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Comment Re:Decades of makware (Score 1) 28

Some could. Amigas (and Macs too I believe?) would automatically pop up an icon for floppies when they were inserted, without needing to do anything else.

While those absolutely are technically "personal computers", everyone understands "PC" to mean "IBM PC or compatible". And yes, both Amigas and Macs had floppy detect. Actually, it was technically possible to do it on the PC as well, and ISTR some programs actually doing it. The solution to the training problem is pathetically obvious (as evinced by the fact that I figured it out while reading TFA which I just google'd) which is to train the system the first time the user successfully reads a floppy disk, and thus you know that there's a disk in the drive. But... Microsoft

Comment Re:Basic auth or TLS client certificate (Score 1) 384

Then use progressive enhancement. In the HTML page, send a "To log out, close your browser" message. Attach a script that replaces this message with a button to log out as described in the linked answer. To get past the extension that blocks non-free scripts, distribute this script under a free software license and add appropriate metadata.

Comment Re:Authoritarians will always rule. (Score 1) 426

you need to read closely, the claim is that abortion should be outlawed if and only if, the state outlawing abortion can (without risking the life of the pregnant woman), remove the fetus. Once the fetus is removed, it is then becomes the duty of the state to maintain and grow the fetus using whatever incubator technology they have available.

Sorry, I missed the science fiction premise. I will try harder to remember that this is Slashdot, and not a place to get serious about discussing real solutions to real problems.

Comment Re: Authoritarians will always rule. (Score 1) 426

Third, it's possible to push a woman into sex without actually raping her.

For this purpose, I'll go ahead and lump coercion in with rape. But not just empty promises. If you want promises, get a marriage contract. Ideally the state would piss off out of marriage per se and instead there would just be child responsibility contracts. So, barring rape or coercion, what's wrong with the plan is that women are abused by the court system. That's a problem we need to fix anyway. Let's also fix that problem.

Comment Write-ins get treated as a spoiled ballot (Score 1) 101

[Policy misstep of U.S. Presidential candidate]
[Policy misstep of U.S. Presidential candidate in opposite party]
I suggest abstaining from voting.

Wouldn't a write-in be more apt?

How so? Write-ins are unlikely to be counted, especially for U.S. President and Vice President, because a write-in candidate has no slate of electors representing him or her.

Comment When DRM is mandatory (Score 1) 101

Big deal. Stop watching the content.

The problem is that policies set by the big studios hurt the availability to the public of machines to manipulate video, even video that doesn't belong to said studios. Say I want to make a movie and distribute it on Blu-ray. I can't without paying for an AACS license because players refuse to play unencrypted BDMV discs. HD DVD didn't have this problem, but it isn't around anymore. Video game consoles have the same problem: DRM is mandatory.

Comment Re: APorsche Self-Drive? (Score 1) 210

Live in the UK, never driven an automatic, don't know anybody who owns one.

Automatic gearbox uptake is way up in Europe. More and more manufacturers are ditching the stick and going to CVT-only for mileage reasons. All the top-end cars have dual-clutch transmissions, which are manual only in concept. They are all automatically controlled, and all have an automatic mode. Or at least, so says the automotive press. Mostly I get this stuff from watching Autoline, but other shows factor in as well.

Comment To encourage Starz's licensors to keep the license (Score 1) 101

However, the fact is that for Starz to be affected by piracy, piracy has to be removing subscribers who would pay to watch their series.

Or it's a condition imposed on Starz by the studios that license movies and TV shows to Starz. If Starz doesn't "do something about piracy", it would cause licensors to decline renew the licenses to exhibit movies and TV shows on Starz, and that would cause to drop their subscriptions.

Comment Chain of authorship (Score 3, Interesting) 63

And why are they going thorough the trouble of removing improvements from CFQ?

My guess is to establish a chain of authorship, so that that those things that BFQ shares with CFQ can be correctly attributed to the author of CFQ. Chain of authorship is very important to the Linux project. It dates back to the SCO lawsuit, which ends up being why Git has the --signoff option.

Why not just make an addition one named BFQ?

That might be the ultimate plan: duplicate CFQ, producing a second scheduler identical to CFQ, then apply the heuristic removal patch and the BFQ patch to "Copy of CFQ".

Comment Re:APorsche Self-Drive? (Score 1) 210

Yeah, I think if you love to drive, then you get the stick. But if you love to win, then you get the dual clutch... if it's available and allowed. Rowing gears is great fun, as long as you aren't required to do too much of it. I like a five speed and some torque, personally, but I wouldn't piss on a six speed for my car either.

If I get enough money out of eventually selling my 300SD, perhaps I will put a 01E gearbox in my D2 A8. But that's a good three grand all told including a good clutch...

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