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by sound+vision (#47486805) Attached to: Preparing For Satellite Defense
I don't think anyone sane would refuse that deal, but what concerns me more is the possibility of someone insane getting within arm's reach of the launch button. History is littered with examples, but one thing that immediately comes to mind is something Hitler said during the last few days before German defeat - something like "We may be defeated, but we will take the world along with us" as he ordered that German citizens fight down to the last man, including children and civilians. There didn't seem to be much concern for either his or anyone else's population, and he had already resigned himself to suicide, so all the gold in the world would have meant nothing.

Currently the closest we have to that craziness (out of nuclear-armed nations) is North Korea, but that can change quickly. Maybe Kim Jong Un decides to pick up a speed habit like Hitler did, and it puts him over the edge? Maybe political instability somewhere results in incompetent and/or crazy people getting a hold of some nukes (similarly to the Malaysian jet that was just shot down)?

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If your host doesn't allow multiple versions of PHP to be chosen at will, you have a shitty hosting company. I worked at a web host until recently - they were a shitty host but we still had PHP 5.2 through 5.5 available (inclusive). We may even have had older stuff available but I never got asked about it. And, this was on the shared servers. If you were on a dedicated server or VPS, you could of course run whatever version you want. We'd even install it for you if your devs weren't competent enough.

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The NRA is essentially a gun lobbying organization with a side of hillbilly hunting club. The idiots running our country into the ground are politicians of all stripes. The biggest connection you can make between the two is sometimes NRA lobbyists might run into the people doing real damage in the halls of congress.

I presume you were trying to make some commentary on party affiliation of these groups, but I see you have provided nothing to that end. I'd like to hear you try, preferably with some kind of reasoning involved, not World-Cup-esque cheerleading.

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Until recently I drove a 1990 Dodge Shadow. Occasionally the engine would stall, and once this happened to me while going around a tight corner. Thankfully I was going slow and it was in an isolated area, but the sudden loss of power steering and brakes was kind of scary.

If power steering and brakes go out, you *can* still steer the car, but if someone who had never driven a non-power-steering car was in the situation I could easily see them freaking out and not being able to brake or turn. But what bothers me even more is, now I drive a 2008 Hyundai that has steering, brakes, and gas drive-by-wire. If the engine or electrical system goes out in this new car, will I be able to steer at all?

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Maybe what you can draw from this is that every president will "act like a Republican". Then realize that when you say "Republican" you actually mean "Plutocratic", and that both of the parties are plutocratic. We have been conditioned to root for one team or the other like a sporting match - to divide us, distract us, and keep an illusion of choice. And, like a sporting match, both teams are fighting for the same objective.

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I'm sure the phenobarbital will come back to prisons somehow. It will probably involve the state having to bankroll production of the drug, which is why it hasn't happened instantly. Once the funding gets in place, a juicy contract will go out to a domestic drug manufacturer to produce the minute quantities of drug involved. It will cost a lot. There is near-zero medical use of barbiturates now, they've been all but banned, so there'll be only minute quantities needed. A normal dose of phenobarbital is measured in milligrams, even for executions I don't see the dose exceeding a couple of grams, since it's not actually the lethal agent in the mixture. 50 - 100 grams, a liberal estimate, is very low for annual production of a drug. The majority of the cost is going to be overhead.

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Do you expect to be able to get a developer on the phone immediately to fix a bug in a free service? Be glad that they do have someone manning the phones to point you in the right direction to where you have the best chance of getting this addressed. In most free software, even the open source model, the answer is "Code the bugfix yourself".

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The quote reads:
"The software is mathematically proven to be invulnerable..."
wait for it-
" large classes of attack."

Since he does say 'mathematically proven', probably he's referring to some cryptographic subsystem of the software, maybe even just the encryption algorithm itself. But whatever he is referring to, the statement is that it is invulnerable to some types of attack (not all types of attack). This is just standard propaganda designed to give the impression of "our forces are invincible!". In this case, the propaganda might even be factually correct, but the way it's phrased is designed to give people with poor reading comprehension the idea that the drones are invincible. Apparently, that is the meaning you took from it as well.

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