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+ - Researchers claim quantum computer breakthrough->

Submitted by sortius_nod
sortius_nod writes: "Australian and international researchers say they have designed a tiny crystal able to run a quantum computer so powerful it would take a computer the size of the known universe to match it.

Details of the ion crystal, which is made up of just 300 atoms, are published in the journal Nature today by a team from Australia, South Africa and the United States."

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+ - ANZ Bank uses Facebook to find defaulters->

Submitted by sortius_nod
sortius_nod writes: It seems that bank staff here in Australia have taken it upon themselves to use Facebook to track down people who have defaulted on their credit cards. By the time the account was shut down (yesterday) this account had 80 friends. With all the problems that Facebook has had with privacy recently, stories like this do nothing to quell the discontent among users. While this is not Facebook's fault, it does highlight some of the problems that users do face with using such a service.
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+ - Australia Launches Cyber Bullying Project->

Submitted by sortius_nod
sortius_nod writes: From the article "The Federal Government is to fund a national pilot project aimed at addressing cyber-bullying in schools. At least 150 schools will be involved in the $3 million project which will be developed and conducted by the Alannah and Madeline Foundation."

My question is, are these projects and schemes worthwhile? Or should these issues be addressed with the parents? My main concern is that governments are throwing good money after bad while achieving little to no results.

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+ - Slashjacking?

Submitted by sortius_nod
sortius_nod writes: Why does it seem that every story on slashdot seems to have a US election undertone? What is this obession that seems to drive both US and non-US citizens to comment on this? Does one nation truely have ultimate power over the world populace? Or at lest the ones with internet access?

What do you really think the motivation behind the "Frosty Piss" election first posts are?

+ - Watch Garriot's launch

Submitted by sortius_nod
sortius_nod writes: If everyone's not aware, the launch of Expedition 18 (the one with Richard Garriot on board) to the ISS is being broadcast live, as per usual, via NASATV.

+ - Where the hell can I get feedback on my recipes? 1

Submitted by sortius_nod
sortius_nod writes: I am a geek and budding cook who really enjoys sharing my recipes. I can't seem to find sites that you can share recipes and get decent feedback in a forum style — yes, I have tried starting forums, blogs, and so forth yet still am unable to pick up visits to any great degree. I don't want to slashvertise or try to force people to read what I have started. I'd really actually prefer a decent place to trade recipes (you've made up or found in your travels), but they seem to either be of such low traffic that no one posts, or are massive sites where only the pick of the litter is given any "air time" so to speak. The only time I've had decent feedback is from offtopic forums on other sites.

My criteria for a decent cooking site would be: clear displaying of recipes (either via a specific forum, or individual area of the site), ability to discuss concepts, and just a general thriving community.

Am I to be satisfied with posting where noone will read it, or are there decent sites where I can see my ideas get feedback?

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