, roads, dams... then idiots like you dismantle the systems they built by claiming private industry could do better, when all they do is pillage profits that a stable society allows them to access to. Do us all a favor and go elect another politician who will make a 20 year career out of being "anti big gov't". everything you mentioned is only possible because nasa went to the moon - And if private industry ever gets into space they will never (Im saying never) ever (x) do anything remotely altruistic/scientific for its own sake, like nasa, like everything you mentioned

Comment: Re:D.R. and Quinch (Score 1) 266

by splatterboy (#24291339) Attached to: Watchmen Movie Trailer Is Out
O.C. and Stiggs were characters from the old 1970s National Lampoon magazine... when it was still just an east coast college rag, long before they became known to the general public for the chevy chase fraud "vacation" movies. The original magazine characters were a riot - the movie was a travesty that was years past it's relevance. Nothing to do with DR and Quinch.

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