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Comment Re:Evolution of PNaCL, asm.js (Score 2) 126

Everybody do most definitely not know that PNaCl is the way to go. PNaCl suffers from many difficult problems, such as being based on LLVM bitcode, which is not static, but is machine-specific and has undefined behaviour. The PNaCl team has put a huge amount of effort into working around those fundamental problems, with quite a bit of success, but it's still not in any way a very good solution.

wasm will take advantage of some of that work, it seems, but its bytecode will be more strictly defined and designed for the purpose, which will help a lot. wasm is much more based on asm.js, being at first just a binary encoding of it. That in itself is a huge improvement on the hacky way it was originally implemented, though.

Comment Re:Here's a FAQ for slashdotters (Score 1) 126

In other words, it's exactly like Java

Point A: Unlike Java.

Point B: Depends on your definitions, but fairly unlike Java.

Point C: Unlike Java.

Point D: Unlike Java.

Point E: Unlike Java.

How you can be given five different ways that wasm is unlike Java and conclude that it is "exactly like Java" is not easily comprehended.

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